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Halfway through the YEAR | 2019

I spent last week reevaluating my first half of the year under the full moon vibes. My progress, the places that need improvement and my overall goals I had set for 2019. I'm happy to report that everything I've been working towards is falling into place, but really the engines only starting turning during the second quarter. The point of today's post is for all my friends and family of the #blonde2brunette community to know that just because we are six months in, whether you are struggling, find yourself succeeding or completely lost- DON'T QUIT -DON'T STOP!!! Keep working hard towards your goals. For the passed few years we've taken the time here on the blog to talk about manifesting your deepest and biggest goals. We are persistent but consistency of this thought and consistency with action gets you results. You know that quote, " Your vibe attracts your tribe?", well the more I post about wellness, spirituality and fitness the more people I find reaching out to us on #blonde2brunette and even close friends and family that had not considered certain areas important are now all about it!

I love when you all reach out to us and share your experiences with reaching a fitness goal or the ideal home/work life happened after making adjustments in " crafting your best life". When you focus deep within yourself and improve your way of thinking, eating, physical activity everything else around you flourishes. Your energy is elevated and everyone wants to be around you. They want to "have what you're having" and then are shocked that it came from within. So if you are looking for an extra boost, find yourself behind or lost or want to add on another uplifting lifestyle habit to your inner circle, check out some of our favorite blog posts below (that even we re-read as a reminder because this is our online diary to begin with). They cover journaling recommendations, podcasts and authors, creating fitness schedule for gym or home, a review on my recent home workout routine and our most popular " Spiritual Basics" section of the blog!


JAN | TOP 5 [CLICK HERE]: This post is still very important to me. It's from the top of the year and still a great place to start, even if it's 6 months later. Check out numbers 3-5 as they have details of my favorite podcasts, beauty and wellness book and Journaling.

HEALTH & FITNESS | Creating A Workout & Wellness Schedule For Longterm Results [CLICK HERE] : This post is great for anyone who wants to approach and establish a workout and wellness schedule.If you are a veteran to working out, this could give you a different take on your schedule. It also includes a little intro to intermittent fasting and avoiding plateaus.

HEALTH & FITNESS | Home Workouts [CLICK HERE]: I just wrote this last week about my halfway mark journey on my fitness at home. The program that has kept me going and the accountability group I work with. If you have had a load of excuses stopping you or think your schedule is too crazy, I feel you. It took my the first quarter of the year to get it together. The second quarter has proven results and brought me back to where I was five years ago.

SPIRITUAL BASICS [click here]: All you need to know about saging, moon rituals for intentions, crystal healing and goals to manifest because you always need to revisit your goals on the regular and check in with yourself. Also for all my empaths...check out the one titled "GOOD VIBES ONLY"

CRAFTING YOUR BEST LIFE[click here]: This post highlights how I use Bullet Journaling methods for lifestyle habits and also on the monthly as of last year [click here to see how that looks and what flair I use for it] , planners and all my favorite little office supplies to make me feel like I have it all figured out. Hahaha cause come on, we are all still figuring that out.

MANIFESTATION PARTY[click here]: If you've never done a vision board, or need a little motivation check out how we gathered our squad (on instagram too) and made a fun a relaxed party out of it! Find some time to do so this January.

NEW YEAR HEALTHY HABITS[click here]: This was last year's blog post that spoke 5 easy habits to apply that really make a difference in your every day health. If you find yourself lost and need to ease into happy healthy mode, this post is for you!


We hope you all have a wonderful week and rest of your evening!


Caro & Sylv


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