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Summer Glow | Beauty & Wellness Picks

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

You ever find yourself in the summer letting your hair air dry, making time for real self-care, little to no make-up but lathering on all the serums looking like a glazed donut? I love summer's slow days, even the rainy ones here in South Florida. Summer gives me the chance to recoup from work projects, hone in on my fitness but also dedicate a bit more to my wellness. I have a few beauty/wellness brands and a cleanse that you may or not remember, that have entered the chat.



The start of June was officially 3 months ( and change) postpartum and twelve weeks of being cleared to workout. I have missed it so much, but I will say as much as I am motivated to move my body, I'm beat! It's a bigger challenge for me starting from scratch, at least that's how it feels with the limitations I had during my pregnancy. So when I hit 12 week workout mark, I knew I wanted to then introduce my favorite 21 Day Ultimate Reset Cleanse. If you've been following a long a bit, then you remember when I did the cleanse in the early spring of 2020. It's a food base cleanse that has clean protein, fruits, veggies and grains. This cleanse is also supported by supplements and overall focuses on restoring your gut health. I will say it's a way for me to get back into meal prep and the habit of choosing the correct portions and eliminating your sugar cravings! I'm never disappointed on this cleanse as I not only lost 13 pounds, but also got out of my plateau, although those first 12 weeks of working out I wasn't being too strict with my diet (lol). READ THE WHOLE PROCESS HERE. If you've been stuck, are currently postpartum or need to get a hold on your overindulgences, this cleanse is it! BUY IT HERE


Selah Skin Studio, is a brand local to Miami, Fl and I have used them in the past and been wanting to restock my moisturizing face serums with their product. I personally am a huge fan of their "RADIANCE" for daytime and "RESTORE" for evening. They have a ton of other products like their clay powder face masks, beauty toning mists, and more. In the summer time, despite the heat, the humidity and all the random free radicals in the air, these face serums keep my skin in check. Explore all their PRODUCTS HERE.

Osea from Sea to Skin, a brand that is rich in high quality seaweed benefits and clean natural products to nourish from head to toe! I personally love their anti-aging set . It also is a great travel set to have on you for any trip or gym bag. You get five total products to enjoy. It's always in my toiletry bag ready to go, even to summer pool or beach days and I want to rejuvenate any tired skin. Use code "CAROPOZO10" at checkout for a discount on all their products sitewide. Explore and all their PRODUCTS HERE

Sweet Bee Organics, is an organic wellness line of products that I have absolutely fallen in love with. There are different products to suit your needs from the inside out. Right now I'm having "Sacred Roots Healing Chocolate" hot chocolate which is infused with high performing fungi, spices and cacao, at night and in the a.m. I'm having a swig of their "Spring Time Soother", an elixir of elderberry, nettle, vitamin C and more . All ingredients are meant to boost your immune system. I don't want to jinx it, but I haven't been under the weather for some time and I even have gone on flights and didn't pick up anything, which usually ends up being the reason I catch a cold when I travel. Third item I'm loving is their "Sweet Sleep Magnesium Butter", a lotion that not only softens my skin, helps with aching joints, but aids in a restful sleep and major de-stressor. Use code "CAROPOZO" for discount. Explore all their PRODUCTS HERE.


Although these products have become my summer beauty and wellness items, they will continue to be a staple in any season. Would love to know what products you end up trying from these brands, be sure to let us know which ones you love (email, DM, comment).

Happy Summer Friends...

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