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[FALL] Farmhouse Market Feels

With just two days away from it being officially fall, you already know my family and I are ready! Well, almost. We are adding the finishing touches to the corners of the house. Lastly we have our french country themed kitchen, luckily it's not hard to "fall out" a farmhouse table and kitchen. We've hit up our favorite market, TRADER JOE'S and picked up their seasonal "Fantasy Gourds". Even Miami get's a chance to fulfill their fall dreams. It works ten times better when you lower the air conditioning to freezing temperatures.

Normally you see a spread of gourds as a center piece for the table, but with Halloween approaching we tend to deck the table with lots of sweets, and we like to keep this centerpiece adaptable/mobile. So in the corner of the kitchen table, we have a "market" style produce shelf and a planter that we swap seasonal flowers in pots. So with a few supplies, we bring out more of that fall market feel. Keep it simple, let the colors do the talkin'. This works best with neutral tone backrounds of any part of your home, you wish to decorate. Hope you enjoy this easy DIY!!!

*If you want more FALL inspiration in lifestyle, recipe, and DIY [CLICK HERE]


  • GOURDS: Trader Joe's, Fantasy Gourds at $6.99, Regular Gourds at $3.49 and smaller gourds at $.69 cents.

  • BURLAP: Micheals, Joanne Fabrics, Target, Hoppy Lobby, prices vary. (do have scissors at hand to cut into large squares for each shelf)

  • FALL LEAVES: Micheals, Joanne Fabrics, Target, Hobby Lobby, prices vary.

  • SHELVES: Be it crates, or actual farm house style shelving check out HomeGoods, Target, Marshals for possibilities.

These photos are from last year's set up. If you visit our instagram page right now [@blonde2brunette] , you can actually see the latest gourds we bought and decorated this year, on our INSTAGRAM STORY! We found more variety of the large fantasy gourds that are just gorgeous!



P.S. If you like what you see here, please click the photo below, and vote for us on Top Mommy Blogs. It's helps spread our post and our creative community. Have any questions, please email us or comment below! We love to "hear" from you!


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