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Last 90 Days

So I recently polled the Start Today Journal themed " The Last 90 Days" and I asked if you're also jumping on the train of for those who may have no clue, feel free to let me know, and you did.

You see there's this thing Rachel Hollis started last year called "Last 90 Days", which is basically October, November and December. A way to finish the year strong and it involves the "Five to Thrive" method she has implemented in her books and her podcasts. I will say that this idea of checking in with oneself and where they are before the last few months of the year, is something I personally love to do and have mentioned on the blog before. Simply because my birthday (September 14th) is right before the end of the year crunch time and it's always a time of reflection for me.

The Hollis crew however has done an amazing job in creating a method to keep oneself physically and mentally fresh. Sometimes we get bogged down from not reaching our New Year resolutions or maybe summer has passed and this idea of keeping up with your healthy lifestyle, physical appearance, fitness etc. has gone out the window. This " Five to Thrive" method plays along with mindset and establishing a particular lifestyle versus just a habit that could easily be broken. What if the last three months of the year you establish a lifestyle that mentally and physically empowers you to tackle day to day challenges and achieve your goals?


She says:

"If you do something for 21 Days it becomes a habit, but if you do something for 90 days it becomes who you are." - Rachel Hollis

So what is " 5 to Thrive" method? Read below to find out, you might already be doing some:

1| GET UP EARLY | Get up an hour earlier than you normally do and use the time for yourself.

2 | WORKOUT | Workout for atleast 30 min.

3 | HYDRATE | Drink half of your body weight in ounces of water each day.

4 | LET GO | Give up one food category you know you shouldn't be eating.

5 | GRATITUDE | Write down 5 things you are grateful for every single day.

For the most part they are simple tasks right? Even though this can seem overwhelming at first, it's all about finding ways to stay accountable of your consistency.


So what tools do I use to keep myself in check?

I have several because one of each of my tools will compliment the other, here are my tools:

1 |LAST 90 DAYS, Start Today Journal by The Hollis Co. | We've chatted about these awesome journals a few times [READ HERE] and now they recently came out with the themed "Last 90 Days" journal and to be honest, I hope they will keep the check boxes in all of them from now on because it's awesome (these make a great early xmas gift or bday gift for your bestie btw)[BUY HERE]. You can also learn a little bit more about their reason and process of how to do The Start Today Journal and an optional sign up for weekly (Monday) reminders that are specifically about " The Last 90 Days" [CLICK HERE]

2 | Memories by Meyers Printable Tracker | Jenna Meyers is probably the biggest Hollis fan I have ever seen on the planet and she's been featured on their social media bunch of times. She has created a free printable tracker for anyone who loves bullet journalling or simple has a folder of lists upon lists and prefers this method. [FIND HERE] She is also famous for her window clings of quotes from Rachel Hollis's books. I personally have " Made for More" and " You Are an Exceptional Wife" plastered in my room [BUY HERE] .


3 | Start Today Podcast | If you are a podcast lover and are into hearing high performance habits from a variety of guest speakers. All wanting to achieve their goals, this is the podcast for you. From everyday lifestyle habits, to tips of mindset on self, home life and career check it out. [ CLICK HERE ]

4| Accountability | If you aren't going to use a journal, a printable tracker. Time to find an accountability partner. Do you have a sibling or a bestie or even a work partner that has freedom to push you to get tasks done? For me I have my sister, mother, fiance' and a whole team when it comes to my health and fitness!!! You guys see it on my stories, you know the "No Snooze Crew". The ability to get up at 4:45AM so I'm pressing play on my home workouts by 5AM starts with knowing I have people counting on me. I'm not saying you need to get up at the time, I'm not saying it's going to happen every single time, but our goal is for it to happen more Thant not. What would be that "get up an extra hour" for you to notch off one of your "Five to Thrives"? Think about the people in your life that always are cheering for you? Why not start a pact with them? If you don't have anyone in particular we be more than happy to take you in. Feel free to email us at : or contact us via our contact page or DM us via our Instagram: @blonde2brunette

5| What's Your WHY? | This is the absolute most important tool you will ever need. Take out a piece of paper or find one of those empty journals you bought and start writing about what makes you tick. What quality of life do you want? What goals do you dream of coming to fruition and how will we set those intentions and manifest and achieve them? You have to know why you want the things you want. You have to have a sense of what passion is driving you. YOU HAVE TO HAVE A VISION!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE to dream of what my future life looks like, but a dream is only a plan without action. So friends, let's check in with ourselves and ask what our dreams are, what is the vision you see, why do you want it and how can we achieve it.


I hope you will join my sis and I on the Last 90 Days Challenge and If you like to be part of our accountability group, please let us know! DM us (@blonde2brunette) , EMAIL us : ) or fill out our contact form to be added to our private group!!!




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