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FALL & THE 5 Senses

It’s pumpkin overload at my house, which can only mean one thing…fall is in full effect! Everywhere you turn, whether it be through an apple or pumpkin scented candle, some kind of pumpkin décor or a little candy dish holding candy corn…are all little pieces of fall! I am one of those who loves for all of my senses to be touched when I walk through a door, so by decorating, especially for the changing seasons and holidays, I know that my family is experiencing the same thing, which is important to me! There is nothing I love more than seeing my children’s faces in awe and wonder as I decorate and set up new displays. As a kid, I would get soo excited seeing and helping my mom bring out the storage bins to decorate, so now having kids of my own, I get to relive all of those happy memories again, which inspires me even more to make our home feel that more special!

I absolutely love living in Miami, but the only thing I wish for, is that we were able to experience this gorgeous season. Since we don’t get to see the beautiful changing colors in our trees or leaves, it is more reason why I incorporate these colors into my seasonal home décor. When it comes to decorating…I have my one go-to place and it never fails…HomeGoods!!! If you’ve never been, you’re missing out! Between my mom, sister, and myself, we should buy stock there! Whether you’re going with just one item in mind to purchase or just checking out to see what’s new, I guarantee you will walk out of their inspired to give your home, apartment, personal space, etc., a fresh new look, especially around the holidays!! Walking into the home section, gives me even more ideas that what I originally had in mind, especially with all of the laps (yes, I said laps) that I do in that place. You never know what treasures you will stumble upon, so make sure to keep an eye out and to take your time! And the best thing of all…their prices!! Not only will you leave with new, beautiful and good quality pieces, but you will also leave your family and friends guessing at how much you really spent on your new space!

A little lighting is all you need for some autumn magic.

Everything in these pictures was purchased from HomeGoods, and not just from this season. The quality of their products are always for the most part, really good, so I have been able to reuse my pieces. I do like to purchase one..or a couple new items every season to add to my collection. I love the challenge of mixing my old stuff with new purchases and you will always find me changing up different spaces in my house.

Here are some ways that you can change your look, without having to spend or buy a lot:

  • Seasonal pillows or even just a couple of accent pillows to add to your current collection

  • A seasonal throw you can hang over your sofa or one of your chairs

  • Lamps are a great way to change a small space, and sometimes all you need is just the lamp shade

  • Candles are great and tap into your other senses

  • Quick Tip: I love the Bath and Body Works 3 wick candles, but since they are $22 each, I wait till their sales. They will usually always be 2 for $22 and sometimes if you wait a little and watch the sales, they will have an extra $10 off your $30 that’s when I stock up on different scents depending on my mood and the season. Make sure you sign up for their emails!!! Their promotions literally change daily!

  • Floral garlands are great for accenting fireplace mantels, bookshelves and tablescapes (Note in my dining room table center piece picture, this was created with 2 separate garlands)

  • For the kitchen and bathrooms – hand/dish towels, area rugs and shower curtains

  • Wreaths!!! I am a HUGE wreath fan! For me, it sets the tone before you walk into my house

  • Yummy food, treats, candy – I always try to purchase extra seasonal goodies for us, the kids and anyone else who walks through the door. Seasonal candies in pretty dishes/bowls are a great way to welcome for your guests

Easy DIY TableScape

Like I said, I want everyone who walks through my door to experience fall and every other season and have it touch all of their senses from the minute they walk in. I hope you enjoyed hearing about how I see and do home décor, especially for the seasons. Now run over to your nearest HomeGoods and get inspired today!

Lots of love,


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