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TOP 5 | March

That's it! First quarter of the year is complete. How do you feel? Personally I feel like I and everyone around me has found their groove and a focus for the next quarter. Short term goals were obtained despite some interruptions (i.e. surprise appendectomy) and new goals have a renewed focus. However, the choice to truly disconnect on days off plus add a couple (sometimes even a few) hours of me time a day have been essential from burning out. Somehow both my husband and I have managed to make the time to wonder the garden long enough to feel the decompression set in, to water color paint or read versus scroll the gram. To get into bed early in order to commit to our 5am workouts, but my personal favorite, getting back to our weekends filled with good company and hitting up our favorite local spots.

If you need that extra sign to pencil in "ME TIME" this is the little reminder to set it out as your next short term goal this quarter!

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1| NATURAL LIFE JUMPSUITS & BANDEAUS | I've been living in my Natural Life jumpsuits and bandeau tops. Although the Miami weather still has been magic with it's cool and crisp mornings and evenings, I still just want to be swimming in my clothing. However the cut on these jumpsuits are more flattering than the ones I've found in the past. They cut just low enough to layer as much or as little as you like. I've been pairing it with their bandeaus, which can be a top, headband or even scrunchy! BUY HERE

2| ELITE GOURMET FOOD DEHYDRATOR |Now this is a product I've been sitting on for a while. It's my new favorite toy for all my garden herbs and produce snacks. I think the best thing about it is that it's user friendly. So far it's aloud me to prune my garden herbs more often as I've been growing my herbal medicine cabinet, and pruning your garden only allows it to flourish- so win win! BUY HERE

3|DAZEY BUTTER CHURN | Clearly I was targeted by social after diving deep on bread making (more on that later). All that to say, homemade butter is a decadent treat to have at home. However, now my husband is requesting it weekly along with homemade bread....FML lol BUY HERE

4|BRASS BACKDROP ARCHES | For my son's first birthday, I decided to invest in some backdrop arches. Considering the amount of parties we host, it was definitely worth adding to our inventory. What i love most is the ability to either leave the arches by itself or cover them with fabric covers. I bought a three green tone set for our Wild One theme. At some point I'll do a blogpost on our DIY party, but in the meantime, save these in your cart for the next event. BUY HERE

5| Celestial Moon & Sun Solar Lamp | As my garden has evolved, I continue to find ways to bring a little magic to the space. This time with whimsical lamps that glow just enough. We are always adding a little bit here and there and although we plan on setting up bistro lights over the garden, the quickest and headache free way to bring light is with solar powered lamps. I'm still a Virgo at heart so something that isn't too chaotic or overstimulating is of the upmost importance. These lamps do just that for me. I found a few matching solar lanterns with the celestial design and some firefly like vibes to add. Will update that on the gram at some point, but for now you can find all my garden decor and essential via the Amazon Idea List HERE


Wishing you all a beautiful year ahead, happy planning!

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