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I realized after many "Long Walks At Target" that there were a few products that are around year long and are the true MVP of my #OOTD. These are products I swear by, that always complete my outfit in a pinch.

If you are wondering what "Long Walks At Target" is, it's a series I do on my stories on our insta, where I pop in and check out the latest items, my favorite finds and how I would pair certain things. According to @nothatcaro (a different Caro, also an actor, singer and writer), there is a cult following. As in her being my friend and a few others were sweet enough to say, lmfao. You can expect an update about twice a month and it will live in our "Target" highlight.

Okay, let's get on with the Holy Grail of TARGET!!!



The Ema High Block Heel | A New Day :

I have these in nude and black. Only 29.99 versus the $80 plus designer versions I see elsewhere. I've had mine already for two years and they are still intact from all the times I've worn them. If you need a classic- GOES WITH EVERYTHING - shoe, get these babies! [BUY HERE]

*more colors available

The Winona Ankle Strap Sandal | A New Day :

I have these in nude, but I definitely need these in black. Bonus they come in two pastel colors: blue and "pink", though the pink looks more like a peach color. These sandals are the sister to the "Ema Heels" and go with everything. What I love most about them is how easily they dress up my jeans, jean shorts or a pair of wide leg ankle pants. If you want an understated relaxed look, but not too boho, these are your go to! [BUY HERE]

*more colors available

Velma Slip On Pointed Mule | A New Day

These ladies are the shoes I put on when I want to give a collared shirt or any formal look a relaxed finish. They are still dressy enough where you don't look "lazy", if that makes any sense. [BUY HERE]

*more colors available

Micah Pointy Toe Loafer | A New Day

If you aren't a slides person, or you need a safer shoe to move around in, these loafers are just the ticket! I have them in black, although I desperately want them in this blush tone pictured above. They are comfortable and a great for casual street shoe or work look (if you can get away without a heel to work). [BUY HERE]

Chelsea Rain Boots | A New Day

These boots have come in handy for sooooo many trips and rainy seasons in Miami. I've taken these rain boots to the muddy streets and roads of NYC, Ireland, Scotland. Survived the rain of Miami and still were dressy enough for a sleek all black ensemble. These boots have surprised me and other people. This picture doesn't do them justice, but when you see them on you, they look like real leather boots. They also come in army green, burgundy and these coffee gray color. Let's just say, I have a pair of Hunter boots that just sit pretty in my "faux" mud section, but don't get used. These rain boots are light and COMFY and have longevity!!! [BUY HERE]

*more colors available



"Fitted" Short Sleeve Tee | A New Day

Every now and then it's time to toss your tee's as they have been through the mill. It's always great to keep basics fresh and for under $10 dollars, you can go far with your basics at Target! Pictured above is the fitted style Tee. [BUY HERE] if you want a relaxed fit [BUY HERE]

*more colors available

Everyday Scoop Tee | A New Day

Again, another look to have in your "basics" rep. Can't go wrong with these pix. The scoop is specials because it can be dressed up or dressed down. [BUY HERE]

*more colors available

Sleeveless Square Neck Cami Crop| Wild Fable

I have this tank in black and white. They are only THREE DOLLARS!!! Even though they label it as a "crop top", it's long enough to just sit at on top of my naval. I have a very long torso, so I promise it's a great length of a "crop" and doesn't ride up! [BUY HERE]

Denim Trucker Jacket | Wild Fable

I love this jacket, so much so that I bought two and up-cycled one with patches. They now have three total washes. It has a relaxed fit making it easy to layer on colder days. Pretty much I sweat my ass of in between car to said location, but totally worth it if you like a good denim jacket! [BUY HERE]

*more colors available

Soft Notch Pajama Set | Stars Above

I want every set of these PJ's!!! They are such a chic and soft set to sleep in! I never get tired of them. You can find a variety of prints and solids, plus pant version in this style.

*more colors available


I have no doubt, that I'll be updating this post on the regular, but so far this is the beginning of our "TARGET HOLY GRAIL" list!

What are your Target must have's? We would love to know!




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