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TOP 5 | Nov-Dec & Gift Guide

The holidays are going by so fast and I haven't even gotten a December post in. Thank goodness for instagram stories, that has been my go to for "short term" vlogging, follow us for everyday Target hunts, product reviews and more via @blonde2brunette. Still going to punch out as many posts as I possibly can and to make up for loss time. Here are my Top 5's for November and December, I know that December is halfway still, but there already Items I am obsessing over and know will be used throughout the whole month and carry into January! Some of these can also be pretty good stocking stuffer! Below we've also added our gifting blog posts , check out our quick links of posts of Christmas past on our favorite last minute gift ideas! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


B2B Team


1| CRAFT PAPER | There are two types, the one I use to line the farm tables which is thicker and great for messes you buy at HOME DEPOT, the other type is wrapping gifts with. You can purchase at Target, Michael's Craft store or The Dollar Store. You can see my step by step tutorial HERE. I love wrapping my gifts in a rustic feel and adorning them with twine and some real or fake greens. [ BUY HERE ]

2| GOLD & BLACK CLIPBOARDS | When working events I tend to lean towards Gold everything with my planners and office supplies. These adorable clipboards came with 5 different quotes all in trendy black, white, gold, marble, and neutrals. At only $9.99, this would make an adorable " Boss Babe" gift for your bestie. Note the other office supplies are also from Target [BUY HERE].

3| CLIP ART | With my bullet journaling I found myself wanting to log an over view of each month, I had given you all an inside to my " Activities/ List(s) [CLICK HERE]" Bullet Journal, and said that I left the calendars to my planners. Which I do, except I now have a month over view / cliff notes version of each month starting with my birth month, September. I almost feel like I'm scrapbooking, but I really enjoy those couple hours to myself. All my clip art I get from TWG Designs [ CLICK HERE].

4| SELA ORGANICS "RESTORE" SERUM | I've been obsessed with this serum since September, but only getting a chance to talk about it on here now. After a few weeks I notice a huge difference and after months of using the "Restore" serum, I found my skin smoother, brighter and a more even skin tone all around. The restore serum promotes anti-aging effects, helps boost collagen production and lightens sun damage and acne scars. I may not lay out in the sun like I used to back in college, but all the driving I do can have long term effects with all the reflective surfaces of the Miami sun! This line has four total serums to aid you to better skin. With that said I will be updated my Skincare Regimen/ Product Post [CLICK HERE] from a couple months back and adding all of Selahs products that I now use. [BUY HERE]

5| SELAH ORGANICS CARDAMOM ROSE POWDER MASK| Another wonderful product by Selah. A mask that combines the cleaning and exfoliating effects of clay and cardamom blended with the calming effects of rose. This is the perfect match to one of Selah's face serums. This mask also promotes brightening, acne fighting ingredients and my favorite " ANTI-AGING" ... YAAAAAASSS!!! [BUY HERE]


Vol.1 and Vol. 2 on "Gifts that Keep On Giving to gifts your loved ones CLICK HERE or the IMAGE Below.

For your favorite foodie, give them a sweet batch of handmade granola, CLICK HERE or click the image below.

Want to wow your friends with a handmade gift of one of their favorite drinks? "Get in the holiday spirit", with a one of a kind DIY infused spirits, CLICK HERE or click the image below.

Sometimes you just cant make the stores at all, here is the ultimate reminder of the official last minute but much appreciated gift CLICK HERE or the image below.


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