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  • Name: Carolina Pozo Peruyera 

  • NICKNAME(s): Caro

  •  Sign: Virgo

  •  Home Town: Miami, Fl

  •  Current City: Miami, Fl, but I gypsy from coast to coast.

  •  Ethnicity: Cuban American

  •  Occupation: Actor & Founder of The Sugar Cottage, Miami

 My FAVORITE_____.

  • Color: Tie between Purple and Black.

  • Candy: Chocolate and Coffee

  •  Go to Outfit: Black leather jacket, softest V-Neck Tee, high waisted skinny jeans and booties (I love a simple,chic &  androgynous looks.)

 I feel my sexiest _____.

  • Fresh blow out, brows, and roaming the city in my leather jacket- STRUT, STRUT, STRUT.

 My Perfect Date includes_____.

  • A great meal in a low key place with a drink to match. Wine, bourbon, or beer are my favorite (keep it crafted though).

 Describe your WORST DATE:

  • It was supposed to be one of those “group beach dates”. Well everyone backed out last minute. I was studying in NYC and didn’t know what the “ Jersey Shore” was about—IN MY DEFENSE THE INFAMOUS SHOW WOULD NOT AIR FOR ANOTHER YEAR! It was so bad that I’ve successfully performed it as a comedic monologue.

 In my past life I lived in the ______.

  •  1920s.I’m pretty sure I was a singer at some speak easy, the music of that era takes me home.

 If I could spend the day with anyone (living/deceased), who would it be?

  • Judy Garland or Desi Perkins

 My life would be nothing without?

  • My husband, family and coffee.


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