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New Year, Same Goals, Better Tools!

Updated: Jan 17

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links. If you make a purchase through any link, I may receive a potential commission at no extra cost to you.

Hey friends, it's that time of year again, where we enjoy the last holiday of the year and also experience the most calm week. I absolutely love the last week of the year. It's slow, its cozy, there are zero pressures, whether you decided to stay local or go on a trip, and lots of reflection and low key planning happens. At least for us in our households.

In the last few days (weeks) of the year, I find myself going over the goals, aka New Year Resolutions, one may have and noting it in my journal, planner and/or vision board. The whole point is to have an idea of what and where I'd like to improve and sustain positive energy in my life and begin to apply the moment I know what I need. It always leads to the Mind, Body Soul aspect and how I can enrich those areas. Throughout the year, I came across better tools for different aspects in my life, created tools of my own, and continued with tools that are sustainable and effective. Below I will share the new and the OGs that help me throughout this year and the upcoming year... but before we move on, let's talk goals.

When I mention "Mind Body Soul Aspects of my life", I look at where I need strength mentally, where I need strength physically and emotional what not only strengthens my spirit but continuous ways to ignite it. It always comes down to gratitude practices and making time for fun , organization within my home, small business AND mind, health and wellness exercises to keep fluid and energized. Yes there are the goals of increasing reveue within my company, traveling more, being a better mom and wife... all the things, but they begin with "filling my cup first". I have said that time and time again and each year it reigns true! So for myself in order to function the Mind, Body & Soul need to be nourished!

So let's begin TOOLS TO....


  • Mind Body Soul Planners: Yup, I got so tired of my favorite "pen to paper" planners being discontinued, that I decided to create my own. I researched for quite a while and found a program to learn how to create from sctratch, format and self-publish on KDP. I began working on the planners for an hour each day in September after I put my son down to sleep. It was very rewarding and although I finished the planner itself by October 1, I didn't finish the process and approvals on KDP until the first week of December. So sadly I could't start using them until this upcoming January. Regardless I'm so proud to have something that I feel will provide simple systems to organize all the areas, without overwhelm.

In order to organize my mind, I need to log all the things from my business, to my personal affairs. I use Google Calendar to enter work gigs and events, but I personally love seeing it on paper with the add on of " 5am Workout" here " manifestation party" there "Date Night" here. The other important aspect of "pen to paper" is seeing the checklist you have and physically doing the action of crossing out that task, and feeling less weight on your shoulders. This is a powerful and easy step to see that what you have to do may not only be as much as you thought in your head, but also not take as long as you think.

I think my favorite thing about the process of creating planners was that I truly felt passionate about what I was creating and if it only helps one other person, provides some peace or clarity in their daily schedule, then I'm happy.

You can learn more about them (take a peek inside) HERE and you can BUY THEM HERE. I plan on creating more vibrant cover designs, but for right now I wanted simple and clean to be easy on the eye and maybe even provide the user the option to decorate them with their favorite stickers.

  • Next tool to organize/focus the mind is an exercise: Morning Reset and/or Closing reset of your home. I've always done this and now with a child, I'm making sure I pursue this daily (several times a day). During our heavy season I need it more and it's usually the time when I fall behind on home organization. So I'm making sure that I set alarms within my phone to take those 10-30 minutes of cleaning up the common areas. Sometimes it's dishes and recyclables, or folding the laundry and tidying up the millions of pillows that are squished, or doing a quick vacuum and steamer mop of the floors, re-organizing the fridge or pantry, ORRRRRR all of it. Maybe the 30 minute reset is broken up into two parts of the day, or it's a full hour once the baby goes to sleep. The more often you do this each day, the less you'll have to catch up on. Let me remind you that this isn't a deep detailed clean of a home reset, this is everyday mundane tasks that relieve you of clutter. A cluttered home is a cluttered mind and it's so helpful and worth preventing yourself from getting overstimulated. Overstimulation can paralize you with overwhelm and that is truly my main goal to avoid.

