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Updated: Jul 11, 2020

First blog post of 2020! I can't believe we are here! What a world wind the last four months of the year has been! Bridal shower, bachelorette, last minute wedding details, wedding week, Halloween welcome cocktail, the actual wedding day, honeymoon travel, Thanksgiving, holiday work projects, Christmas and then to finally get some time off with the days between Christmas and New Years. Somehow through all the chaos, life didn't seem to get away from us too much. I have to thank a few tools that kept some sort of order in my life and what I'm starting STRONG with for 2020.

When it comes to setting goals, creating a VISION for the year, I begin with the three areas; mind, body, soul. Each play an important role in our life. Sometimes one is more dominant than the other. Balancing all is probably nearly impossible, but finding tools that have a trickle effect into each area is GOLD! So here is the NEWNEW, or in this case what I'm finding works from trial and error this passed year to bring in strong for this year.


Planners: You gotta get organized, focused and motivated! I love that today's planners picked up a few tips from bullet journals and other types of journals. With interesting prompts and other nuances of getting you inspired. I stick to my weekly planner from Anthropology for work projects, but now I have my quarterly"Priority Planner" by the Hollis Co. sold at Target. They are currently out of stock but will have more in the near future. It breaks down each week and each day. With a section of #fivetothrive (read more about that [HERE] and prompts to prioritize the top 3 tasks to get done that day. Next to that is " how long would that task take". It's my favorite because it put's it into perspective and I realize that some of these daunting tasks are just a negative headspace and can get done in a timely manner. Those little questions reminding you that you are capable of hard things!

Start Today Journal by Rachel Hollis: You've seen it all over our stories and posts. This "Start Today Journal" reminds me of my new moon & full moon intention/manifestation rituals, except this is everyday and with some extra guidance. Rachel walks you through an exercise to really search within what the pit of your soul truly seeks. My favorite part is how she emphasizes on writing goals as if you've already achieved them. A simple example " I have 5K extra in the BANK" versus " I'm going to save 5k this month". Because our minds are programmed to the word " I'm going" versus the previous statement word "I have". You don't want the idea that eventually you'll get there. You want to make it happen now. I also love that she believes in parallel tracks. I've mentioned this before in my "Crafting your Best Life" where you imagine all the things you want in life 10 years, 20 years etc (though Rachel focuses on 10 year plan) and you note every goal that will get you there. When you do hone in on what it is you want, everything around you grows and develops into to something greater. I truly believe you can have both career and a loving person and family by your side. DON'T LET ANYONE TELL YOU OTHER WISE (If you hang with people that do, time for a new tribe "sister!") . Journaling, manifesting all of it is something I've been focusing on the last 6 years and it works. Put the intentions into play- START TODAY. These journals are available via the HOLLIS CO SITE [BUY HERE] and TARGET [BUY HERE]

Affirmation Cards: So what's the deal with all these quoted decks? This is another way to be intentional with your actions going forward. Sometimes the card warrants peace and patients. Most likely I'm wanting quick results or some sort of sign that things will come to fruition and that reminder of patients is important to keep me sane throughout the day. My favs: Gabby Bernstein "The Universe Has Your Back" Deck [Buy Here]

and "Super Attractor" Deck [Buy Here] .

PodCast(s): I keep my podcasts influencers to a nice handful, because like any industry, it's a small bunch and they always end up interviewing each other on their own shows/platforms. My favorites still are ones that inspire me to live my best self and also grow as a blogger, influencer & actor based on their experiences and BONUS, most have programs that allow you to interact with their host & team making it more personal and beneficial in helping you grow.

JULIE SOLOMON - Host of The Influencer Podcast & "Pitch it Perfect" program for bloggers & influencers, she really explains the business side of things clearly, which is the one I got and I love it. She also does free webinars and helpful worksheets.

JASMINE STAR - Business strategist & photographer with the focus of helping you grow social platforms with free webinars, tutorials & more.

GABBY BERNSTEIN - She's been featured on the blog before, but I don't get tired of her. She's not afraid to talk about hitting it rock bottom and using faith and your intuition to pick yourself back up. She is the one who created the book "The Universe Has Your Back" [Buy Here] followed by " Super Attractor" [BUY HERE] and many more.

RACHEL HOLLIS - Host of Rise together, Podcast & N.Y. Best Selling Author , and life coach. She is considered the female Tony Robbins of our generation. She also has online coaching for entrepreneurs, two conferences one for women only and one for business. I'm hoping to go this year to one of them.



Move Your Body: You've heard me state the #5tothrive mentality and moving your body for at least 30 minutes a day. Not only was it beneficial for my physical health, it improved my emotional stress ten fold.

Pressing Play: If you've followed along instagram know that in May I became an affiliate with Beachbody which is like the Netflix of workouts. I needed access to home workouts that were affordable and that I could do at any hour of the day. So for a $100 bucks I now have access to 1,000 of workouts for the entire year and all come with a nutritional regiment as well. Next thing I knew I was completing a variety of programs left and right. Met other women locally that enjoy a community of likeminded individuals which then we started holding each other accountable in our " No Snooze Crew" zoom meetings at five am. All of these tools keeping me consistent. The bonus part is we get to also make money on the side. As an actor in South Florida, any side income is welcomed, lol! Find out more [ HERE ].


Wardrobe Booster: I don't know if there is a an actual name for this, but that's what I'm calling it. I'm making sure that I wear a piece of clothing or accessory that motivates me in some way. A boost maybe? After my 5AM workout sesh, I'm making sure I not only refresh myself with a shower but wear something "boss like". lol. That can mean anything to you! Maybe it's a pair of new shoes, a piece of jewelry with an affirmation or red lipstick! I've done basically all of these in some way this week. Haven't you ever seen the meme, "I like me better when I like my outfit?" WARDROBE BOOST!!!

Fresh Flowers & Plants: Flowers/Plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen into the space. This is why people encourage others to get plants in their home. For me I have a couple indoor potted plants and I want to make it a point to pick up fresh flowers a few times a month. I love the process of coordinating stems and don't mind a drive to my local wholesaler. If I need a pick me up and pressed for time, then Trader Joe's it is. If you are more of a plant person or want to discover low maintenance type of plants, they do exist! Visit your local Home Depot or Nursery and check out all the options.

Date Night/ Girls' Night: I need and love both. My favorites are the gatherings at home where we order in and spend the evening catching up/ laughing/ quality time! Don't let yourself get caught up in work. Break the routine and escape!

Travel: If you can do anything for yourself. Change of scenery and pace is a quick way of feeling brand new. You don't have to go far. Get creative, do a staycation for the weekend be it an hour away or 30 minutes. Find an airbnb by the ocean and disconnect from everything and everyone. Do something new for a few days.


Ok friends, take the time to go over your Mind, Body & Soul. What do you nourish it with? Can we do better? What tools listed above can help you with that? Share your favorites below with us! Happy New Year!!!


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