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TOP 5 | March

Updated: Mar 19, 2019

How's everyone doing with the time change? It would only make sense you would truly feel the confusion on a Monday. I woke up like a zombie... decided no morning gym today (though maybe if I type it here that I'll go later, it will make me accountable). I'll regret that real soon! Anyway it's time for our usual TOP 5 and this March we are to continue with some beauty, haircare and a lovely local brand with new merch!


1 |Planner Goodies Tote by: TWG designs | I love totes for so many reasons. I can fold them up and store them in my purse, suitcase, car etc. and have them ready for last minute shopping, gym, travel, castings to hold my wardrobe and the list goes on. I also love when I can take my planner goods with me to my meet-ups with my wedding planner. Lastly it's local and I love supporting local businesses. She's got five total designs and I find myself itching for the floral and plant one too lol. Something tells me in due time she will be coming out with a variety of sizes for all us OCD people lol. [BUY TOTE HERE]

2 |On-The Glow by: PIXI | Basically this is hydrating balm stick for your face, lips and body. It's like chapstick for your face. When I have days spent in the car and going from weird temperatures of the blazing sun to the ice cold air conditioning of venues all while running out of water, this has become a little pick me up. If I'm doing a last minute casting and i have to put of make-up and i don't have my seed oil serum, this is a great alternative for some extra hydration! You can find this little lady at Target or retail Pixi stores. [BUY HERE]

3| POWDER PUFF LIPPIE by: NYX | If you like a matte look but don't enjoy a matte feel, here you go! It's kind of hard to describe it without you actually putting it on. It's like a barely there chapstick. If you can get anymore bare than that but with pigment. These lippies have a nice powdery/ lip stained look without being too sheer. I'll be doing a swatch sample really soon on our story. Keep an eye out! Want to try before you buy? Head to Ulta or a NYX pro store to swatch. If you don't have either of those stores near you, go on youtube, type the product and see which beauty vlogger is close to your skin tone! [BUY HERE]

4 |LOVE beauty AND planet Shampoo & Conditioner | Have you ever taken the time to smell the amazing scents by this brand? Target does such a great job finding brands that smell just as pretty as they look. They totally got me on the packaging! Before smelling them Imagined how cute they would look on the shelf in my bathroom. I then spent a good 5 minutes smelling each one. Then another 5 blending which aromas I wanted to pair. Needless to say, they did the job and my hair smells great! Shampoo: Radical Refresher; tea tree oil & vetiver Conditioner: Divine Definition; coconut milk and white jasmine. [BUY HERE]

5| One-Step Hair dryer & Volumizing Styler by Revlon | So I find myself in the gram's black hole and Marianna Hewitt is blowdrying her hair with the latest Dyson dryer and then she soon says the affordable dupe of this hair drying tool is by Revlon. That's a pretty big comparison, but for some time I've been meaning to get one of these 2 in 1 tools so I can have decent looking hair everyday. The hotter the months the more often I need to freshen my hair and spending money at the blow bar can get expensive... we all gotta vice. So I paired this bad boy with The Perfect Hair Care drying towel [BUY HERE] that we spoke of last month in our top five [READ HERE] and I found myself only having to dry my hair for 15 minutes. That's an effing record ok!!!! Mind you my hair is medium length, but i have a lot of it!!! I can say the towel paired with this brush make a great combo for fast polished styling and drying. I'll show you how it looks via our beauty highlight on Instagram. [BUY BRUSH HERE]


Hope you are loving the latest TOP 5's this month. Be sure to see the products in action via our instagram! I'm going to go grab some caffeine now...




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