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HEALTH & FITNESS | Creating A Workout & Wellness Schedule For Longterm Results

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

Before we begin- I am not a licensed physical trainer nor doctor. So please don't bite my head off and if you have any physical/ health ailments PLEASE PLEASE ask your doctor what they recommend for you in terms of level of physical activity and diet.

Second this is based on my own experience and training sessions with personal trainer , Dodd Romero (who was a 25th bday gift a few years ago- ok 5 years ago- and since then I do the best I can on my own from his teachings in physical training and lifestyle healthy habits. You can find old videos on instagram by using the hashtag #bodbydodd click HERE).

Third I will honestly say I trained the hardest with my personal trainer and I'm hoping to get back to the level I was at then but on my own. Slowly I've been working my way to that since January and I'm happy to say it's getting better to stick to my workout & wellness schedules. I am going to share with you an intro to my workout schedules that when done diligently, I see maximum results.


There is nothing I love more than " Pen to Paper", so when I start anything you can usually find me making a list of some sort. When beginning your journey ask "What are my goals in fitness and wellness?" When you write these goals down, you begin to program yourself and if you read your list/answers/custom schedule you may incorporate this into your weekly planner, cellphone notes or any other tool you use to organize your schedule and begin to hold yourself accountable.


Fitness Goals:

I want over all a strong and sculpted body. My trainer would always say "Tiny & Tight", that didn't necessarily mean skinny. It was to be strong and compact. Aesthetically I love muscle tone, but for the acting a film industry I can't gain too much muscle mass or I will only fit into certain types of roles and on camera can appear stalky. Instead the focus is lean, sculpted muscle tone. That is achieved with the majority of low weight & high reps, plus cardio and well balanced diet.

Wellness Goals:

I'm always finding activities that alleviate stress, anxiety and depression. I enjoy journaling and practicing gratitude daily in my "Start Today Journal", "Manifesting Journal during New Moon & Full Moon" and my "Bullet Journal" where I layout each month and specials projects and outlines in a decorative manner using bujo methods. One of my favorite hashtags to follow is #bujo or #bulletjournal

Meditation with crystals, need help or something extra for meditating? Guided mediations can be found on youtube or podcasts. On podcast you can find The Meditation Podcast, Daily Mediation Podcast, and Mediation Mini's to name a few.

Sometimes I refer to a list of "Projects to Do" where I have on-going projects that aren't necessarily time sensitive but are rewarding when completed. i.e. finish euro trip scrapbook, learn to cook a new dish, organize one area of the house, spend 30 minutes to an hour reading, prep blog post, etc.

Other ideas are to find a physical activities that do not require a gym. Yoga is my favorite for relaxing the mind (the physicality portion of this is a perk) and I personally love going to a couple metaphysical shops in Miami that have small areas in the back for doing yoga and mediation classes. I love the sage and nag champa that fills the air in those stores and the fact that there are tons and tons of crystals around me.

Kayaking, bowling and golfing at the driving range is another one that my fiance' and I do a lot.

Life happens and you need to learn to find mental clarity and avoid being consumed by your own thoughts and the thoughts of others. Are you an empath? You can read more about Empaths and what I recommend to help you get by, by CLICKING HERE.


Once you know your goals for how you want to approach fitness and wellness, then it's time to make a schedule. Based on my answers above, I have my "Heavy & Moderate Workout Schedule" from my Master Bullet Journal, you can read more about that HERE. The goal is to be most consistent with my heavy schedule, but I'm still working towards that, plus you always want room for flexibility incase life happens ( travel, you get sick, schedule change) For now here's my schedule that is a happy medium of both:

M | W | F -OR- 3X A WEEK

WEIGHTLIFTING minimum 30 minutes - maximum 60 minutes

(I do 60 min for upper body & core, 45 min for lower body and core)

2X a week with high Rep/Low weights & 1X a week heavy weight low rep if I want to target a specific area (usually glutes, quads, hamstring): M•Upper body & Core W•Legs & Core F•FULL BODY

T | Th | S -OR- 2to3X A WEEK An active workout that is unique examples minimum 30 minutes - maximum 60 minutes : Cardio (20-30 minutes straight) Yoga Pilates Kayaking (no time limit) Power Walking (no time limit) Biking (no time limit)

EVERYDAY | Pic 1-3 challenges “A _[insert number] _ Challenge” Example: 21 pushups

50 walking planks

100 squats 100 sit-ups/core exercise


Gratitude & Goals Journaling: "Start Today Journal", "Manifesting Journal during New Moon & Full Moon" and my "Bullet Journal" Meditating : 5-10-30 minutes Read: 15-30-60 minutes a day Hobby: Make time for something you really love to do.



WHOLE FOODS, Low Carb (complex Carbs only), Lean Protein, Healthy Fats & Veggies. Occasional Berries & dark chocolate for "something sweet".

*Carb Cycling approved; heavier complex carbs for heavier workout days ex)MWF

sans bread, sugar, pasta etc.

3-4 times a week have vegetarian dish for dinner.

No Alcohol


Drink 1/2 your body weight in ounces!!!

NO SNACKING unless emergency fat bomb!!!

WORK OUT FASTED - I train in the morning, drink tons of water and then I'll have breakfast.


Intermittent Fasting is a great way to keep your metabolism working and there are variations of fasts that can also get you out of weight loss plateau. Some that I do are:

7X A WEEK: First meal at 11AM last meal at 7PM

5X A WEEK: First meal at noon last meal at 7PM

4X A WEEK: First meal at 1PM last meal at 7PM

3X A WEEK: First Meal at 3PM last meal at 7PM


When dreaming of your fitness goals, you have to start with a plan of attack. Today I wanted to share with you examples of my schedule(s) that you can easily adapt to achieve your fitness goals.

Next up on Health & Fitness I'll share with you my favorite at home workouts, affordable equipment you should have at home and what I found has worked when I've plateaued in weight loss and muscle tone definition with certain intermittent fasts, detoxes and more. Plus a "Menu" and their recipe's for easy weekly meals to have at hand.

I hope you all have a wonderful week!!!



p.s. If you wish to join our private accountability group on instagram (ladies only), please email us or DM us via instagram! If you are pregnant and looking for workouts to do, check out Sylvia's PREGGO workouts HERE.


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