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Normally Halloween posts will start dropping the following month, but this particular DIY, you will want to begin soon. A few years ago I fell in love with the WILD FABEL jackets from Target, and I had a few different patches that I had randomly collected from NoLa, Etsy and recently have found some on Amazon. Every year I'll add one or two more to the jacket in hopes that I will slowly cover the whole jacket. I've made these for my siblings and just love wearing the jackets starting now. It's always a fun talking piece and nice experience when you bump into fellow Halloween lovers, when you're out and about.

You honestly do NOT need much to get started, but I will recommend one tool worth getting if you feel you may make quite a few jackets for you and your BOO CREW.


*I paired my jacket with my #backstitchbruja purse.

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links. If you make a purchase through any link, I may receive a potential commission at no extra cost to you. I only share items that I genuinely value and have used.


DENIM JACKET: The one picture is by WILD FABEL [ BUY HERE ], there are a few washes, and they constantly are in and out of stock, so keep an eye out. However I did find a copy cat on AMAZON [ BUY HERE ] and a few washes and choices between crop and oversized.

PATCHES: There are so many ways to go about finding your patches, but my favorite ways to collect are via Etsy, Amazon and from Traveling. I've grouped a bunch of Amazon Iron patches into our Amazon Favorites storefront via the board " DIY HALLOWEEN DENIM PATCH JACKET" [click here to see] . Since it has been some time since I've purchased my patches on Etsy, some no longer exist, but I did find similar ones and some listings that still exists. Especially "The Empress" patch that technically is a print on fabric, but all you need is STITCH WITCHERY [BUY HERE] , basically it's a gauze like tape that fuses fabric to fabric! Find all my favorite ETSY IRON ON PATCHES HERE.

IRON TOOL: Here's why I highly recommend the Cricut EASYPRESS Mini Iron, it gets hot fast and at the correct temperature you need to fuse the patches on. The first time I did this I used a regular house iron and it took forever!!!!!!!! Now I can fasten the patches in less than a few minutes, Scouts Honor! If you use your house iron and have a good handful of patches, pop on a movie lol. If you feel like you may want to incorporate this tool into your "Craft Closet", then I highly recommend the Cricut EasyPress Mini [BUY HERE].


That's it, that's all you need to craft your own easy upcycled Halloween jacket. You can take this idea so far and create a travelers jacket as well.. will reveal that one another time. Lastly my favorite thing to do with this jacket is easily pair it with Halloween spooky make-up from our little #frightfemmes corner! I particularly have worn it with my favorite Glam-Skeleton MUA [Deeper look CLICK HERE] . It's a look that has even been feature in a Halloween Mobile company and worn with the jacket! It's my little jewel of a combo, so I'm quite proud of it. Would love to see if you all create you own version. Tag us and/or us #frightfemmes #blonde2brunettehalloween


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