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I have tried both meal prep services and at home meal prep. I see the benefits to both, but when work or home life is a bit hectic, it's nice for someone else to provide the meals. I've had a hard time finding tasty food that was healthy and affordable.

At the top of the year, I was reached out to by a local meal prep service company called JetFuel Meals, to try it out for two weeks and give feedback and share anything socially that was working for them. I was impressed by the service, the taste and quality of the food and overall experience was easy. SO EASYYY! I planned on coming back to it once I finished a new tradition I started last January.

I had already set plans to do my annual 21day Cleanse with my husband, so soon after trying Jetfuel, we switched gears to meal prepping an awesome gut cleansing and reset of the digestion. We've chatted before on the blog about the 21 Day Cleanse, if you aren't sure what it's about CLICK HERE. Let's just say meal prepping is involved (three weeks worth) but they are tasty and easy meals to make. When we finished we kept up with our own meal prep but soon started getting busy in our schedules where it took over our weekends. So now meal prep was partially done on Mondays to cover the first few days and then Thursday for the last few. We both work in entertainment so our hours are long, constantly change and when you have a day off, we usually make it point to spend it together having a date nights, relaxing outside or visiting family.

When March came, it was a month split between ordering out and wasting groceries. I mean we planned on having several meals prepped, but there was just no time, lost the discipline and free time was spent on last minute family and friends celebrations. When it comes to special occasions, we don't hold back and enjoy all the food. We don't worry about a few pounds of weight gain or over consumption of calories from these events, but if we aren't careful during our work week, over eating and over spending will catch up. So before it got seriously out of hand, we quickly took control by getting our delivery meal prep service on. It was awesome being invited to try it out earlier in the year and took away the stigma that meal prep services don't taste good or that they were unhealthy. We knew the positive experience with JetFuel would be our resolution to the meal prep woes.


Jetfuel Meals has a variety of meal plans to choose from; Maintain, Keto, Athletic, Plant Based, Pescatarian and even a Kids plan! At the top of the year I did the maintain and had all three meals for the two weeks. They deliver everything to yourdoor and they only deliver 2 days worth of meals at a time and deliveries happen on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. That means the meals were indeed fresh!

I was really impressed by the food and the prices were much more affordable than the other local companies. I also loved the ease of it all, their site is super user friendly. I can pause my plan at minimum of 48 hours and can swap out different plans aka menus to choose from.

These different menu plans allow you to choose one to 6 plus meals a day. Six meals sounds excessive but my brothers who are athletes are doing this plan. So if you are worried you wont get enough food, guess again. You can also list things you don't like, have allergies too, maybe you want to cut out certain carbs etc.

My husband and I ordered two different plans. One maintain plan and the other plant based. We both enjoy protein and plant based meals, so we like to mix each other's meals up for a fun variety (highly recommended). We chose to do lunch and dinner, Monday through Friday. I did get to try their breakfast and their french toast, fritata and protein pancakes were awesome! So if you need breakfast covered as well, don't worry, it's good too! To be honest, breakfast is really simple for us and we don't mind having to make that since is normally quick. Plus gives us the option to do a little fasting (till lunch hour) a couple times a week. Our meal plans combined averaged around $230 (tax and delivery charge included).

Starting this in April has been a huge sigh of relief on our minds, wallets and gut health. Our fridge isn't hosting spoiled food from laziness or forgetfulness, we just have a few breakfast and whole food snack options. I don't have a pile of dishes I have to clean after prepping days worth of meals and lastly more free time to get things done during the week versus it bleeding into our weekend.

Sometimes when I meal prep, I just feel like my entire week revolves around the kitchen. If it was because I was baking and selling cakes again, that would be a lot more thrilling and fun, lol. I need practical solutions and on the days when my husband and I both arrive home at the same time, the meals are prepped and we don't have to play the annoying guessing game of "What are you in the mood for?" or not get the urge to order out or muster up energy to cook something last minute.

It's been a great experience thus far. It checks all the boxes for what we need and I also love that we can pause whenever we want and resume as we please at any point. The only reason I see us pausing for a week or two is because we have family in town, vacation, staycation or just a simple break for a change. If you are like us where we don't count calories, but prefer healthy portions of unprocessed food and want to shed pounds while doing so, this meal plan works for that.

If you are looking for a meal prep service that is affordable, tasty, efficient and live in SoFlo, JetFuel Meals is the service for you! Clearly we are TEAM MEAL PREP SERVICE

If you are out of the area and hunting for yourself check out this company that ships nationwide: Catered Fit

I found this one from one of my favorite #beachbodycoaches Joel Freeman. He and his wife, Breanne Freeman, posted about it some time ago on her IG. Check out the IGTV video here.

Welp, now with less time spent in the kitchen, don't be shocked if I end up baking something this weekend. Not spending hours and hours cleaning and prepping has paid off.

Happy almost weekend... it's cake time b*tches!

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