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TOP 5 | Feb

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

It's the last week of Feb and we've found ourselves with a new set of TOP 5's this month! The weather is special here in Miami. Most days are crisp with a cool breeze others just balmy but just the way we like in SoFlo. It's the season of taking on and off layers throughout the months, wearing bulky sweaters with sandals... So this is us entering our Spring and our favs:


1| GEMMA SANDALS by TWEEKS | Happy to know that our go to classic sandal for all your basic staples has opened up a shop in Miami! They have a variety of colors and strap styles, but our favorites is that they aren't afraid to keep things simple. Whether I'm traveling and need an extra pair of something, or want to wear chunky knit with clean lined denim and shoe, this is perfect for our " Miami Spring" weather. The style I have is the Gemma, although I'm eyeing the Lc and Leah style. If you are a Miami local visit them at 172 NE 40th street Miami, Fl for online purchases [BUY HERE].

2| MANTEL PIECE BOOKS | Often when I want to relax and read I sit in my living room area where there is the most natural light and calming hues of neutrals. I often have fresh flowers and change out accent pillows depending on the season or holiday. Right now we are covered in yellows, greens and soft whites. I also change out the mantel books depending on season. Right now it's all about flowers, herbs and wellness. I do enjoy when guests come over and take a peek at a book or two. Do you change out the books on your mantel or even coffee table depending on the season? You have many options of buying books, I for one will check out Amazon or online thrift for the very books I find and like. Have you ever gone into Anthro and just loved the books they bring in? Sometimes, I'll take a few screenshots of the ones I fell in love with and look for them cheaper online. If its just a buck or two difference I'll purchase them in-store. *shoutout to my girl Patty for buying me the signed "Flower Color Guide" book and my mother who got me the "Herb Color Guide" and no they did not partner up on somehow getting me matching books! hahaha

3|PAMPAS GRASS |These bushy calming stems have been trending for a while, however I've found them over priced at most stores. I finally made a trip out to my favorite local wholesale florist, Jet Fresh and they did have them plus many other dried stems for anyone to purchase and an excellent price at that. I got a bushel (around 5 stems) for just $8 bucks! EIGHT DOLLARS!!! Unfortunately other online stores and boutiques charge a starting price of $15 and I have no idea if thats for one stem or more. All i know is, Jet Fresh never disappoints. Check out all their green stems here [CLICK HERE]. I do know Jet ships, so for any out-of-towners, why not call and ask?

4|THE FOOL CANDLE by HOUSE OF INTUITION |One day I was waiting for an appointment and in Midtown Miami and a new shop had opened "House Of Intuition" a brand well known in California has finally set up shop in Miami. With great intentions in their products, they also come beautifully packaged and are wonderful gifts for any friend or family member who are in need of some inspiration or love all things metaphysical. I purchased the " The Fool" Major Arcana candle. This card is about fresh beginnings and thought it was perfect for my husband and I's new journey together, our home, and business opportunities. It bestows all the blessings one wishes when starting new. You can purchase this candle and many other Major Arcana, zodiac and more [HERE].

5| TEMPEH | I know this sounds ridiculous but I have a new found love for tempeh and vegan dishes. The key is how you prepare the tempeh before cooking. Some of you follow us along our health and fitness adventures and most recently I completed a 21 day cleanse where I restored my gut health, cleaned it out my digestive track and lost 9 pounds in the making. It's not meant for weight loss, but is an amazing way to actually get your body on that track. That's a whole post on it's own, which is coming, but in the mean time, let me share the best way to prepare Tempeh. You can pair this with some asian stir fry, over a spinach greens salad, some form of buddha bowl and I've even put it in my soups to make a complete meal. If you are someone who is trying to lesson say red meat, or the amount of animal proteins, tempeh is a game changer when wanting to feel full. Trust me, as I'm a lover of all types of animal meat, sorry vegans, however they do create some amazing dishes replicating or substituting just about anything! The brand I use is [Lightlife], Trader Joe's also has their own version as well and it's tasty too.

So here is how I prepare the tempeh:

Ingredients for 1 serving|

2 tbsp. Apple Cider Vinegar

2 tbsp. Bragg Liquid Aminos

1 1/2 tsp. sesame Oil

1 1/2 tsp. pure maple syrup

1/2 clove of garlic chopped

4 oz. tempeh cut into 1/2 inch strips.


Combine all the wet ingredients in a bowl and mix really well. This is your marinade. They say leave it in the fridge up to one hour, but when I would meal prep I would do five servings of this for the week. It cooks quickly so I had it fresh from the marinade every night. The longer it marinaded the better it tasted. So each night I sprinkle a little bit of garlic and onion powder, sometimes Chinese five spice or garam masala and saute' it for a few minutes on each side or until it would get golden brown. It truly filled me and a great alternative when you want to give your gut a break!


Wishing you all a wonderful rest of your week and let us know if you try any of these top 5's with the hashtag #b2btop5 We'd love to see how you enjoyed it!



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