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TOP 5 | March

...and just like that the first quarter of the year is over! For us in Miami locals things begin to heat up soon so, basking in the sun mixed with cool breezes is ideal right now. It also get's us locals excited for summer time. I know, I know we are still in spring season but in Miami its very brief and so begins the neutrals and fun accessory shopping for all our boho chic vibes in hopes of more outdoor fun. Below are last month's TOP 5! You can already see the summer vibes creeping in and I don't mind one bit. Enjoy!


Disclaimer: This post may include affiliate links. If you make a purchase using any of our links provided, We may receive a commission at no extra cost to you. We only share what we genuinely love and use ourselves, so happy shopping.


1 | "LUCAS" frame sunglasses by 3rd Eye View |Last month I got the chance to shoot with a few brands honoring Black Owned Businesses (check it out here) and one brand in particular caught my eye, no pun intended. 3rd Eye View has the most eclectic frames I have ever seen and the sunglasses I've been wanting for some time. On set they had me try on bunch of shades until they went with the classic frame "Elton". After playing with these, I quickly saved their instagram on my phone so I could shop later. That's when I saw the frames "LUCAS" ! I fell in love with them because I saw how they would go with my ever changing mood of outfits. Some days boho, some days rock 'n roll and other days chic. They just work with a lot of styles. They also have very affordable price points... BUY HERE


2 |Classic Picnic Basket from Amazon| Picnic dates with your significant other or bestie are highly underrated. This past month the weather has been perfect; cool breezes, clear skies and sun. My husband bought me a picnic basket years ago and having the actual idyllic basket ready whenever the mood strikes is key. Ours comes with utensils, glasses, plates, cheese board, blanket and all the storage. You can either do one of two things make your food at home or buy pre-made food along the way. We have done both and if you buy your items on the way, I promise it doesn't take away the cuteness.

If I go with my hubs there is always plenty of wine, tanning and either reading or painting. Yes, we actually sit there and paint, we don't just do it for the gram lol.

If I go with my girlfriends theres always plenty of wine, tanning and most likely tarot cards hahaha.

Check out the picnic basket we have and a few others I found that are just as cute on our Amazon Favorites [ BUY HERE ]


3 | SPRING & SUMMER HATS from Anthro & Lack of Color| If you’re just learning about my hat collection, welcome. I have a few staples that I wear year round but you gotta have a solid boater style for the warmer months. I love the firmness of these two as I like a good strong brim of the hat.

From left to right is the 'Western Wide Boater' by @lackofcoloraus however I picked up mine from @blancaconcept in South Miami shops off Sunset. BUY HERE

The second hat is the ‘Rowan Trimmed Boater’ from @anthropologie this brim is not as wide so if you your used to smaller circumference this one is it! It also comes in a mustard neutral tone as well. BUY HERE

*Highly recommend pairing your favorite scarves on your solid plain hats when you want to change things up!


4 | GOLD FILLED & STERLING SILVER HOOPS by JNY Designs|A few years ago in Atlanta I walked into the cutest floral boutique that was part concept store and had these awesome open ended hugging hoops. The problem was that I eventually lost one because of the the open part to it taking off a sweater and it being so thin, it was lost in the abyss. Every now and then I look for a similar pair in hopes I’ll find some that are gold filled and affordable for a thin piece of metal. Well these new babies by @jnydesigns are it! I legit forget that I have them on and have fallen asleep with them and they don't go anywhere. I got two styles in both sterling silver and gold filled. Affordable, fast delivery and chic AF. I don’t have a second hole in my ears because needles, duh, but the “double hoop twists” give the illusion that you do without the pain of a needle. With the classic single hoop and the double hoop twist I actually mix and match for chic subtle edge. Everything in their etsy right now is 20% off and the earrings are originally $3.50 (single hoop) and $6.00 (double hoop). BUY HERE


5 | WORKOUT SETS BY PIVOT APPAREL |Whenever I complete a program or start the new year or reach a fitness goal, I treat myself to a workout set and dump an old one. It’s an excuse to buy, I know lol, but it’s a healthier option than rewarding myself with food at the end of a fitness mile marker. These days I got my eye on all of the fit wear from @thepivotapparrel. Aside from their trendy outfits they find sets that not only have a great quality material but mimic some high end brands, except I don’t have to worry about annoying logos and they always have a good solid print option. These sets are cute enough to wear out with chunky wind breaker or puffer and a scrunchy! The Pivot Apparel does do restocks on certain items so if it’s sold out, sign up for their mailing list for the next shipment or DM them on instagram for quick questions. I shamelessly have bought all their workout sets, check the out HERE.

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