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Updated: Jun 14, 2021

Just your dose of “hey we’re approaching halfway of the year mark” and have you achieved your DREAM SCHEDULE for health & wellness yet? Did that project you've been wanting to get done happen? How did we get to June? QUICKLY AF!!! Some of us working towards achieving our goals or fine tuning what they are as the world continues to open up. It's totally ok to edit as often as you need, but you know what I noticed? Although I'm checking things off, I'm still working on keeping that morning routine consistent. Some weeks I'm great and then I'm hit with a random project or family situation and I get thrown off. Which is not a terrible thing as life happens, but when you know what works for you, you want it to happen on a regular basis.


So, it’s never too late to pencil in you time. We did a blog post about this back in February. The point is to write out what your dream schedule is, then from there slowly build up to it. There is no wrong answer to this, it’s simply to work up a discipline of things that make you feel good mind, body and soul.

For now I'm going to focus in on goals of Health & Wellness since it's is a fundamental step in achieving all things (in my opinion) mind, body and soul.

Here's how I'd tackle it|

Ex) Jane’s dream week schedule looks like: sunrise yoga 5x a week before work, run a mile 3x a week and detox from social media twice a week.

So then I suggest breaking up the next half of the year like so|

June-July: Set your alarm the earliest you can ( whether it’s at sunrise time or a little later because you have gotten that part down) and do Mon. & Wed. morning yoga. Then pick Tues or Sat to go for a run or walk for a mile. Followed by two half days of zero social media.

Now comes Aug & Sept.:

Yoga is happening on MWF, Tues & Sat Running and Sun zero social media.

Increase in Oct. & Nov. and in Dec. you can either choose to reach that dream schedule or keep where it's at and reevaluate a new one for the following year.

Motivation disappears more times than I wish, but the goal here is discipline and TO NOT GET OVERWHELMED. So if you find yourself wanting a path that you know leads you to feeling the best version of you, why not try approaching it like this?

If you find yourself saying "two months is too slow of a transition" , by all means shorten the transition time by a month or every three weeks! Also don’t forget to schedule in PLAY TIME! Play time can mean social hour, beach, gardening, local sites etc...

If you like pen to paper, I have worksheets that I made for this and you can find it on @blonde2brunette blog post “DREAM SCHEDULE”.


Before I let you go, if you feel that you want to start over- OR JUST START YOUR YEAR because you never found yourself manifesting/visualizing needs for you and you only, check this post out: 5 WAYS TO MANIFEST YOUR NEW YEAR

It's a post where I share with you different ways to visualize your home life, career life and health and wellness life. I have used all of these methods and I feel I'm able to use multiple methods for different areas. Check them out and see which one works best for the other! This too comes with free printable worksheets for all my pen to paper babes!

Happy Halfway Mark!

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