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Happy Almost weekend ya'll. How's your summer going? Currently we are wrapping up the last details needed for the wedding, doing our #80dayobsession workouts and working on our homes. I'm hoping my sis and I get a little bit of a breather come July...

Anyway it's time for this month's TOP 5. You know I have my every day make-up [CLICK HERE] but lately I have been playing with a few more brands instead of my drugstore brands. I'm talking #tartecosmetics although double the price of my drugstore items it's still only double as some of us make-up lovers know this could have easily tripled should we have picked an even higher end brand. I'll describe what I mean below.


1 | Tarte Cosmetics Shape Tape | The last few gigs I've worked on the make-up artists have used shape tape concealer on me. I always looked refreshed when they put it on and sometimes I wonder if it may be their primer or what not that made me look bright eyed. So I finally bought it , I wear "Light Sand", and I was impressed at how refreshed it made me looked and what I've learned is a little goes a long way with this product. This large tube will last you! It has an easy applicator and I blend it out with my damp beauty blender. I add very little setting powder using my beauty blender and brush out any extra powder. Do not bake unless you are prone to major oil. I have normal to dry skin and If I bake too long it is way too matte for my skin. The best part about this concealer is how it will last you the whole day. I was beyond impressed having applied it in the early morning to then realize come evening that it still looked fresh! [BUY HERE]

2 | Tarte Maneater Magnetic Mascara | I am very picky about the brushes on mascaras. I like it when they are fluffy, wide and thick. The spoolie on this one is the other type. The one that is thin with silicone bristles. The reason why I gave this a try is because my mother had this in her drawer of wonders. Well I am a changed woman. I was shocked by how I could build on this product and still continue to lengthen and separate my lashes. My new favorite mascara!!! [BUY HERE]

3 | Blush Trio by Alamar Cosmetics| This trio of blush is absolutely gorgeous and perfect for summer! Although you can totally wear this year round I am particularly loving these shades with fresh sun-kissed skin as they each have dewy finish! This brand is not the first time making it on the blog [read here] but the first time i highlight this particular product from local Miami brand, Alamar. Check out this very Miami, very Cuban cosmetics brand! #cubalibre [BUY HERE]

4| Vitamin C Toner by From Molly with Love | Ok, ok I actually talked about this on a Top 5 in February but I have to tell you that I just replaced it! We are in June people!!! Um WOW and I'm even more obsessed with it than when I first bought it! You see it took me a two weeks to make it out to Oak to buy it because I was swamped with work, but towards the end of those two weeks I notice my skin not as supple nor as glowing. So I wanted to bring this back to say: one this shit works and two it lasts a long time! [BUY HERE]

5|RAINBOW RINGS| Whether you are wearing rainbows for #pridemonth , absolutely love rainbows or both you gotta get yourself a rainbow ring of some sort. I got mine at - shocker- OAK. However you gotta visit or DM them via instagram to see their latest accessories, because their current rings are not pictured at the moment(DM them for current items). They get new items in every week and have different rainbow styles than the ring pictured here, including necklaces! Follow their stories as they are constantly selling items on the fly. [check out their insta here]


I hope you all enjoyed June's TOP 5's. My recommendation is purchase the concealer first!!!




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