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TOP 5 | Jan.

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

Just like that, the first month of the year is complete! A lot of people say January feels like forever, but to be honest I needed to slow the pace down a bit this month. The last few months of the year went by so quick for our family that I neither of us minded. I also really love this month because it's the month of fine tuning any last minute ideal schedules you want for your home and work life, at least that's how I use it. Of course while doing so, we always find our favorite items we used most throughout the month, so here are our TOP 5 of 2020!


1| PRIORITY PLANNER by THE HOLLIS CO. | It was only a matter of time before they made their planners. After making their "Start Today Journals" they decided to try their planners. It breaks down each week and each day. With a section of #fivetothrive (read more about that [HERE] and prompts to prioritize the top 3 tasks to get done that day. Next to that is "How long would that task take?". It's my favorite because it put's it into perspective and I realize that some of these daunting tasks are just a negative headspace and can get done in a timely manner. Those little questions reminding you that you are capable of hard things! They always begin with and end with a week in review to see what little mile stones you wish to complete and then review what has been completed. Always inspiring to reach your daily and weekly goals, as they all add up to bigger goals! We spoke about this in our "2020 Mind, Body & Soul" post for the new year and am happy to report that they are starting to produce more planners every few months. You can stay in the know of when they get their next batch [HERE].

2| SCOOP NECK TEE by TARGET | I've purged my closet, gotten rid of over worn tops and bottoms, saved the unique pieces and currently creating my time capsule wardrobe according to each season! While doing so, I've also realized I needed a few basics that could work for both spring and summer. These scoop neck T-Shirts are only $8.00! There are bunch of colors and the material is soft but elegant enough to dress it up or down. Obviously when I say dress it up with a tee, I mean a more trendy way to wear it. If you are at a point where you need to throw our your over worn t-shirt and replenish without breaking the buck, then buy these [BUY HERE].

3| PYTHON BOOTIES by STEVE MADDEN |I'm a die hard booties girl. Simply because booties can be worn year round, yes even summer, and can spruce up any outfit. Take for instance the scoop tee up above ( I have them in black, yellow and what they call dark pink above), denim and the python booties. Maybe add a military hat or beret with a low bun and sleek shades and you've got that sexy casual look down packed. I bought these shoes on sale, and if you google it long enough you mind find a better deal, but here's a link to Macy's. There are always sales going on at Macy's so you may even be able to get them cheaper. The leather in these shoes is very soft, making the boots very comfortable. If you have a basic black and brown, add this to you collection. A little different and easier to match with clothing versus other animal printed shoes [BUY HERE].

4| BLUE LIGHT BLOCKERS by QUAY AUSTRALIA | For the amount of hours spent on our computers and phones, everyone should have some form of blue light blockers. I notice after using them throughout the day that I found my eyes less tired and strained. After a long day creating content and other computer work related things, my eyes were tired feeling like my sight was a bit blurred. With blue light blockers, it was a game changer. I'm guilty of using my phone before bed, but sometimes a girl just needs to pin a bit before sleep to relax. The comments of people staying up later because of the exposure to blue light screen time while in bed, has to be true. I make sure that I take my glasses to my nightstand so I know that if I get the urge to pin, I wear them. I find that I spend less time on my phone and can fall asleep very easily. I don't have a prescription to glasses but I do admire the look of them and love that these frames look just like readers. When the day comes, I most likely will get mine from Quay! Shout to all my ladies who fell in love with these shades when Desi Perkins first started wearing the "My Girls". The pair I feature today is called EVASIVE in the tort shade [BUY HERE].

5| "ENERGY" WORKOUT SET by ASTORIA ACTIVE WEAR | I'm on a hunt for well made workout clothes. There was a time where I thought sweating in anything more that a muscle tank and gym shorts was pointless. Now I'm having more fun treating myself to workout gear when I complete a program that stuffing my face with sweets and empty calories. I've found cute sets from Target, Carbon 38, Forever 21, Free People, Acta Wear, Luja Fit etc. Today I'm featuring this white and grey long sleeve set, because it's chilly in Miami and although it's not too hot to wear, it's perfect for our "Miami Winter". I LOOOOVE this set and can mix and match easily with other tops and bottoms. There are several color tones, cut outs and chic prints from Astoria if you aren't familiar. You can catch a few circulating my workout stories on our insta ! This set is called Energy from the Astoria seamless [BUY HERE] use code blonde2brunette15 for a 15% off discount!


Today was definitely a closet heavy TOP 5. While I create my time capsule wardrobe for each season, I'm making sure that the accessories chosen, give me a boost in my energy. My python booties are for sure an item that gives me all the vibes! Make sure you find that one piece you can put on and it gives you the energy to own your day! It's all mindset of course, have fun with it!

On to the next month, Hello FEB!




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