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Updated: Mar 29, 2019

Hey B2B Fam, we are back with another "TOP 5" for February and we hope this second month has treated you well. It was a busy one for us, hence the lack of posts, but next month we'll be playing catch up. For everyday commentary, be sure to follow us on our INSTAGRAM [CLICK HERE] for product details, fashion, local spots and our favorite "Long Walks at Target" where we share with you the latest finds at our local Target. This month I've been narrowing in on my skin and although you've probably seen some of these products from my "No Make-Up Makeup Routine" I can honestly say a combination of all these items that work with me from the inside out (finally a review on those hair vitamins) are paying off. It's hard not to think about SKIN when Miami is hot AF and I'm finding myself wearing less layers as the days pass.

The more important goal on my list is finding the right skincare regimen that brings out my best glowing self. If you've been following the blog you know I've been on this path for sometime but always looking to level it up even more. When you are on this discovery, you must note that your body can go through a purging period. A skin purging period is when you establish a new routine that is transformative for your skin and can experience breakouts and other side effects before reaching your end goal result. I've noticed my skin purge in the early process of when I switched to cleaner eating and more rigorous workouts, plus skincare. The first few days to a week, my skin pushes out all the bad stuff that is left. If I eat poorly, say the week before my period, I'll breakout more than usual. I'm bringing this up because if you are someone that has a goal in achieving glowing clear skin and are in need of finding the right products for you, start ASAP, but also start when you have time for trial and error. I'm pushing how far I can improve my skin before taking on any cosmetic help ( although botox is right around the corner, not to mention my wedding). So I rather screw around now before I show up on my wedding day with blotchy broken out skin.

Please note that all the skin products I have mentioned before on the blog, I still use and will swap on occasion to prevent any plateaus. Few more of my faves HERE.


1 | GLOW JUICE TONER by Molly | Most cosmetic dermatologist will mention Vitamin C topical often and how it's a gently will exfoliate your skin and bring out your best glowing self! Well after almost two months of use I say this Vit. C toner is playing a major role in my even complexion. I LOVE IT! So happy that the Oak gals brought this product to my attention. [BUY TONER HERE]

2 | BLACK & JANE facial mists | Not only will you feel like you had a spa moment, but you'll want to sprits these babies in between your daily routine. I start with them between my toner and oil serum routine, but then I bring them with me in my purse and go about my day. If I have make-up on then I'll use the "Rose Water Bronzer" for extra dew. If I've gone makeup free, then I use the "Orange Blosson Jojoba" for hydration. Another great find by the Oak gals. [BUY BEAUTY MISTS HERE]

3 | BEAUTY DUST by Moon Juice | This is an edible supplement powder that you can add to your drink to enhance glowing stress free skin. It is a combo of organic super herbs & pearl. Moon Juice has a variety of different powders for the mind, body and skin. I love the sachets cause they are easy grab and go and I always have one in my bag! Again, there are a variety of products I'm using to create an even glow throughout and so far, so good! [BUY BEAUTY DUST HERE]

4 | The Perfect Haircare | The ultra-fine micro fiber hair towel will be part of my new spring/summer haircare routine. It cuts 2/3rd's of the drying time and helps reduce frizz. For me, I'm planning on using it when I don't feel like blow drying at all and prefer to air dry. I personally hate drying my hair and when I'm in the keys or at the beach, heck I might even take it to Hawaii, I will wrap my head up and not worry about a thang! I gotta try it out with some beach spray or leave in conditioner and see how my waves end up then. It's exclusively sold on Amazon and comes with a detangling brush. Use it on wet or dry hair, this brush is great in preventing breakage as well. A pink towel is now available in their line. Also enjoy an exclusive 20% off code: b2b20OFF for a limited time!!! This is a Miami family owned company and we are all about #shoplocal, so do follow them on Instagram: @theperfecthaircare and keep up with future giveaways. [ BUY TOWEL HERE]

5 | RENEW GLOW for Hair, Skin & Nails | After I chopped my hair in late June, paraded around all summer long. I went ahead and began some hair vitamins. I will be honest I was not consistent as the bottle contains 60 tablets, to be taken twice a day and I only finished them at the end of January. So what should have been consumed in 30 days, procrastination took a toll on that. Here I am just starting my second bottle. Over the course of these passed few months I can tell you that my nails are long, strong and hard. My complexion is even (sure with the help of my serums and mists) and my hair is out of the short phase. I do plan on growing it out for the wedding and adding layers again, but for the most part I am extremely happy with the over all results. I also have less hair fall out plus a wonderful sheen to match! I'll keep you posted when I finish a second bottle to compare lengths [ BUY SUPPLEMENTS HERE ].





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