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TOP 5 | April

Here we are in second quarter of the year and this month's "TOP 5" has mostly hair items. I guess since in the new year I told myself I needed to stop being lazy and save the blow bars for emergencies or special occasions and put the $40 bucks towards my health in terms of gym memberships, health & wellness (I go to an actual gym and am doing Beachbody program for at home workouts, along side other lifestyle change benefits but that's for another post to come). Also since I do find my self sweating on the regular from all these activities I'm doing, you can expect dirtier hair faster.

So one thing I did notice after finally getting the best hair brush dryer by revlon (click here), special drying towel w/ discount code (click here), and fun smelling shampoo & conditioner (click here), I needed delish smelling finishing products. So who is the queen of this? Drybar was the first blow dry bar chain that succeeded in producing great quality hair products, in adorable packaging and scents that should be in an actual perfume bottle! SO FREAKING GOOD. The first time I went to one was in their Tribeca location in NYC, back in 2011. I had never gone to a blowbar in my life and had no idea this concept existed. Miami has come a long way since then.. lol fast forward to 2019 and all their hair products can be found in Ulta's nationwide, Sephora and of course amazon online. Another brand that I love, but is still a small company and I've only found in Salons & Amazon is R&Co. I love their anti-frizz foil spray [ BUY HERE].

Another thing I noticed and we might be guilty of this on more than one occasion, is that the packaging is so freaking cute! I've found myself more excited to use these products more when everything is visually appealing and smells great. It sparks joy! I have this monochrome look going on now with all my products with pops of yellow. I've konmari'ed just about everything in terms of toiletries, shoes and clothes to make my transition into my fiance's home just a bit smoother, lol (again another post for another time).

Okay let's get started on product list!


1 | Drybar " Hold Me Hair" styling clips | These hair clips are special, they are not just for helping you section of areas of your hair, but prevent from crimping/denting you fresh styled hair. I've known about these forever, but HELLLLOOOO why did I never buy them? They are also my good friend when I want to apply a fresh face of make-up and want m hair out of the way! [ BUY HERE ]

2 | Drybar "Texas Tease" Teasing Brush | I bought this teasing brush because mine recently broke in half and well I was already on a role with my matching hair products and it has thick firm bristles to get the job done. [ BUY HERE ]

3 | Drybar "Detox" Dry Shampoo" | I still swear by Baptiste dry shampoo, I just also find this version to be a close second and smells more elegant than that of batiste. I say this could be your special occasion/evening dry shampoo and your everyday dry shampoo be Batiste, you get me? [ BUY HERE ]

4 |Drybar "Detox" Dry Conditioner | Wait what? yeah I said the same thing, I had no idea there was such thing as dry conditioner. Well, you know when your hair gets piecey, but not in a cute "hang out hair" way? Like a rag doll way! Yeah that's me from time to time and this softens your ends and for a more dreamy state. [ BUY HERE ]

5 | Drybar "Triple Sec" 3-1 | This is the one product you are going to want first of all the sprays. It's a 3 in 1, a volumizing and texturizing dry shampoo. It also smells the best out of all the sprays in all the land! I have this one in travel size as well whenever I want a pick-me-up for my hair. It freshens up and lasts!!! [ BUY HERE ]

BONUES ITEM | Monogrammed PJ's | The fam and I recently went to my cousin Joan's wedding in Texas and I was honored to be a bridesmaid. She gave us all pj's to get ready in. I love a good pair of pj's and the best part was that these pj's were from Target and she just simply had them all monogrammed. WHICH I LOVED!!!! I plan on sharing more photos once I get them, as her wedding was a gorgeous sea of white flowers and candles!!! [Check out the pj select at Target here ]


I hope you enjoyed our TOP 5, which was totally catered to hair. Any products you just absolutely swear by?




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