Happy Hauntings Everyone,

I hope you all enjoyed the DIY Unicorn, and possibly got your gears rolling! Below are two SPOOKED OUT glam looks that are easy to do, change up, pair up, etc. but can be daunting at first glance.

It's easy to make both of these looks your own. You can change the color palette's to bright or cool tones. Even with just the change of wig color or cut, you can get a totally different effect! Not sure where to begin with color palettes? CLICK HERE for some INSPO!


Something I picked up on wigs, if you find the hair line awkward in any way shape or form, add some sort of headwear. You be surprised how a look comes together with just a hat or crown of sorts.

For these looks, I worked with a few brands that I swear by!

MELT COSMETICS: For look 1) Dark Matter Stack [BUY HERE], a touch of LOVESICK [BUY HERE], and AMELIE for highlight [BUY HERE]. For look 2) Rust Stack [BUY HERE], and DARKMATTER [BUY HERE]

BEN NYE AQUA PAINTS: When I want to cover large surfaces, or get a nice build of color I work with these guys. Mostly in WHITE & BLACK. These disc are activated by water, and set nicely. If you are applying more than one coat for a deeper tone, let each "layer" dry completely for a more even look. You can use brushes or sponges to apply. BUY HERE

For the rest of my face, I did your basic Highlight and contour makeup application, and if you want to get an idea of my basic self doing just that, catch this video on our fb page where I got a request for a live feed of standard "basic corrective makeup" [CLICK HERE].

The key to these looks is pairing glam eyes, with a funky mouth. When making a "pumpkin mouth" such as the one below, be sure to outline with either a nude or black eyeliner pencil. If you are nervous practice with a lip pencil that is close to the same color as your skin, so it's not too messy. For the second look on the mouth "outline, and shadow" lightly, then add the highlight (white) last. You will see how it pops at the end!

WHEN IN DOUBT BLEND BLEND BLEND...that's my key when I've made a boo-boo...

The looks are below and special links for more inspo...





LIPS: Colourpop in shade: LIMBO [CLICK HERE]