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A New Orleans Wedding | by Blonde2Brunette

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

I have debated how to do this post for so long. I've been trying to figure out how I want to share the process, I realized the first way to show you this wedding is the highlights of it all. I have so many behind the scenes photos that if I shared the process of each area of the wedding, it might never end. So without overwhelming you, I'm going to share you our most coveted shots of my husband and I's wedding, then in the coming months I will break down each section: venues, invites, flowers, gift bags, themes, party favors etc. with helpful tips of things I did and wish I had done better or sooner. I think this will help any future bride or maybe those planning an event a way to keep tabs on what to look for and ask for your future celebration. I without a doubt recommend all of the vendors that will be featured today! I will have the full vendors lists below!

The most important one is my incredible wedding planner, Sari Sosa of Sari Sosa Events. She does every event you can think of in Miami and has created beautiful events and weddings across the country and in the islands! One of my personally favorites was my sister's wedding ten years ago! Can you believe it? I was lucky to have sealed the fates of this women. I remember the days leading up to my sister's wedding telling her, when my day comes I hope to have you as my wedding planner... WELP! HERE WE ARE! Now she's basically a Cuban cousin of the family and has been a great part of many celebrations throughout the years! Sari, if you're reading this, I love you. Celso, my family and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Speaking of family there are three amazing people I need to thank for making these events happen, and they are my incredible parents and sister, Sylvia (aka the blonde). The wedding was a dream and all the planning, decisions and coordinating resulted in an experience of a lifetime for Celso and I. It was a dream.

I've had our wedding pictures since before we got back from our honeymoon!!! Kind of unheard of but UDS PHOTOS is amazing like that. Are y'all ready??? Like they say in NoLa, "Laissez les bons temps rouler!" aka "Let the good times roll!"


We kicked off our wedding weekend on October 31st, Halloween night ( you know how much we love Halloween #b2bhalloween ), at the famous Antoine's in the French Quarter for cocktails and horderves. Our guests went up to the second floor in the " The 12th Night Room", it coincidently pays homage to our theatre backround. How often do you get to participate on the balconies of New Orleans? Yes it was cocktail attire, however we told our guests to have fun with the threads they chose and we made sure they still got the chance to participate in Halloween with beaded capulets, masks and more. Some went full out with make-up while others portrayed some serious vintage vibes. I was happy to be wearing Miami local designer, Jossie Couture. I just wanted to be the essence of magic and glitter all night. So she came up with this elegant midi silhouette of gun metal sequenced swags all the way down. Back to the "12th Night Room", I loved the traditional french vintage vibe I got with this space. The exteriors and dim lighting was all that I wanted. A few candles here and there with the costume pieces here and there to set the vibe! I wanted our guest to right away to feel what we love about NoLa. To complete the setting we hired "The Ed Barret Trio" they played jazzy frenchy tunes, some Halloween vibes and everything in between...


November 2nd 2019, All Souls Day, also known as WEDDING DAY.

What can I say, the amount of love and awe I felt is so difficult to put into words, that I probably would use every superlative word in the dictionary. The weather was even perfect. It was sunny, high 50's low 60's for our 3:00pm start.

The ceremony took place at the ST. LOUIS CATHEDRAL and the reception at

THE ROOSEVELT NEW ORLEANS, A WALDORF ASTORIA HOTEL. Both full of history and breathtaking architecture it was perfect backdrop for our fairy tale wedding. To learn more about our fourteen year love story, we got invited by to share our destination wedding for this year's Valentine's feature, you can read about it HERE.

Enjoy the photos once again taken by UDS PHOTOS , Vendors list will be put on the bottom and stay tuned on the blog for detailed posts of helpful tips with your vendors. If you so happen to be planning a New Orleans wedding be it your hometown or destination, I hope you'll consider these artisans who did an incredible job, making the wedding of our dreams come to life.

T*o get a feel of our outline of the wedding and how we got our guests ready. You can visit our wedding website:


BRIDE & GROOM getting ready.


BRIDE & GROOM the ceremony:

BRIDE & GROOM are wed, time for Second Line Tradition:

BRIDE & GROOM cocktail hour/couple's photos:

As the guests arrived so did Smitty D's the Second Line band and they lead us to the cocktail room as they continued to play for the next hour. We got to mingle and say hi to our guest, but quickly got whisked away to take some couple photos in the interiors and exteriors of the hotel.

BRIDE & GROOM the big reveal in the Waldorf Astoria Ballroom:

Sari Sosa never wants to spoil the surprise and let me tell you, the room was spectacular, it was a dream! Big round of applause for Sari's Co-Pilot in New Orleans, Mrs. Michelle McDuffy who just so happens to have gotten to her hubby on November Second as well. She is the wedding coordinator, manager of events, THE ONE you want to speak to about any events going on and The Roosevelt!

BRIDE & GROOM first dance and celebration in full swing.

Enjoy the captured moments of the reception. There are so many pictures that our amazing photographers took and to think this is just a small portion of them! Below you will find a full vendors list and like we said before, stay tuned for more detailed post on each vendor and helpful tips on the process!