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NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS | & ways to keep them

Happy Happy New year everyone! We hope that you had the absolute best holiday season. If we are being honest, sh*t was cray with the amount of events having to cancel because of all the positive cases. However, we navigated through and we still got lucky being able to spend our official holiday gatherings with our loved one. So we can't complain and glad to be back this first week of 2022 .

In December we were mostly showing up on the gram, but we did take a nice little break from posting on the regular. Now that we are refreshed and feeling ready to bring you all the content, we are starting with a classic, New Year Resolutions!

The last quarter of the year I made sure that no matter how crazy it got with work, I would still show up for myself. It was impressive to me that I somehow didn't burn out, I didn't stress when my schedule would change incessantly. I think because back in September/October, it was so out o my control, I just somehow gave in and was able to "go with the flow", for a Virgo that is very hard, but it ended up being a great lesson.

It pushed me to be over prepared so much so that I had more time to do things. Sure I got tired, but I still made time for me in selfcare and other events. So I'm applying a few tidbits to each of my and most common New Year Resolutions to make sure we all not only commit to them, but have a flexible plan when we can't commit to them to the fullest. You'll see what I mean by that below.

Some people have one main big goal for their NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS, some have several that all coincide. Some just want to survive and all of those are great resolutions. The thing is, in order to survive the year or complete a goal of yours this 2022, you gotta factor in activities that fuel your mind, body and soul. The ultimate goal this year should revolve around peace, love and joy.

Love: love who you're with, love the job you do, love thyself and give thyself grace

Joy: happy environment, happy home, happy path, happy relationships

Peace: worry less and trust the process, peaceful home, peace in love, peace from trauma and on and on.




Whether you are a beginner or seasoned, making the effort to move your body everyday (or 3+ x a week) is a wonderful wake to boost not just your health but your mental wellness. Sometimes when we get caught up with work or life moments we tend to put our health on the backburner. Then days, weeks and sometimes months go by and the motivation to get back is hard. So I'm going back to my old "Crafting your Best Life" blogpost and having a fitness plan with two type of schedules. A "High Performance Day/Week" and a "Maintenance Workout Day/Week" .

Back then I wrote two types of weeks that included high impact workouts (hiit, weights, cardio) with recovery workouts (yoga, pilates and other active low impact movement). You ever have a day or a week that makes you anxious because the work load pulls you so much that it's daunting to make time for workout? However you know that a workout will keep you sane and grounded. This is the best opportunity to whip out your "Maintenance Workout Week", it's filled with workouts that could be shorter or your absolute favorite movement sets that are your preferred pace and calm you. This is kind of like intuitive working out where you do the movement that are probably more comforting than anything. My go to is a low impact circuit weight training. I just feel like a bad ass and it has me break a sweat with this inner burn that calms me. The other options is a restorative yoga that I then intoxicate myself with all the Frankincense.

The Point is not to burn out or fall out of routine with your physical health and wellness when things get tough or chaotic. There are many unknowns and it’s always great to have a plan B and not think about it.

This helped me so much in the last quarter and im grateful that it actually helped me reach mini physical goals and non scale victories even with weeks that were more maintenance than high performance. Have your plan of schedules on your phone, desktop or wall. Always just a quick glance whenever you need!


I’ve expressed this diet before and stand by it today, My “Lazy Girl Diet”. Not to be confused with diet culture, eating healthy should not be seen as a diet but a normal way of eating. I think negative diet culture is more of crash diets, juice cleanses that put your body in starvation mode OR food depriving low caloric diets that damage you in the long run from malnutrition.

My lazy girl diet consist of eating well Monday-Thursday or Monday- Friday balanced meals and a healthy snack option between lunch and dinner ( I do Shakeo). Depending on your dietary restrictions, see what works well with your body and choose correct portion sizes. Then on weekends have some fun, don’t binge on all the things, but have fun! One bad meal wont ruin the work you put in just like one good meal won’t fix it!

I eat carbs, just better option carbs like sweet potato, cauliflower etc. I’ll have a multigrain bread slice with breakfast here and there. I just have plenty of greens with my dishes. I eat all proteins but try to cut down on red meat to prevent possible bad cholesterol. I also loooooove eggs in the morning but breaking it up with oatmeal and fruits. On weekends if I’m not brunching I’ll keep the breakfast clean (eggs with spinach) and go ham on lunch or dinner. I’m a sweets person so I have no problem staying clean till dinner and just having all the calories, lol. I don’t believe in depriving yourself of the foods you love, just everything in moderation.

