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TRAVEL | New Orleans, Louisiana

Updated: Dec 5, 2021

I sit here writing to you from my comfy "blogging" couch, but had the year panned out differently I would currently be in Paris, France having my first ever glass of champagne from the Eiffel Tower gazing over the incredible Parisian views. lol . Cue the tiny violin. I really can't complain, grateful my family and I are healthy and safe during this global pandemic. What I find strange is I miss a city I've never even been to. I mean I've wanted to go to Paris since I could remember, what's another year? If I've learned anything the past few years is that it flies and as the country is on a hold, I'm planning all the little road trips I can think of and even though I've been to NoLa several times, I can't wait to go back! It's also the closest thing I can get to in terms of a European city. Everything is in close proximity. There's a lot of French and Spanish influence in the architecture. When it comes to food, it's the most mind blowing food: southern, french, cajun and just recently I watched from the countless food shows on Netlfix that there is a rise in Korean BBQ, so you know I'm hitting that up next time!!! It obviously holds a special place in my heart as it will always be the home to where my husband and I began our marriage with all our family and friends. [ see our NoLa Wedding Here]

The city has so much history. It would take hours just to go through it all but you can quickly get a feel for it's history by stepping into one of it's restaurants in the quarter or hotels off Canal st., the era of speakeasies and the best crafted cocktails in the world have come from the "Crescent City". The locals of NoLa take a lot of pride in their city and it's worth finding yourself in a conversation with them dropping all sorts of knowledge.

Below is just a tiny tiny handful of key areas, places to eat and drink that Sylv and I absolutely love.

*NOTE that this post will continue to be updated as we gather more of our images, reviews and favorite spaces.



Stroll the heart of the Crescent City and experience the magic of NoLa. This is where you will find all the mom and pop shops, street performances and more.

JACKSON SQUARE 700 Decatur St New Orleans, LA 70116

The heart of the square is indeed the beautiful St. Louis Cathedral, and around the square there is often live music, street acts and more. Also on the opposite side (close to the river) is Cafe Du Monde! If you happen to step in the church, take a look at my favorite piece, a statue of Joan of Arc.

FRENCHMEN STREET Frenchmen Street New Orleans, LA

You've heard of the French Quarter and Bourbon street, but the locals go to Frenchmen Street. By day experience the local craft and thrift shops and by night the perfect strip for live music and massive block party for Halloween.


Magazine Street

New Orleans, LA

It's like a mini SoHo strip with small owned shoppes of eclectic items you'll want for your closet or home.

Installed in 1835. Relax and enjoy the famous neighborhoods of the city.

ST. LOUIS CEMETERY NO.1 425 Basin St. New Orleans, LA 70112

Visit the final resting place of the Queen of Voodoo, Madame Laveau and others alike. You can only enter with a tour guide. Tickets are only $20 at Basin St. Station, or $15 when you purchase a Hop-On Hop-Off three-day pass.

NEW ORLEANS HISTORIC VOODOO MUSEUM 724 Dumaine St. New Orleans, LA 70116

Experience the history, folklore and the secret rituals of Voodoo in NoLa.

NEW ORLEANS PHARMACY MUSEUM 514 Chartres Street New Orleans, LA 70130 (504) 565-8027 New Orleans Pharmacy Museum, is the first licensed pharmacy in the US, est. 1816. It's only a $5.00 admission and we HIGHLY recommend that you go at 1pm for the "guided tour". This is all about the "dark side" of the early stages of medicine and how it has evolved. This is also a dark humorous explanation, so if you are easily offended or "P.C." about the subject matter, this is not for you. However learn about the absurd practices and diagnosis made within the city. *Nothing gory in this museum.

AUDUBON NATURE INSTITUTE 6500 Magazine St. New Orleans, LA 70118

Take the streetcar to the local zoo, aquarium, parks and more.

CAFE DU MONDE 197 Westbank Expy Gretna, LA 70053 (504) 365-8600

Here's a tip, don't stand in that crazy long line. Find an empty table (even if it's not cleared yet) and table service will be on it's way tout sweet!

