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SPIRITUAL BASICS | good vibes only

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

Because Mercury goes retrograde on the the 5th until the 28th, I thought it would be a great time to posts my go to "GOOD VIBES ONLY" rituals and exercises when shit'eth hit'eth the fan'eth (retrograde or not). You see, no matter what cycle we are in, not only do we have the Universe to try and keep balance with but also our surroundings and those around us. You see there are people and places that can be of wasted energy. If it's a person they call them "ENERGY VAMPIRES", if it's a particular place like work or home that needs a boost of love and light we must make do!

So what can we do? Here are variations to keep you grounded and surrounded by good vibrations.

BTW this is part two of our "SPIRITUAL BASICS" post, click HERE for the "Intro" post to understand crystals, cleansing and manifesting.




The easiest and fastest mineral to obtain and achieve a purified space, mind and body. There are many ways to use salt, my top three are salt baths, sea salt water bowls and Himalayan salt lamps. Himalayan salt or Pink Halite, is similar to our at home table salt but has more minerals that give special therapeutic abilities. As a salt lamp, it absorbs negative energies allowing to clear the space and purify the air and in a soothing bath it not only relaxes our muscles, it also cleanses away any leaching negative energies. Have sea salt? Grab four clear glass containers and mix equal parts of water and sea salt. Place each glass container at the corners of a room for 24-48 hours to cleanse the space. Great for new homes or after a group of people left awkward vibes behind. The most powerful salt bath of all, is going to the ocean. Ever notice how at peace you are leading up to the moment, during and long after you leave the beach? It's powerful and for centuries many rituals took place and still do near the ocean.


I recommend salt baths on the weekly, you never know how much is weighing heavy on your shoulders until it's too late and you are beat!

If you don't have any himalayan salt, no stress, I like to grab epsom salts and seas salt for my baths from any drug store, grocery market, or amazon. I do however recommend the salt lamp for the home of office




The SAGE Smudging ceremony is a custom originated by the Native Americans, also commonly used amongst other indigenous cultures. For centuries this ceremony has been used for a CLEANSING of your home and/or sacred space and also for PROTECTION. As you create your smoke bath (by just lighting the end and then after a few seconds of burning blow it out, notice the smoke like incense) say your favorite prayer and ask for protection and cleanse every corner of your space and any other intention. Don't forget to give yourself a smoke bath (starting from the top of your head working your way down), freshly bought crystals, everyday jewelry and for extra good juju cleanse your car, office and any other space important to you.


I use sage for every phase of the moon (most popular new & full moon), when a new cycle has begun (job, relationship, a move, a renewal of some sort) when an emotional event has happened (death, natural disaster, ending of a relationship), and of course when your intuition/ physical self is drained because you have picked up on other people's energy/ MAL DE OJO (evil eye/ bad juju). *Sage comes before Palo Santo


The PALO SANTO comes from the coast of South America, mostly Mexico, Peru and Venezuela. This "HOLY WOOD", is a great tool for BLESSINGS. It is able to capture and highlight the good energy, bless it and has it lasting. This is why Palo Santo should happen after Smudging SAGE. You want to capture the clean protective energy and amplify it by blessing it. You can say your prayer of choice and other intentions as you do this and like Sage, you can do it in your designated area's that you wish to BLESS.


Since this is all about blessings and positive vibes, this type of smudging can occur as often as possible. Everyday, twice a day if you wish. I like to do it in the mornings. You want to keep the cleansed air from your sage moments fresh with the help of Palo Santo.



My top two are SELENITE & BLACK TOURMALINE. Do note you must cleanse your crystals from time to time, so for further instructions visit: SPIRITUAL BASICS: Intro to manifesting, moon rituals, cleansings & crystals [click here]


Selenite can evoke protections from the angelic realm and also dispels negative energy. Selenite is a crystallized form of Gypsum, which is used for good luck and protection. The powerful vibration of Selenite can clear, open and activate the Crown and higher chakras. It is excellent for all types of spiritual work.


Crystal of protection and grounding oneself, while dispelling negative energy both physically and spiritually and in your home. Aids in stress and depression.


Use together and place in your sacred space that needs protection and positive vibes. Some people go ham placing them at every window sill and entry way of one's home. I have them at the front door, office and purse.


Crystal of protection and shielding of negative energy. Also helps with decision making and aids in grief.


Crystal of protection and helps in balancing and grounding oneself, great for recharging when feeling drained (aka energy vampires).


Once you have found the crystals that connect with you or aid in what you are seeking, it's a great time to light up some incense (maybe post room cleansing with Sage or Palo Santo). Find a comfortable sitting position and place a crystal in each palm facing up. Quiet the mind, sometimes guided meditations are helpful, or instrumental yogi music. Imagine the pain, the tired, the low negative energy being lifted out of you. That these crystals are pushing and pulling any negative energy from out of your body. Take as long as you need. Practice this daily for 5-10 minutes in the when you wake, before bed or both. Feel the weight being lifted off your shoulders.




This is the Ohm Terra spread for " Soul Healing", maybe you aren't exactly sure why you are feeling down, or have a multiple of reasons that could be weighing you down, but there is always a key source! So I really love this tarot spread for pin pointing out what my soul needs healing from. Once we find the key reason, we can then heal from that source and it will not effect or continue to ripple effect our other situations.



I try my best to avoid people that are constantly in a bad mood or energy vampires. I'm an empath.

What's an empath? The proper definition according to google is this: a person with the paranormal ability to apprehend the mental or emotional state of another individual. I don't think you need paranormal activity to feel for a person and their troubles, sometimes we can mentally put ourselves in their shoes and empathize with them, but that in itself can be tricky if you can't pull yourself out of there long after the conversation has ended. Which is why I do my best to keep a distance or get myself out of a situation in a timely matter before I become consumed with the person's low energy. The majority of the time, the person across from me doesn't know they are doing it and we home this is an occasional thing, but if you find yourself around a person that does this on a regular basis - rethink your visits with them. Also ask yourself " is it always about their problems?". Your best friend venting to you is a different story, but pay attention to those people who always bring down the room. When you find them - LIMIT YOUR TIME WITH THEM. Not only can they bring you down, but if you've already been knocked down by difficult times at home or work, these people can also be of influence on you and negatively effect your judgement and choices. aka "misery loves company".

We say "GOOD VIBES ONLY" because we want to stray away from "bad vibes", "bad juju", "mal de ojo". This earth is small and everyday we cross paths with light and darkness and it's up to us to invite one or the other in as we have both within us. Of course I'll recommend to embrace the LIGHT because I believe in Karma, Heaven & Hell and whatever you can do to keep your mind, body and soul in check - DO IT. Live in PEACE and give PEACE to the those around you.


I hope you have enjoyed part two of our SPIRITUAL BASICS series. All mind, body and soul posts can be found in our LOFT section, by the way. Also some important dates to keep in mind:

Mercury in retrograde March 5th till the 28th effecting air and fire signs mostly.

March 6th | NEW MOON

March 14th|WAXING MOON

March 20th |FULL MOON

March 28th |WANING MOON

Set your NEW MOON intentions by the 6th! Learn more about manifesting your intentions (goals) HERE. We'll be doing a post on moon magic soon! If you have any questions or request, please mailbox us or DM us via IG.




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