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TOP 5 | May

It is getting hot! Miami, "Party in the city where the heat is on...", Ok Will, but what if you are hot AF and break a sweat and become lethargic in between car to location, location to car? This is why people are half naked in this city. The the only way to survive such temperatures is finding the right thin clothing and making time for weekends in the water. You wont find me out in the sun unless there is a refreshing body of water near by or I'm under an umbrella with some spf 50 (lol). Have you found the outfits that meet your needs? Not just for looking cute but the ones that breathe!

You will be sure to see more light weight clothing options on the gram, blog and bathing suits along the way. In the meantime, here are a few items that have fit our needs this past month.


1 | Oak Miami Body Suit | I have been wearing these guys on repeat! They are the softest and most form fitting of all the body suits I own. I also love that it's a thong style, making it a smooth easy option for pants versus the full bottoms. I have them in black and silver, but I may just go get the terra cotta color. I pair them with jeans or jean shorts for a relaxed style then I'll dress them up with wide leg pants, midi skirts and more. Many option when it comes to these basics! [BUY HERE]

2 | "Made For More" Rachel Hollis Tee | You know I love this lady, she's been featured several times on the blog & gram [SEE HERE]. From her books, podcasts and "Start Today Journals" she has offered her #5tothrive tribe a lot. Now, she recently launched her first ever clothing line on QVC! Where she has a variety of tops, tees and outerwear. I personally love a classic white tee and with the red stitching, I couldn't help myself with her famous " made for more" quote from her sequel "Girl, Stop Apologizing" book [BUY BOOK HERE]. So if you are a fan or this quote "made for more" check it out at QVC. Also BIG THANK to Rachel Hollis for sharing our photos and featuring B2B on your gram [ BUY TEE HERE]

3 | Ray of Light Swim | We love a good local brand and a couple months ago we shared a few styles with you from ROL. I fell in love with the fit( on our IG fashion highlight) !!! She recently launched NEONS. The best part is she gave her clients options. The Vivian strappy one piece comes in citrus (neon) and black (which will be my next buy). The Chloe top and Christie bottom in lime (neon) bottoms also come in the option of a string bottom (the Zoey). You can get the bikinis in both neon colors and the Berry (fuchsia red) color. P.S. Tomorrow they drop a new promotion: "SUMMER FRIDAYS" that happens every Friday this summer. Be sure to follow them on the gram. [BUY HERE]

4 | Ouro Preto Earrings | Half of my fam got to go to an amazing wedding in Cartagena, Colombia. Unfortunately I was working (and it's not the kinda work you can miss) but my mother brought back some fun pieces for the summer and I had featured a straw purse [CLICK HERE], but not yet the earrings. Probably because now I find myself wanting to wear them with my more laid back boho mood as we get into summer. They are definitely a statement pair to be dressed up or down. I found them on instagram and I'm sure they ship. [ view @ouropreto.joya]

5 |HERBORISTERIE BAB AGNAOU Beauty products from The Medina of Marrakech | So my parents recently went to Morocco and explored the Sahara Desert on camels, The Blue City, Casa Blanca, Marrakech and finished in Madrid, Spain. My mother is a cool chick. Us four kids never ask for anything to be brought back on their explorations, but she is the type of person to find the things we would grab ourselves and mothers love to give. One of the items unique to the area is Argan Oil. She was taught how you know the oil is pure. It must be absorbed and leave a soft finish - NOT OILY! She was told that often what they sell in other countries "argan oil" is really 80% olive oil or any other carrier oil with only 20% Argan. Needless to say I was grateful to learn about this and test out some other bottle I had lying around and it was true! Hahahaha. Incase you don't know Argan oil is commonly used for hair to improve shine, strength and texture. They also love it for softening fine lines and keeping skin youthful and radiant. Aids in stretch marks and blemishes along with brittle nails. She also brought me haemorrhoid cream for the under eyes (not my private parts). The ladies of Marrakech swear by this beauty hack and buy their products by the tub full. My mother bought her self a face and neck serum made with a prickling pear cactus. It's all the rage right now, so I'm curious to see it's benefits come to fruition. Now, I have searched the internet to see if they have any sites to sell them , but no luck. However I did find the trip advisor page where you can pin for later if you ever plan on taking a trip to Marrakech (p.s. the US dollar is 20 to 1, incase you are looking for an affordable and exotic trip). [CLICK HERE]


Hope you enjoyed this month's TOP 5's! Let us know if there is something you are currently obsessing over. We are always down to join you hehehe!

Happy Almost Summer!




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