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It may be New Year's Eve, but it's still a Monday. Which means, New Year resolutions are in full effect and don't ever skip Monday in the fitness/wellness mindset. We've got goals here on the BLOG, at WORK, in LIFE and we hope you have some of your own. You don't have to have a bundle, you can have just one- but even one is enough to to influence all areas of your life. For example: my 25th year of life (my new year check in begins in September), my goal was to get healthy & truly understand fitness/wellness; weight training, yoga, diet, skincare and make it a lifestyle habit. When I did that, my confidence grew, my focus and drive for all work related projects got done and with all the endorphins I was getting, I saw myself wanting to only surround myself with positive people, activities and anything healthy mentally and emotionally for myself. Since then I've been focused on goals that have a ripple effect in all aspects of my life. I have said on Instagram before and I will say it again "WRITE IT DOWN"!!! My father taught me this a long time ago, and when I've felt lost, a quick little list of what I need calms me when I look at this list of "to do's" and know I'm my heart that I can do it! Jules Solomon said " Studies show that those who write down their goals, are 40% more likely to achieve them." - which affirms my virgo father's teachings ahead of it's times.

In the last year, I've posted more exercises and habits that have aided me in "Getting my Sh*t Together". From manifesting goals, to organizing, to practicing with gratitude in everything I do. I've learned what works for me and what doesn't. If you haven't yet, visit our Health & Spiritual "highlight" on our instagram to catch exercises in fitness, mediation and more from this passed year and throughout the year. I'm doing my due diligence in blog schedules to make sure you all get quality bunches of blog posts each month and on our instagram, each day of the week.

Today is MOOD MONDAYS on the blog & gram, we are all about that fresh NEW YEAR start! So even though we say goodbye to 2018, here are some of our (and our B2B followers) favorite blog posts to carry into 2019 in making lifestyle habits a reality, that will bring you ultimate joy and satisfaction. Can't wait to share more New Year habits all month long with you! Hope you visit the links below and have a safe and wonderful time ringing in the NEW YEAR TONIGHT!!!



MANIFESTATION PARTY[click here]: If you've never done a vision board, or need a little motivation check out how we gathered our squad (on instagram too) and made a fun a relaxed party out of it! Find some time to do so this January.

SPIRITUAL BASICS[click here]: All you need to know about saging, moon rituals for intentions and goals to manifest because you always need to revisit your goals on the regular and check in with yourself.

NEW YEAR HEALTHY HABITS[click here]: This was last year's blog post that spoke 5 easy habits to apply that really make a difference in your every day health.



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