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I DID A | 21 Day Cleanse & lost 12 pounds!

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

Several months back, January to be exact, my fitness squad and I got together to do the 21 Day Ultimate Reset. To be honest I've never been into cleanses, I always thought it was a copout, especially the ones that were 3-5 day juice cleanse and basically your body goes into starvation mode. The days you finally intake food it stores and stores until your body isn't in shock anymore. That is not worth it, nor sustainable and most importantly NOT HEALTHY. I've been trying all types of products from their program for the past year and feel very confident in writing reviews about them now...


First off, what is this Ultimate Reset Cleanse?

Ultimate Reset is a complete, three-phase, 21-day program that provides everything you need to help:

Phase 1: Reclaim your body's natural balance.

Phase 2: Release the unwanted compounds that have been holding your system back and start the detoxification process.

Phase 3: Restore your digestive system, along with other internal processes, to maximum efficiency.

What are the benefits of the Ultimate Reset?

In just 21 days, the Ultimate Reset can help you gently restore your body to its original "factory settings," to help you:

  • Have more energy and feel better.

  • Experience better digestion and a more positive mood.

  • Enable your body to function more efficiently.

  • Lose weight.

  • Improve your overall health.

What the Ultimate Reset is NOT:

  • A starvation diet. (You'll eat three filling, healthy meals every day.)

  • An abrupt cleanse that's hard on the body. (The supplements work together gradually to help gently shift your body's internal settings.)

  • A laxative-based, colon-focused cleanse, which fails to truly detoxify the whole body. (You won't be running to the bathroom every hour!)

What's included in the Ultimate Reset Cleanse?

Six Essential Supplements: The Ultimate Reset nutrition suppluments are uniquely formulated to help support your Reset.

  • Power Greens – A healthy diet, with plenty of greens, may help support the body’s acid/alkaline balance.

  • Soothe – Ingredients traditionally used to support digestive health and the body’s response to oxidative stress.

  • Mineralize – Adds natural minerals needed by the body.

  • Detox – Ingredients traditionally used to help support healthy liver function and digestive health.

  • Revitalize – Helps support beneficial flora in the digestive tract.

  • Optimize – Supports nutrient absorption and bioavailability.

  • Program and Nutrition Guide.

  • Detailed step-by-step instructions on your 21-day Reset journey.

  • Plus a 3-week eating plan with recipes, cooking tips, shopping lists, and more.

Private Facebook groups you want to be in:


So with all it's health benefits, the "get back on track" mentality and the potential weight loss, what did I experience and what did I do in particular throughout all and for each phase.

Number one thing it asks is that you try all the recipe's and explore more whole foods. The first week you are allowed eggs, chicken and salmon plus grains, fruits and veggies. The second week only grains, fruits & veggies, but the third week is only fruits and veggies. I'm not a picky eater, however I am a creature of habit so after the first week, I had to say goodbye to my eggs, my go-to, I noticed that I enjoy warm breakfasts to start my day. I needed to adjust, the best part about reaching each week, is that it's gradual.

Coffee & Caffeine:

No caffeine, sure fine no soda I can deal. I cut that one out forever ago, but coffee? I love the sh*t out of coffee and they ask that you do not drink coffee, but it has been years since I stopped drinking my quad whole milk latte's and it's been well over a decade since I used to drink coffee with sugar. The only time that happens if it's early in the day and decide to have a cappuccino for dessert. Now 98% of the time I drink only black coffee and at most two cups a day. Most people know me as a coffee obsessed person. It's honestly a more than coffee. The smell of it, the comfort of a hot mug to start my day- it's a friggin' ritual for me. I have already made many cuts to my coffee- DO NOT RUIN IT FOR So what did I do with that? I waited till about the fourth morning, and a few snappy remarks to my husband and went online to one of the Facebook support groups (mentioned above) and asked if anyone had coffee before on their cleanse. A flooooooooood of people responded. These people were my kinda people. Many also said that this was their third time doing it and they had just as great of results as the first time when they didn't drink coffee. Now I really began to enjoy the process and on the fourth day I rekindled my affair with my cafe'!

Working Out during the cleanse:

Their recommendation is that you do not do any high impact workouts, yoga is ok and walking is fine. However if you are someone who has built up a stamina in your fitness, tread lightly so you don't pass out. For me I did BarreBlend which you can pick how high or low the impact needs to be, by the middle of the third week I wanted to lift heavy so I incorporated liift4 (Check out these free links to these workouts HERE) to not only get some muscle mass back but also see faster result in terms of muscle tone. Eating this clean and working out yielded fast and incredible results!!!