When it comes to alcohol I stick to 2x a week. The cleaner you eat the less you want to drink because you do feel like caca when you hit that third drink lol. Soooooo twice a week works for me. Nothing like a good brindi to celebrate life!

I hope this makes sense in the nutrition area, if you are seasoned in a healthy diet, have you ever tried a gut reset? This is what I do twice a year to keep my nutrition in check, CLICK HERE.


I don't know how big or small your work goals are (no matter the career, mom life included, running a household-that's also a full time job) but the key to any goal is having a plan! I recommend having a map to your goal for the whole year. Start from the end of the year and work your way back. What are the steps? what do you need to do to achieve those steps and then map out tentative timelines. I'm talking breaking down each quarter of the year, then to each month and then you can decide how you spend your weeks reaching each step each month. Again, some goals are long term, but others are short term. The key is to be consistent with your goals. So map it out as much as you can, because when you do you'll know exactly where to pick up when "life moments", good or bad, happen. We had our fair share of fun family events but also unfortunate sad events that really knocked us off our feet... find a day in your week or find a few times a month to revisit how you are doing on achieving your goals throughout your timeline.

A helpful tool I like using that sums up how to outline your "Mile Markers" as my planner likes to call it, is the "Priority Planner". They came out in q1 of 2020. When I used to bullet journal, I had all these habit trackers, calendars, goal markers and more. Now I only spend time on writing in my planner versus creating it from scratch as it has articulated everything I need in my weekly/monthly planner. BUY HERE

Another product of there's I still use is their start today journal as an additional gratitude/mindset daily ritual. BUY HERE


I don't know what your work/home life is like, but in order to stay on top of any resolution you have this year, I encourage you to make time for activities that make you feel restored!

Yes to vacations whenever you can. Be it weeks long, weekend long or even a staycation close by, take the damn vacation!!! You need to change up the scenery every once and a while. You need to go to a place where you are forced not to work on a corner of the house, or close to work files. It's all so healthy for you mind. It's also wonderful should you choose to share your vacations with loved ones or friends, forge bonds, rekindle a honeymoon experience. So many reason to say yes to a vacay.

Revisit or Discover a new hobby. So maybe you can't get away this weekend but you want to escape with an activity. Is it cooking? Pottery? Gardening? Crafting? Who can you gift the hobby with? I love to garden, while mu husband loves to cook, together we create something with the latest harvest from the garden. It's very special.

Make time for your people. Life can be crazy and then months go by and you haven't seen your bestie in months. The right people to spend your time with are the ones that bring you peace, bring you laughs, inspire you or any other vibrancy to your life. I'm the type that you can go months without talking to and we will just catch up where we left off. However, I myself know that work and family obligations can drain me and if I have a few days or evenings off, I know I could try and make an effort to hang with my people. Luckily all the company I keep is in the same boat, we have our text chats thriving in between hangouts and are trying this year to plan something once a month. If we don't, two to three months will pass before we see each other. SO, text your squad and go brunch or a girls night in!

Go on a date! You don't have to take anyone with you either. There is something cathartic and empowering when you take yourself on a date. I like to go to local nurseries sometimes, grab a milkshake from the Redlands and enjoy the views. My husband works in entertainment and sometimes there are weekends where he has to go in and run the production that day. So early on I learned to take my happy ass out and enjoy my solitude. Being at peace with solitude is the best. I love to go to a cafe' with a good book or my planner and just enjoy the ambiance, maybe walk to a near by spiritual shop and buy a few crystals. Or maybe, just maybe it means a selfcare, no interruption date at home. Social media detox etc. a date to calm the senses. Whatever your date may be, do your mind, body and soul justice as to what it should be.


I hope you take this moment now to journal any of the tips and examples above that could help you throughout the year. The goal here is longevity in your resolutions and in order to do that, you're going to need a plan to achieve them and then a backup plan when things go haywire. Wishing you all the best on your New Year Resolutions. Remember that consistency is key, motivation may come and go but rest will restore it all!

Happy New Year B2B Fam!

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