THE SAZERAC BAR 130 Roosevelt Way New Orleans, LA 70112

A world renowned bar and creator of "The Sazerac", located inside The Roosevelt Hotel.

CAROUSEL BAR 214 Royal Street New Orleans, LA 70130 (504) 523-3341

A real moving carousel installed in 1949. Creators on the Vieux Carre & The Goody. You can find this hidden gem inside the Hotel Monteleone in the French Quarter.

GALATOIRES 209 Bourbon Street New Orleans, LA 70130 (504) 525-2021

Hand's down the best bread pudding in NoLa... Don't let the address full you, this is a romantic yet classic restaurant for traditional French & Creole fusion! Order a cocktail (we love a good old Sazerac, Gentleman's Campfire, Kir Royale, French 75, their signature Galatoires cocktail) Get the sampler to start, if you're still hungry order something after that (but you should be good!). If you just want to grab a drink, go next door to their "33 Bar &Steak" restaurant, but do yourself a favor and order some BREAD PUDDING!

EMERIL'S DELMONICO's 1300 St. Charles Ave. New Orleans, LA 70130

Since 1895, must haves: Boudain Balls, Crabmeat Remick and Bananas Foster.

WALKER'S BBQ 10828 Hayne Blvd New Orleans, LA 70127

Get your Poboys here, we love the 'Cochon De Lait' option.

COMMANDER'S PALACE 1403 Washington Ave, New Orleans, LA New Orleans, LA 70130

Since 1880, this restaurant has been a New Orleans landmark located in the famous Garden District. Enjoy decadent dishes and attentive Southern hospitality. don't forget to order the bread pudding!

LAURA'S CANDIES 331 Chartres Street New Orleans, LA 70130 (800) 992-9699 Hands down the BEST PRALINES ( pronounced "PRAW- Leens") in all of NOLA!!! Trust us, as we have taste tested many over the years and we always go back the Laura's. They have traditional and chewy pralines, classic flavor is amazing and they have fun creating flavors like maple, chocolate blends and more. There are plenty of fresh testers on the daily, so pop in for a quick sugar fix! VIEW

FLEUR DE PARIS 523 Royal Street New Orleans, LA 70130 (504) 525-1900

Fleur de Paris, a place where you can get the ultimate NoLa gear. I'm talking hats, dusters, vintage threads and vintage inspired dresses. The ladies in the family personally love the dusters, as we feel like Stevie Nicks. Their hats are quite unique and you can also have them custom design to your preference. I pop in there sometimes for a little dress up and the nostalgic feeling the store gives.

HOVE' PARFUMEUR LTD 434 Chartres Street New Orleans, LA 70130 (504) 525-7827

Hové®, known all over the world for its fine fragrances, was begun in 1931 by Mrs. Alvin Hovey-King. The daughter of a Calvary officer, and wife of a Navy Commander, she spent much of her life traveling around the world and expanding her love of making her own perfume, a craft learned from her Creole French mother. This hobby grew into a serious pastime, and so after the market crash of 1929, which ruined the retired Commander's investment business, Mrs. Hovey-King opened Hové® at 529 Royal Street in what had been the grand house of the popular Spanish Governor Estevan Miro. The family lived in the beautiful apartment above the shop. They are now about to have the 5th generation of their leading ladies take over! This is one of our favorite for perfume, body lotion and candles. Please take the time to smell and find your unique scent. (for both women and men) Our top personal favorite: Heliotrope (we buy this scent quarterly in perfume & lotion).

RENDEZVOUS LINEN & LACE 522 Saint Peter New Orleans, LA 70116 (504) 522-0225

A beautiful store of handmade lace, linen and soaps from Europe. To be very honest, this store has limited years left. We've been coming here for years to gather beautiful pieces for the home, baptism clothing and the classic panuelos (scarfs). You will notice right away the soft scent of rose in the store. Grab a soap to go and stick it in your clothing drawers (your intimates with thank you). For those who appreciate craftsmanship and fabric textiles you will enjoy this little treasure.


More wonderful and unique locations to be shared. Stay tuned to watch this list get bigger and bigger.



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