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Updated: Apr 6, 2021

Here we are already in the second month of the year and for some of us, getting our personal routine down has been somewhat difficult. We made our New Year resolutions and we hoped to solidify a path to get there, but what if January came and went and we find ourselves beating ourselves up for the lack of commitment? It's going to happen, time and time again. Something traumatic can happen that makes us shift and go into fight or flight mode or something as simple as "I stayed up too late on Netflix and now this entire week I've been sleeping well passed my alarm.". It can be an extreme reason or not.

I know exactly when my routine went to shiiiiiihhh and it started with not needing to get up early, staying up late and then skipping days to work out. The last quarter of the year I made sure not to loosen my "me time" up too much so I still kept structure. Now I've been working slowly towards getting my A.M. routine back and honestly everything is almost on point but I need to keep inching my way up to those 5AM sessions.

Now I'm not saying in order to get your internal clock going you must set your alarm for 5AM to workout and do personal development (read, journal, meditate), but I will stress the idea of getting a schedule down.

Did you set your New Year resolutions but not necessarily create a " DREAM ROUTINE" schedule?

You want to look at your dream schedule in a week span. From there you can adjust where you need to when special events come, holidays etc. I've already gone over this idea with a few of my friends those with 9-5 job and those who's hours change weekly to daily.

Before we continue, did you already create a vision of what you wish your 2021 to be like? IF NOT READ THIS BLOG POST: 5 WAYS TO MANIFEST | YOUR 2021

Are you someone who needs extra structure and inspo from the moment you wake up?


Let's answer just a few questions you need to get started on your

"Dream Schedule" based on your 2021 Goals.

  • What hours in my day do I tend to have free?

  • What health and wellness activities do I wish to possess?

  • If I could fit a hobby (or hobbies) or learn something new, what would it be?

  • Do you need a reminder to eat on a consistent schedule?

  • Are you sleeping enough hours?

To not overwhelm yourself but also give yourself time to find the best hours to achieve your ideal "Dream Schedule", let's work with your day in three blocks. You can work this out on our printable worksheet:

b2bgoalsdiagram (1)
Download PDF • 18KB

Here is an example of what could be filled in (this is kinda based off mine):


Mon-Friday Dream Schedule

Early Morning Block: workout, journal, meditate, breakfast, hydrate

Late Morning Block: organize/clean a corner, check emails, go over "to do" list,

Afternoon Block: lunch, work tasks, hydrate

Late Afternoon Block: protein shake/snack, work tasks, organize/clean a corner, vocal lessons

Evening Block: dinner, RnR, skincare/selfcare

Late Evening: stretch, read, meditate with essential oils, sleep, hydrate

Saturday Dream Schedule

Early Morning Block: workout, journal, meditate, social media detox, breakfast

Late Morning Block: home project or self care or go out, hobbie

Afternoon Block: lunch, hydrate

Late Afternoon Block: home project or relax or go out

Evening Block: dinner, hydrate

Late Evening: relax or go out

Sunday Dream Schedule

Early Morning Block: sleep in a bit and sip on coffee & social media detox, hydrate

Late Morning Block: farmer's market walks , buy flowers

Afternoon Block: lunch outside, family time, hydrate

Late Afternoon Block: family time

Evening Block: dinner, family time

Late Evening: stretch, skincare, hydrate

So you have just listed your tasks within each block from Monday-Sunday. For the next few weeks, make the goal of completing the tasks within those blocks. Take this time to figure out what works and what doesn't. Explore the possibilities of managing work life with whatever your heart desires.

Once you've played a bit with your block schedule, now set times! It will take a few weeks more to make it a habitual thing, but working from blocks to then committing to times will make a world a difference.

Over time I promise you will feel more grounded and able to fulfill your dream lifestyle. It's not about hustling all the time and it's not about becoming some wellness guru either. I heard this today "They say being prepared is half the battle, but in reality it is the battle", it's so true!!! When i really hone in on what tasks i need done and what my wellbeing needs, I all the sudden have more time to do things. I also learn to be a bit flexible when " life happens" which let's face it, happens often. lol.

So if you are beating yourself up because you can't seem to lock in a schedule that works for your lifestyle, it's probably because you've never written out your "DREAM SCHEDULE" to work towards...

I hope you'll try this out and the task becomes a little less daunting.

Go get 'em!

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