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Knife Styles [Double Mastectomy - Featuring Aniela McGuinness ]

KNIFE STYLES SERIES [ A series in which we talk about health and surgical events from honest people who've got a story]


Not ONLY is it Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but it has also been a year since, Aniela McGuinness, found out and was diagnosed with BREAST CANCER. I came across this young woman by chance. I met her while working in a casting office, and she came in with the BRIGHTEST smile I had ever seen, some time last winter. She was sweet, warm, and made you feel right at home when you spoke with her. Mind you that brief casting, where she came in, and auditioned while I just " read her lines", nothing ever told me " I'm sick, I'm tired, I'm currently coming down from chemo" I would have never known. Then soon after I bumped into her for a callback for an indie flick, and lastly saw someone shared her VLOGS on facebook.

I binged on the video's, I cried, I laughed. I laughed more than I cried (SHE's F@#K%^G HILARIOUS), and I decided to reach out to her via facebook. She quickly remembered me and I didnt feel so awkward anymore. This friendship of ours is very new, but still rather old. I'm looking forward to seeing what her future has instore for her and how many lives she will inspire because of her amazing journey!

Please watch, share, like her video below. SO MANY MORE TO WATCH (so please subscribe to her!!!)

[Q.-n- A. with, ANIELA ]

Name: Aniela McGuinness NICKNAME(s): My close friends and family call me Nella (Nell, Nelly) Sign: Gemini Home Town: Hollywood, FL Current City: Hollywood, FL Ethnicity: Mutt (French Canadian, Polish, Puerto Rican, Scottish, and who knows what else) Occupation: Film/TV/Commercial Actress and I have been doing improv comedy for almost 10 years. My FAVORITE_____. Color: Royal Blue Candy: Snickers, Twix, or Peanut M&Ms but mixed with something salty. Go to Outfit: Busy button down shirt buttoned all the way to the top, royal blue vintage blazer I got at a Parisian Thrift Store, Skinny peddle pushers, Stripped socks, lace up leather shoes that look like men’s. That is my current favorite outfit. I feel my sexiest _____.

When I make people laugh. My Perfect Date includes_____. Curled on the couch watching a movie with my hubby and cats. Describe your WORST DATE: I don’t have one. My first boyfriend is now my husband. We were 15 when we started dating. He was excellent at Geometry, which is super sexy, so I asked him out in a note. In my past life I lived in the ______. In my past life I was one with everything. I have lived through all of it and none of it. ;) If I could spend the day with anyone (living/deceased), who would it be? I am not Christian, but I think Jesus would be a pretty cool person to talk to. I would like to know what he was really like. What made him laugh. My life would be nothing without? My Husband. I have learned to be fully myself and know that is enough because of his love.

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