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Updated: Jan 12, 2023

HAPPY EFFING NEW YEAR BABES! Seriously we made it and now a new year presents itself. 365 pages for you to write! That's also 8,760 hours of you to reach your goals.

Well that was overwhelming to read, like now what? I'm no expert but I've been playing around with different methods for several years and there are few different ways to inspire you and remind yourself WHY you want it!

Before you can even get started, you have to breakdown what nourishes and inspires your MIND, BODY and SOUL. You also have to ask what your needs and wants for it as well. Why do you want these things? Do they make you feel good, bring you joy, give you energy, improve your health? Is it something brand new that you've never done but always wanted? This is when you discover your GOALS. I always look and seek routines that will improve my over all performance in my home life, work life and social life. I want to grow in my business and over all career, but I also need to be well rested and maintain an active fitness lifestyle because I know that I get a boost from my workout routine and can conquer my day ahead. I also know that where hard work comes play time and I want to remind myself instead of sitting watching Netflix (although we all need a binge sesh every once and a while) maybe go outside for a walk or craft up a Pinterest pin you've been wanting to do etc.

Keeping up with routines are hard because when motivation leaves us, we must rely on our discipline to keep going. This will happen often, so having a list ready of what can combat that is GOLD!


It's been scientifically proven my neuroscience that this actually works, look it up!

Here's an example of some of the things I'm working on to reach my goals:

Mind: meditation to calm my mind, online webinar/courses for my business, perfecting my Spanish speaking skills, early morning journaling, work on my ukulele, Sunday weekly planning schedules, weekly/monthly organize home projects.

Body: 5am workouts, eat clean 5x a week, 3x a week active recovery workouts, once a month facial, at home lymphatic massages, once a month 5ks

Soul: weekly date nights, family time, girl time, blogging, gardening, 10k step nature walks, singing, ukulele sessions, yoga, monthly craft sessions, staycations, travel, tarot cards, crystals, wellness podcasts & wellness books.

b2bgoalsdiagram (1)
Download PDF • 8KB


So at this point you may have a list of goals you want to accomplish this year and possibly goals that might take longer than a year but there are different steps you have to take to achieve said BIG GOAL. Example, "I want to pay off my credit card, so I must put away X amount of dollars every month to get myself to zero" or "DREAM HOME" it's a little vague but maybe you want to find the perfect lot, "finish the kitchen", or a fixer upper and you need to save up a certain amount of capital to start those projects for each room of the house.

So if you have a moment (or pin this post when you do have a moment) grab a sheet of paper or a journal or download our free printable of our GOALS x MIND BODY SOUL diagram and list out your top 5 goals and methods of nourishing the areas that matter most to your mind, body and soul. It's important that we enjoy the journey of manifesting our goals, which is why I can't stress enough taking care of yourself as a whole! Also make the listing process a little more fun and light your favorite candle, incense, vibe to your favorite music and let it flow!


b2bgoalsdiagram (2)
Download PDF • 31KB


Now that you have gone on this spiritual journey with yourself here are


MAKE ONE LIST: You've already worked on the diagram and listed your goals. Maybe that's all you need right now, a simple list that when you achieve one thing you cross that sucker out with a thick red marker and call that sucker done! If you choose this route, make sure it's seen every single day and written in larger letters. If it;s this simple it's gotta be obnoxious so you can OWN IT!

VISION BOARDS: There are many versions to vision board making and really there is no wrong way to do this. You can use a poster board, cork board or if you are more of the graphic design type, make a digital one instead and have it rest on your desktop or phone lock screen. Materials can be anything at all that brings you joy!

I personally have a cork board where I put quotes, images, pictures, glittery stars and hand written words that fuel my fire. I also leave room to add more inspiring images as the months progress because maybe along the way one type of activity is working more than the other so I'll edit the board as well. Placement of this board I think is important. You want to put it somewhere where you see it every day, in a sacred place that is yours. Look at it while your working out, brushing your teeth, or in your quiet corner. mine is in my gym/studio where I workout, throw my affirmations and work.

JOURNALING: Buy a fresh blank journal and this will become the place to list out your goals, list out what your mind, body and soul actions are and also a place to revisit weekly or monthly or quarterly and discuss any goals met, challenged or changed along the way. You will find yourself editing methods when a few or one are thriving. You should also write out what is showing as an obstacle to completing a certain task that you know is good for you. This is also a place write and express grace with yourself when you approach failures. Failures will happen and are a GREAT learning tool.

I personally enjoy journaling weekly with my PRIORITY PLANNER and START TODAY JOURNAL to achieve daily and weekly goals. Remember that little steps add up to great achievements.

PERSONAL CALENDAR AUDITS: Many life and wellness coaches do this and for me I like to look at it at a quarterly perspective. Basically what I want to manifest and achieve, I break down the year and what growth in personal, work and social life needs to happen every three months.

This is also an opportunity to remind yourself the important dates in your life so you are prepared for what days or weeks will you need to be the most ready for and ahead of a potentially heavy work load. With my line of work I know which are the heavier work weeks with my small business and how many weeks in advance things have to be done. I also am aware when times are slower in work and I can use that to plan non work related goals for myself and if I have the energy improve and work project ahead of time. Pretty self explanatory, but a very helpful tool to do for those who are seeking to be uber organized this year.


Download PDF • 16KB

SPIRITUAL MANIFESTING: One of my favorites, duh, because tapping into your psyche really forces you to ground oneself. It's also not something mastered over night and may take a few trials till you get there, but I can promise it's a calming and relaxing approach to manifesting your deepest desires.

Spiritual manifesting can be done with meditation, writing out your wants and goals and then burning that piece of paper under the full moon. Giving it confidence that what will be will come to you. New moon and Full moon rituals are a great way to check in with yourself twice a month and work with the moon's changing energy in each cycle.

New moons are all about a clean slate and writing your affirmations and planting the seed, as the weeks go by and you continue to put in the work with yourself and your surroundings, you should be able to see what places, people and choices are thriving and then what no longer is serving your purpose. That's when the full moon comes in, it's the time to "let go" , drop whatever, whomever is preventing you from achieving said goal and make space for the bounty of what will bring you closer to that goal.

If this is something you want to try and want to learn more about, i have a list of books and cards in our #amazonfavs CLICK HERE. On the blog we also have our " SPIRITUAL BASICS" section where we have a list of different rituals you can do at home and materials like sage, palo santo and crystals to bring into our home. CLICK HERE FOR MORE.


I'm hoping at this point you've found maybe one, two or more methods of manifesting that you like. There isn't one wrong way, it's about which way works for you and inspires your to dream and achieve your goals. If you haven't decided on which method yet, just make work on what feeds your mind, body and soul and keep making yourself happy!

A very HAPPY NEW YEAR to our b2b fam out there, wishing you all peace, love, joy and so much magic!

P.S. If you loved this post, don't forget to pin it for your annual manifesting needs! Share with your fellow manifesting planner too and let us know how it works out for you!


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