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TOP 5 | April

I really enjoyed Spring this year because I actually experienced the transformation before my eyes in Atlanta, GA. As my two month stay was coming to an end, I found myself dreaming of the summer heat and thinking about my favorite corals and red shade lipsticks to wear. My top 5 has mostly beauty products, but I was able to try out some drug store lipsticks and a very glamorous line as well to add to my ridiculous amount of makeup collection. I hope you enjoy the TOP 5's of April!


1| ELLA EARRINGS | I love statement earrings, but for an everyday or subtle look, I'm always looking for dainty pieces so you aren't feeling naked, or is that a latin thing? There's this trendy spot called Young Blood in the highlands area of Atlanta, GA and they have a bunch of different trending styles and a good amount of dainty jewelry.

2| GERANIUM & WHITE TEA BEAUTY MIST | Little Barn Apothecary was probably one of my favorite finds in Atlanta, Ga and was happy to take home one of their beauty mists. It's packed with antioxidants and aids in skin repair. I usually sprits it on after i do my toner and then follow it with my go to serums. I plan on looking more into this brand as they have a lot of beneficial products for skin and beauty. Check out their products

3| BESAME "TANGO RED" LIPSTICK | I have an affinity with period pieces, movies, music etc. I have heard of Besame Cosmetics for some time but never seen their products in person until I love their lipstick and all though "pricey", were talking $22.00 a pop, they are beautiful colors that are replicas of shades created several decades ago. " Tango Red" for example was created in 1939. It's a warm coral shade and perfect for summer. There are a few shades I may want to nab for fall/winter since they have a wonderful matte but not drying feel on the lips. Also if anyone you know is obsessed with the 20's and 40's era, et them these as gifts. They are packages beautifully. [ BUY HERE]

4| SUPER STAY MATTE INK MAYBELLINE LIPSTICK | You can't be shocked that I continue to buy lipstick, ok maybe a little... Maybelline has created a pretty good formula for their liquid lipstick and a large variety of shades. You can see some samples on the MUA Highlights on our @blonde2brunette instagram of the shades: Dreamer, Seductress, Pioneer and Heroine. [ BUY HERE ]

5 | INCENSE FROM OAK | If you live in Miami, then you already know the wonderful scent that engulfs you when you enter Oak Apparel & Home. Their incense is only $4.00 and they have a a variety of scents. Currently frankincense is my fav! [ BUY HERE ]


Have you tried a product you are obsessed with? Let us know, we want to obsess over it too!




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