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New Year Manifestation | DIY PARTY

This passed month a bunch of my girlfriends were all in town at the same time. A lot of us have had a hard time coordinating with all our ever changing schedules. This was our opportunity to do our gift exchanges and also find a night where there was no hustle and bustle of the holidays. So December 27th was our night just before NYE. 7 is a number I love for multiple reasons, one being it's a very lucky number! So on this night Kelly (my biff) had mentioned how she wanted to do mood boards. That was a major flashback to the 90's for me and I was game. Being that a lot of my girls have gotten more invested with their crystals, smudging, meditation, prayer and all that awesome brujeria/ good vibes only ish... this quickly went from a "Girls Night" to a " NEW YEAR MANIFESTATION" partaaayyy.


I went to target and got all gold & silver themed items; Crowns, necklaces, plates, cups,"silverware", glittered paper stars. I have a stash of miscellaneous arts and crafts and brought those out. A smart way to also refresh and empty out those drawers of goodies that haven't moved for months; glitter, stars, markers, garland, flowers, beads, etc. plus whatever magazines I had in the house. Along with glue, glue guns, scissors and from the dollar store; white boards, clips (for interchanging items/images), and mini boards for the ladies who were traveling/ visiting for the holidays.

The best thing to do is ask your guests to bring a magazine or if there is something in particular they want for their boards, then bring it with them. Depending on the time of day and amount of people, some may only get as far as cutting their items out, also remind your guests that they can always leave space for add ons in the coming months or so.


  • WHITE BOARD (or any color of your choice)- Purchase at Dollar Store.

  • SCISSORS- Purchase from Dollar Store, or ask your guests to bring their own pair.

  • MAGAZINES- Gather your own from the stores and ask your guests to bring one.

  • GLUE- Any craft store, drug store, or Dollar Store.

If they are traveling, but want to offer something then I recommend they pop in a market and buy a bottle of wine or a magazine of their choice. As for the rest of the menu, I provided desserts, filling apps, greens and booze. All the ladies brought something else to pick at or drink- shout out to Bianca for bringing Krispy Kreme.

A manifestation party can happen throughout the month of January and no matter how big or small the gathering- it's all about the good intentions throughout the crafting table. It really was a beautiful sight to see everyone so invested in putting their boards together and also helping others fine the perfect word or image for their board! To see them in action, check out our "Highlights Section" on our instagram, @blonde2brunette. Check out the images below!!!

No matter your goals, wishes and dreams any step, big or small, is one step closer to your goals! Happy Manifesting EVERYONE and CHEERS to A NEW YEAR!!!




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