  • BOOKS & PODCASTS: Yes we all can read or listen to books for fun, but there is always some inspiration to be heard or read and I have a few books I recommend, but I will say this: The Self-Help genre should ALWAYS be taken with a grain of salt. Especially with popular "Self Help Gurus" that aren't licensed doctors that preach to a certain area in one's life. Some of the authors that I have followed for years, have been criticized heavily for their content. That's a different discussion for another day, but there are still some words shared that are worth hearing, but remember to read all and everything with ears and eyes wide open. I tend to lean towards entreprenual and high perfomance mindset habit type content. I listen while I'm driving in traffic, resetting my home, or during a cardio workout. Check out ALL THE BOOKS AND MORE BOOKS WE LOVE HERE


  • Green Lights- Matthew McConaughey

  • Atomic Habits- James Clear

  • The Miracle Morning- Hal Elrod

  • The Four Agreements - Don Miguel Ruiz & Janet Mills

  • Super Attractor- Gabby Bernstein

  • High Performance Habits- Brendon Bouchard

  • Spark Joy- Marie Kondo

  • The Home Edit- (buy the book for visual inspo)

  • Girl Stop Apologizing - Rachel Hollis


  • Dear Gabby Podcast

  • School of Greatness-Lewis Howes

  • The Rachel Hollis Podcast

  • The Jasmine Star Show

  • The Influencer Podcast

  • Good Risings

  • Mindful Productivity Podcast


When it comes to nourishing the body I'm going to work on it from the inside out. I'm sharing some of my favorites that have been consistently used for the passed five years and still continue to sustain results. Plus a few newbies that are adding extra sparkle to my over all wellness!

Top of The Morning Hydration & Collagen Glow by HUGH & GRACE|

Hugh and Grace is a brand that is all about creating clean and sustainable products that are hormone safe, pregnancy safe, endocrine disrupting chemical free with ethically and intentionally formulated ingredients. Special gifts with purchase happening for the New Year! Check out all their home to body & skincare products HERE

Physical Fitness Programs of all types: Weight training, Hiit, Yoga, Barre,

  • BODi Streaming Workouts & Wellness Programs: I've been subscribing to Bodi since 2019 and have been able to use it throughout any season in my life; my most fit, adjusting when I've injured myself, pregnant safe programs etc. There is something every phase you are in life and is an affordable alternative to a gym membership! BUY HERE

Everyday Supplements to aid in my fitness regiment|

Now for Topical Glow|

Hugh and Grace is a brand that is all about creating clean and sustainable products that are hormone safe, pregnancy safe, endocrine disrupting chemical free with ethically and intentionally formulated ingredients. Special gifts with purchase happening for the New Year! Check out all their home to body & skincare products HERE

  • Osea's Sea Glow Resurfacing Scrub (use code caropozo10 ) BUY HERE

  • Osea's Ocean Eyes (use code caropozo10) BUY HERE

  • Osea's Undaria Algae Body Oil and Lotion (use code caropozo10) BUY HERE

  • Osea's Anti-Aging Body Balm (use code caropozo10) BUY HERE

Osea's brand is Ocean, Sun, Earth and Atmosphere . A skincare brand that is vegan and cruelty free clean skincare. Ethically made and to only positively impact our planet. View all products and enjoy discounted prices when you use the code " caropozo10 " VIEW ALL HERE


Journaling | We've spoken about this many times on the blog and journaling can play a role in, not only in focusing the mind but also the soul. Express yourself as you see fit, get the feelings, the thoughts out of your head. There is no need to bottle it up, nor store heaviness. This can easily lead to a gratitude practice which helps take hard challenges and show you the glimmers that also attached to it. Because we all know, nothing grows or improves in comfort. So there is always a lesson in hard challenges, even when we don't want to believe it. I'll be incorporating a new daily journal via my MIND BODY SOUL brand of stationery in the coming days, CHECK HERE FOR UPDATES and INSIDE LOOK.

Hobbies| Hobbies are needed in life. The ones you don't monetize on but do it for pure fulfillment. Sometimes it even brings a little community together with new and old friends, sharing likeminded passions and projects.

Metaphysical Rituals| I'm a huge believer in tapping into your spirituality, and that doesn't mean you have to marry it with your religion. It's a beautiful world out there and the ways to connect with nature and energy we give and receive can play a vital role in your over all experience day to day. I've written a few blogposts on this before in our " Spiritual Basic Section HERE" but I always like to start with " 5 Ways to Manifest, your new year! READ HERE" post.

Schedule Play Time| You read that correctly. Sounds like a thing a child would say, but seriously we all need more fun and it needs to happen at least once a week. I know life is crazy, but it's been proven that those who make time for fun and rest, end up avoiding burnout more often, have less sick days and are genuinely happy people. So do what you gotta do; garden, more date nights budget a babysitter, budget a certain amount of "play money" for yourself, set a time, maybe a few hours where you aren't aloud to do any house work and watch a movie, watercolor, read a book or whatever is your meaning of fun.


Above all friends, we wish you so much peace, love and health in this New Year 2024!


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