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TOP 5 | February

Wow, another TOP 5 Already? The first quarter of the year is such a weird time of renewal. Even though we are supposed to end the year rested, I find that it take the first few months to get situated. Even then, I realize a vacation is needed in each set of months and this month I was blessed with an open schedule to plan a trip to my favorite city and a random AF Instagram giveaway. Some seasons we have crazy schedules and others it just open like the sea, so if you get the opportunity SEIZE IT!


1| MARDI GRAS in New Orleans | I have gone to NoLA for just about every holiday but never for Mardi Gras. This year Mardi Gras season began the weekend prior to Valentine's Day and it was just enough to experience without the heavy crowds. Left on a Thursday, 8am flight just in time for brunch and left Tuesday at the same time. Perfect amount of days to eat, shop and enjoy. The weather was sunny, ranged from 48 degrees to 65 degrees. We got lucky because the weeks before it was rainy and cold. Do pay attention to the weather the few days before you leave, to plan outfits accordingly (anytime you go to NoLa really). We're going to be adding a few new spots and experiences we discovered on Our NoLa Travel Blogpost, but in the meantime here is a downloadable file of our current favorites. DOWNLOAD HERE

Key things to note when visiting NoLa:

  • Book your reservations at any famous/traditional spots at minimum 2 weeks in advance.

  • Always check the weather as it is just as temperamental as Miami.

  • Download the App: Parades and it will give you a list of all the parades, their routes and times for each week. They have parades every month so this is app is a keeper!

2| GLAMPING IN WESTGATE River Ranch Resort | It's been a minute since I've gone camping in a tent, with a sleeping bag and the whole list of things needed. I've actually been wanting to go camping for some time but these days I'm leaning towards staying in a cabin or container turned bnb. While on my trip to NoLa, I entered in a giveaway with the intentions of winning it for my sister and her husband. Funny enough I won, but it was non transferable. Plus they had a select weekend with visiting artist from Nashville coming in and it just so happened to begin the day after I flew back into Miami. I for sure need to do a more detail post on this place, but I can tell you Westgate River Ranch Resort is ideal for all levels of campers. Especially for the beginners who are skipping strait to a more bougie experience. I brought my girlfriend Daniela who works remote and could get away lastminute as my poor husband went back to work. Shout out to him because he wanted me to explore as much as possible to green light it for a future return.

It's a beautiful place with a variety of section for everyone's budget and taste. You have traditional camp grounds, elevated tented camp grounds with showers and bathrooms, teepees, spacious sleeper wagons, cottages, lodges, Rv's and spot for your own RV. They also have a ton of excursions that I thought were well priced. Popular Rodeo shows on the weekends. There's a general store all western themed with everything you need, a gym, four places to dine, a few shops and lots of sights to see and s'mores to make!

So yes, it does get a green light and is only a 2 hour drive from Miami. Which is nothing considering that's a normal amount of traffic anyone from Miami would get! Check out where to BOOK HERE.

3| FLOWER, HERB & SPICE FABRIC DIY at Little River Coop | Another class done by Little River Coop, for all your nature loving needs. I now have a new hobby I can do as my flowers and greens bloom. I legit learned how to hand dye fabrics and make some beautiful and interesting prints with our local stems. The key is in the prep of the fabric, the mineral you have to add to the water so the natural dyes adhere and last. If you were to do this without, it would simple wash away after a couple washes. We played with silk scarves and I now have the perfect hat, hair and bag accessory. You can check out the insta reel HERE on the process. If you love to garden and craft, do check out the upcoming classes by Little River Cooperative CLICK HERE.

4| TWG DIGITAL LIFE PLANNER | Sshhhhello to your new bestfriend! The Life Planner is perfect for just about any corner in your life that needs scheduling but also a little creative project for you to have on the daily, weekly or monthly. Our girl Laura has come up with this great tool for those who have become more digital with planning just about all their work and life moment details. Part of me wishes this came out when I was planning my wedding because the mood boards would have been so clutch for each part of the wedding. Regardless it's super handy for packing lists, workout schedule, party planning and noting wonderful memories aside from the traditional daily planning. If you are a traditional bujo person, she manages to digitize all types of stickers and ideal images that would be used in a pen to paper planner. It covers every corner of anyone's life. Seriously this project must have taken forever, but better that way because it was beyond executed well. BUY HERE

Pro Tip: follow TWGdesigns as she posts helpful reels on different sections of the life planner.

5| QUOTE OF THE MONTH | " Some old fashioned things like fresh air and sunshine are hard to beat" - L.W.

As we get closer to spring, plan activities and days that involve the outdoors. Slab on that SPF and get those endorphins in. Seriously I've been writing a list of things and places I want to frequent when the schedule clears. One list that requires some prep (say a staycation / vacation) and the other places you don't need much to visit. How often have you come up to a day off and forget a place you've wanted to visit only to remember when Monday rolls around? We are beyond guilty of this, so I'm putting an end to that to maximize my RNR days. So, get to it in your notes app, or notes section of your Life Planner and go off!

Here's a reel of one of my favorite activities to do during these beautiful Spring months, purchase the same picnic basket HERE.


Wishing you all a beautiful month ahead! It's almost Spring, hope you get to play in the sunshine!

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