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TOP 5 | February

Updated: Apr 2

February has come and gone and this month was all about the sweet little nothings that bring me joy... treat yourself ladies, seriously why not?

This months round up included fun new brand finds and new product launches from well known staples. Check out the list below!

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links. If you make a purchase through any link, I may receive a

potential commission at no extra cost to you.


1| VIOLETTE_FR MAKE-UP FROM PARIS | I've been eyeing this product for some time. I've always loved the minimalist look that Parisians effortlessly do, and when make-up artist Violette Serrat came up with her own line I was obsessed. She either goes very bold with a lip or eye or muted tone on tone and her color palate make it very easy to achieve. I own the Bisou Balms, Blushes, Liquid Lipsticks, and cream Eyeshadows. All products give you the opportunity to build up color. Not to mention her line is very skin health forward. BUY HERE

2| TARTE LIP PLUMP | I thought I had retired the days of lip gloss back in the early 2000s and the juicy tubes, but here we are. Gobbling up all the lip oils and glosses. I'm enjoying these cool to the touch lip plumper's by Tarte. Some have a shimmer while others are clear. I do recommend testing them out to pick the right tones, cause they do give color. I can't believe I'm saying this, but i love how juicy they are. A really nice way to revitalize any MUA you are going for, but my personal fav, the "no make-up make-up look". BUY HERE

3|HAPPILY MADE CO. CHARM NECKLACES| I'm in love with this brand. There is a variety of charms you can pick to your liking, sweet ones, funny ones and just random but could fit a personality to one of your besties. There are also a few pre-picked collections based off a theme and can be helpful if you have hard time picking. BUY HERE

4|TENTH HOUSE NATAL CHART NECKLACE | I adore this concept of your entire natal chart in a necklace, but done is a soothing calming tone. Tenth House uses the coinciding crystal beads that match your entire astrological chart, not just your Sun, Moon and Rising, but also includes where your varying signs of Venus, Mars, Mercury etc. Every single sign. Right now they are 50% off. They also have a bracelet version for anyone who wants a subtle layer to their wrist. I do love how well this necklace layers with just about any pairing I do. BUY HERE

5| MOON STONE RING | There's a spiritual theory out there that when you wear any moonstone piece on your righthand, it allows you to ward of those who are fake or only wish personal gain from you. So naturally I went to my favorite spot in Miami for what I think is the largest crystal ring collection, FIVE SISTERS in the warehouse district of the falls area. They don't upload a lot on their website because they get new items practically every day. Check out their instagram and VISIT HERE


Wishing you all a beautiful year ahead, happy planning!

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