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Sylvia's favorite 'PREGGO' workouts.

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

*Photo below take last night (8/1/17) 40 weeks and one day.

Here I am at 40 weeks and 2 days, waiting for my third baby and I can't believe I had my final workout last night!!! I can honestly say that I've never felt better or healthier than I do today. Believe it or not, I actually had a bit of a scare soon after I found out I was pregnant and was debating whether or not I would work out during this pregnancy. I got the green light from my doctor at about 15-16 weeks and decided to start slowly and see how I would feel. I told myself to just workout 2-3 times max and eat as clean as I could during the week and enjoy my weekends. It stuck and here I am 24 weeks later!

It wasn't easy sneaking in the gym during my lunch breaks at work, but I think the challenge of having to do high intensity workouts in a short amount of time helped. I am the first person to tell you that I am NOT a cardio fan, but I started every workout with either the stair master, elliptigo machine or walking at a fast pace on an incline on the treadmill. I've never been a fan of running, so I changed up the speeds, inclines and even added dumbbells to my cardio sessions until I started gaining more weight...35 pounds to be exact!!! I think it's important to remember that if you workout while being pregnant, the progressive weight gain ends up helping out with the resistance in your workouts and it's like your wearing weighted vest the entire session. It's also a gradual change, so as you work your way up to higher inclines and speeds, it all works together,.Before pregnancy I would have to carry heavy dumbbells when doing squats and lunges and "up,downs". I didn't have to worry about that while pregnant.

Please know that I played volleyball in college and the gym has always been a part of my life, but after having my first baby, working out slowly became lower on my priority list. I think the scare of the "3rd baby" and now being 34 made me realize, it's now or never!! Aside from the gym, I've eaten pretty well making me feel less guilty if I only made the gym once or twice a week. Being on the cardio machines really made me think about how it was affecting the little gym partner inside of me and made me push through my workouts harder! I know i's only benefitted his health as well and I am already planning on bringing him to the gym with me once I get clearance to start again.



  • Begin power walking on incline (moderate speed) consistently for 20 minutes minimum. Throughout term I worked my way up to an incline of 8 and a speed of of 3.5.

  • Next, walking lunges at a very slow pace. Feel the burn. As months progress the weight of your baby will gradually advance your workouts. Speed .9 for 5 minutes.

*see images below, click all to enlarge




  • Step Ups or Up/Downs for each leg. Keep an up-tempo pace, 2 sets of 21 for each leg.

  • Squats, while using the platform as a guide when lowering to squat position, just barely touch the top platform. Keep knees and shoulders parallel length, 2 sets of 20.



  • Bicep curls, 2 sets of 21. I use 15 pound dumbbells.

  • Over head shoulder press, I use 15 pound dumbbells.

  • Shoulder workout, holding a round 25 pound weight with both hands in front of chest. Twist side to side.

  • Obliques workout, closest and safest workout to replace crunches while pregnant. On each side stand vertical holding in one hand the 25 pound barbell and the other hand on your opposite side of your hip. Slowly bend as far as you can go and come back up, 2 sets of 21 for each side. Helps you keep those "V" cuts.

  • Triceps, with a 10 pound barbell, raise your elbow above your shoulder height (vertical) and carefully press raise and lower, while keeping your elbow from coming forward (you can use your hand to keep accountability, but don't put weight on it).



  • Kickbacks, on all fours make sure your knees and shoulders are parallel. Raise one leg off the floor at the same height of your back, then press your leg up with your glutes and extend upward as far as you can go. Try to do this in a slow pace to burn and work the muscle, 2 sets of 21 each leg.

  • Supermans, similar to kickbacks but now we are adding more core action with opposition and balance. Raise and extend your right arm and left leg at the same time and hold. Continue this with 2 sets of 21 for each side.

  • Close your workout with a slow stretch, followed by hydration! Congrats to all the mommys out there!!!


I hope that you've enjoyed reading about my workouts and what I did to stay fit while pregnant. Even if your'e not pregnant, this is still a great workout for you to try. Again, the weight I carried, speeds and inclines I did, are what worked for me. Start slowly, but START!! You have 40 weeks and every week your body is growing and changing. Your workouts will grow naturally with you if you stay consistent!!! Drink plenty of water, eat as healthy as you can and listen to your body. You got this mommas!!! Good luck!!



*at 38 weeks.


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