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Hey Friends, we are Caro & Sylv, a pair of sisters. Being five years apart has it's benefits as we each bring something different to the table. Sylv has quick and ready meals for her 3 children, go to preggo and post preggo workouts,  plus fun birthdays to decorate. While Caro, finds herself hunting the best easy to use makeup products, hunting  copy cat clothes of her favorite designers, and throwing tarot cards for a little extra help from the spirit world. Together we live for creating special moments with our family and friends. Which is why you find us on the regular sharing helpful tips in party planning, menu making and sharing our favorite buys from our go to shops (Target, Trader's, Oak, Aldi, Micheal's, etc.). 


The blog started because we found our family and friends asking the same questions about our lifestyle habits and DIY parties. So a few years ago we decided to create BLONDE2BRUNETTE and our online platform was born. An open diary to all the things we love and adore...


Feel free to get to know us a little better in our “The B’s” section and be sure to follow our IG stories for daily tips and tricks. We hope you enjoy the rest of your time here with us, and we thank you for stopping by… XoXo