Taking the Supplements (pills & powders):

The pills were no big deal, like taking vitamins, I set alarms to remind myself 30 minutes before my 3 meals. When it came to the powders,I always added more water to them. Especially the super greens, I added more water and a few dashes of lemon juice. The less water you have the more it's like drinking a heavy flavored matcha green tea. The detox powder honestly is a subtle essence of citrus and sweet to the water, that one was probably my least favorite because I'm not into sweet drinks, again more of an essence if you add it to like 16 oz of water, but I'm a pain with sweet drinks, so yeah. Also putting the salt base mineralize in your water does not make your water salty- no worries!

To make all the recipes or not to make all the recipes:

If you are someone who loves to cook everything and anything every day or meal prep like a pro, go for it. As for my I focused on a few meals to their corresponding times within each phase period. For example, I chose four lunch options out of the seven versus making all four to save time and money. Don't go crazy buy every product, you probably have most of the items. Remember when I mentioned I love warm breakfast? I after enjoying my eggs week one, I enjoyed warmed oatmeal and fruit the second and then sprinkled cinnamon on my fruit the third week and heated them up for comfort, lol. Everyone is different, but someone out there is reading this and understands the comfort of a warm breakfast. You can choose to have your cleanse come with a pack of Shakeology or not, but I recommend that you have that provision as it helped me curb my cravings during week two when my time of the month came!

Things that happened that I was and was not expecting:

Weight loss: I mean I knew it would happen, but not as much as it did. Twelve pounds I lost, I had only tracked up to 9.5 pounds lost on my phone because once I hit twelve I increased my portions to get to 10. Which in the back of the booklet with the FAQ's it does say to do that if you want to maintain a weight that you enjoyed. Some of the ladies that did it with me lost 8,12,15,18... I mean crazy results. Don't be discourage if you loose 5-8 pounds- It's A LOT, plus this is more about health and restoring your body than weight loss!!!

Headaches: For me, when I wasn't drinking coffee I experienced the headaches on Day 2 and that was it. Day 3 I was fine and Day 4 no sign of headaches before or after the coffee. Stay hydrated and it will pass. If you have a serious caffeine or sugar addiction, this may take a few days, but hold out and drink your mineralized water.

Energy: Don't get it twisted, the ONE cup of coffee I allowed myself was great, but nothing compared to the amount of energy in between. I was slaying my morning workouts, I slept like a baby and got all the things I needed to get done in work and at home with ease and efficiency. I even gave all my pantries and fridge a little #homeedit make-over. Seriously if I could bottle that feeling I would.

Cravings: I really thought i was going to be obsessed with wanting to eat sweets 24/7, but honestly the only time i go cravings were the two heavy days on my period. Other than that, the shakes were like a dessert for me and it was enough. Plus the fruit really got you thinking you were cheating sometimes, lol.

Skin Glow & Muscle Strength: I was ready for this maximum glow from all the water and clean eating, supplements etc. It was great to see just my skin naturally keeping up with itself! I also found it more taught as I leaned out. I felt more flexibility, less sore. Again the combination of the right program and nutrition has endless benefits.

Would I do it again? Actually yes! I think this is the perfect option to either one get your fitness and nutrition journey started to give you the perfect platform. It may feel like a struggle with the nutrition at first if you are really brand new, but a great way to slowly ease into a fitness routine. If you are seasoned, think of this as a reboot and perfect for twice a year, January & August or if you have a special event coming up like a big birthday or wedding, this is for sure a boost towards your goal!



So three weeks later, 12 pounds lost, this is where I was at:

The trio picture from left to right is me, day 0 of the cleanse, during and a few days after!

Went from 133.6 to 124.3. Somewhere towards the second week I had dropped an extra three pounds and quickly upped my portions ( I also added my recovery for my muscle gains) and added some lifting to combat that. You can see the progression of weight loss with the tracker to the left. My goal from then till now has been increasing my muscle and leaning out as much as possible. I finished the cleanse on February 17th and finally took my measurements on March 9th (look below). I only went up to 126.3 pounds, 2 pounds in a few weeks.

So if you are worried you are going to gain it all back, you aren't. You can maintain it and don't have to be as strict like the cleanse but be good to yourself, don't go crazy binging. One bad meal wont ruin your hard work, just like one good meal wont fix the damage. They even have a maintenance kit if you really need reinforcements. I'm planning on either purchasing the maintenance kit or doing the cleanse all over again sometime in August, will keep you posted! Another option to shed those pesky 3-5 pounds that may have come back is the 3Day Refresh (check our insta highlight to see). That's a post for another day, same program but only a 3 day reboot.

Well friends, this long winded blog post has come to an end, however I hope you keep this cleanse in your back pocket for a rainy day! If you want more information on how to get your cleanse CLICK HERE or MailBox us and we'll email you right back with more info and a special link to grab yours!

Wishing you all a wonderful Monday and week ahead!

I meant what I said to save it for your back pocket, pin the easy reminder below:


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