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B2B Thanksgiving Menu & Decor Guide

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

Just like that Fall is about to end, because we all know at the crack of dawn, post your Thanksgiving meal, Christmas (or Hanukkah) decor will swoop in. Although some of you started very early this year. Regardless, I love seeing how festive everyone is this season! It's been quite the season! We began creeping in the Fall early September,Bridal Shower, Bachelorette, October, last minute wedding things- flew to New Orleans- Celebrated Halloween there with a welcome cocktail, on the second of November came the Wedding- Flew back to then go to Hawaii and then BACK HOME! Just in time for Thanksgiving!!! You can only imagine the weird mixed of excitement and exhaustion but oh so worth it!!! So much content to cover, but for now let's enjoy the rest of the year with holiday content, shall we?

Per usual we like to gather all and any new recipes that would be great for your holiday feast along with some decor inspo.

We always recommend you visit your local:

Target, HomeGoods, Dollar Tree, Pier One Michael's, Aldi, Trader Joe's, Wholesale FLorist's and anything in between that can carry all the festive gear needed.

Last year's set up was a blast, you can see some of it via our "Fall" instagram highlight but we did take these photos just for you for this year's feature. A variety of our favorite sides and of course our mother's Turkey was made, not once, but twice! We are blessed with a large Cuban family, and we don't mind the left overs! lol That said we had many place settings to set. All of our plates are from the dollar store and the chargers we mixed a variety from Pier one. It was pretty cool to see who wanted to sit where based on design. lol Check it out below!


Now to re-introduce some fall posts that current and new followers of the B2B community love to re-visit. If you want ALL the fall posts, because we have more [ CLICK HERE ].


A BEWITCHED FALL EVENING : Although this is technically for Halloween, it's still features fall leaves and pumpkin decor ideas everywhere. [CLICK HERE]

KEY TIP FOR DECORATING FALL/HALLOWEEN : We break it down with a simple system of figuring out your colors, lighting, setting the mood with candles etc. etc. Our example is with Halloween, but same step applies to all seasons and holidays. [ CLICK HERE ] Here's a simple way to decorate just a corner for FALL [ CLICK HERE ]

FALL RECIPES : Like this one pictured is our Butter Bourbon Poundcake. We love all of the PSL, vanilla and cinnamon and our mother's infamous southern Thanksgiving Turkey recipe. We also love that you all have taken the time to recreate these recipes during your holiday dinners and any other festivities you have coming up. We look forward to adding more! [ CLICK HERE ]

FRIENDSGIVING| THANKSGIVING : For the last few year's my hubs and I have put together a Friendsgiving in the hopes during the crazy time of year we would get to take one night during the season to relax and reflect with our loved ones. We have kept it up for three years in a row (last year we changed it up and did it the first week of December , we will be posting that one soon for decor/menu inspo). In these blogposts, you will find easy tips and tricks for executing the menu and decorating with some easy to do place settings. Be sure to check out Friendsgiving on: 2017 & 2016. [ CLICK HERE ]

AUTUMN RAINBOW CARROTS | This easy and colorful side for dinner great if you want to display some classics but with an elegant look! Leave them long or chop them up, it's up to you with these carrots [CLICK HERE]

TWO CLASSICS AND A GOURMET DESSERT | Make Sylvia's creamed corn with your crockpot or insta pot. Surprise your friends with a sweet potato souffle' and last but not least WOW your friends with this easy recipe of red wine poached blackberries and figs! You add this to vanilla ice cream or vanilla infused mascarpone (recipe for that is there as well) All easy to do and save you time, as each of these can be made a day or two in advance! [CLICK HERE]

FALL-ING IN LOVE Pumpkin Bars | Sometimes we want something pumpkin flavored and one of my favorites to have for breakfast over coffee and anytime I want a treat are pumpkin bars/loafs. Bring this to you next cozy gathering. [CLICK HERE]

Our Mother's Thanksgiving Turkey | Although listed in our Friendsgiving posts, you can also find Turkey prep and stuffing prep on film in our Instagram IGTV! Totally worth taking a look if you are taking on what at first seems daunting task, is actually simple with a little tedious task involved but worth it. For a list of materials of what you need and process, [CLICK HERE]


Friends, it really is the most beautiful and magical time of year. I hope that these decorations and recipes fill your home with love, warmth and happiness as it has done for our family. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone.

Caro & Sylvia


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