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Updated: Apr 6, 2021


Last year my sister, mother and I thought of a cool way to get into the FALL/ HALLOWEEN spirit. A top secret night for just us ladies. We wanted it to be laid back small gathering so we could have fun with details. The bigger the crowd, the less you get to focus on (remember that). It was kind of themed to AHS's COVEN, but nothing gory or dark. More ode to the official FALL HARVEST. We love NoLa, we love Stevie Knicks and all things witchy! That was the requested attire " Bring out your inner Stevie Knicks". Handmade invites, fall themed sweets of pie's and candies, pumpkin spiced cocktails, cider and wine...We also wanted it to be a "FEEL GOOD" sesh so we decided to do some research and find a spiritual card reader/ medium (will share info below). Then lastly a parting gifts, handmade "Blessing Bags" filled with spells, crystals and well wishes all in the " FEEL GOOD" theme.

If you wanted to throw your closest girlfriends a little fall gathering ( you just need three to make a coven), we think this might be a theme for you! Check out the images below for inspo and descriptions!


We handmade the invites to truly set the tone of the party. We went on Pinterest and hunted all sort of invite feels. Our guest had no idea what was coming, but after Hurricane Irma hit, all the ladies were looking forward to this little surprise...


Because the Harvest Moon landed the first week of October last year, we may have had a some more Halloween feels in the house than most would. This year the Harvest Moon is September 24th. We gathered gourds from Trader Joe's, a few yards of mixed crushed velvet fabrics from Joanne Fabrics, and dry fall foliage from Micheal's Craft Stores. Plus our own inventory of Halloween Decor. Below you can see the difference between day and night setup.


Other than the charcuterie, we cooked a variety of fall flavored foods ( a little bummed I didn't snap that part, but we were super busy!) Turkey, stuffing, roasted rainbow carrots and more. For dessert we ordered from one of our favorite SoFlo bakers, The Little Sugars for all our fall favorites!

Decor by NIGHT


This was my favorite part. Growing up popular movies like The Craft, Hocus Pocus and Practical Magic were always on repeat from September- October, so of course I collected a few spell books here and there and possibly injured my fingers playing "Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board" growing up. lol. So with these books, we put together a few gifts to give our guests to finish the year off strong and bring love and light into their home! Lastly, while the girls chit chatted, cheered and cackled they each got to spend some time with, Dolly, our card reader medium who I found from local metaphysical stores of South Florida. BUT WAIT- how do you organize this line of girls? As your guest arrive, give them a number ticket. Basically "early bird gets the worm". If there is anything I can recommend to you, be sure that there is a timer, so everyone gets the chance to have their reading done in a timely manner! Need a reader? Out of Miami, Fl? Use Dolly text her: (786)728-2871 (tell her the Pozo Family sent you)

I hope you all enjoyed this "Bewitched Harvest Moon Gathering". September first is this SATURDAY!!! Where has this year gone? Just enough time to gather and plan a little something for your closest gals. The harvest moon officially comes September 24th (at 10:30pm to be exact). So if you want to get in the fall spirit and want to change things up this year, get to it! Your tribe will thank you for it! Do tag us at #blonde2brunetteparties

Many Blessings and HAPPY ALMOST FALL!!!

The Ghouls from Blonde2Brunette

P.S. Here are couple photos from that night, as we limited ourselves from our phones and cameras <3 <3 <3


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