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Holiday Intro | 2020

Updated: Jan 2, 2021

* you can learn how we set this gourd runner in our " Fall Highlight" here.


Happy September 1st everyone!!! The time has come as our favorite season has arrived! Ok, so technically the first day of fall isn't until September 22nd, but with the way 2020 is still going, we are already drinking our PSL's and lighting all the fall candles, while sprinkling orange leaves and sprigs in every corner of our homes. But, may we confess...we totally put up our fall wreaths the first week of August and look how quickly that month flew!

So here we are on the first of September, ready to go ham with not just decor, but food, wardrobe and more! Believe it or not, we too go back to our favorite blog posts for inspiration for the current season.

Below is a list of our TOP FALL BLOG POSTS based on your views, responses and requests. Decor, recipe's and a little DIY action all in between. We've got you covered! If you'd like to view all of our fall posts, please CLICK HERE.


A BEWITCHED FALL EVENING: Ring in the Fall Harvest Moon this October 1st with your closest gals. A night of fun, healing and good eats. We show you how we themed our take home whimsical bags, that cast a spell of good fortune, peace and harmony. To view CLICK HERE.

KEY TIP FOR DECORATING FALL/HALLOWEEN: We break it down with three blog posts: Our Fall/Halloween Home transformation guide CLICK HERE a simpler list on how to give your home all the fall feels, Fall & The Fall Senses CLICK HERE , and Farmhouse Fall Corner CLICK HERE .

FALL RECIPES: 'Tis the season where flavors capture a feeling with the likes of vanilla, clove, cinnamon and more. The sweet featured above is our Butter Bourbon Poundcake, Sylvia's famous Pumpkin Bars and our mother's infamous southern Thanksgiving Turkey recipe. Can we just tell you, how much we love seeing how YOU ALL have taken the time to recreate these recipes for your holiday dinners and holiday festivities. We look forward to adding more recipes this season, to view all CLICK HERE .

FRIENDSGIVING |THANKSGIVING: For the last few year's, my hubs and I, have put together a Friendsgiving, in hopes of creating a night of fun and reflection, with our closest friends, while in the midst of this crazy time of year. In these blogposts you will find easy tips and tricks for executing the menu and decorating, using affordable decor from Trader Joe's . Check out 2018 here, 2017 here & 2016 here.

FRIGHTFEMMES: Is a spooky glam collaboration with The Weekend Gypsy that started six years ago. If you're in the mood to paint your face the entire month of October and then some, here you go! You can see the last round up of looks HERE or visit the hashtag #FRIGHTFEMMES . We also include a few easy DIY costume hacks you can try!


SAVE THE DATE: Usually, by this point we would include the fall events going on in Miami. However, due to Covid-19, everything is either canceled or still up in the air. I am excited to announce a new venue, The Berry Farm. Better known as " Burr's Berry Farm", it has been rebranded. They have now turned their strawberry picking farm, into a seasonal experience. Our family has been visiting this farm for years now and every year, they add more and more experiences. There is no comparison of the photo above to their current photos CLICK HERE TO VIEW. Our fall obsessed fam and friends will be treating this as our very own Magnolia gem in tropical South Florida. It's about time we get the whole silos experience. The Grand RE- OPENING is on September 26th, all outdoors and 30 acres worth of space!

Friends on this September first we wish you a bountiful fall season of warmth, peace and magic!


Syl & Caro

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