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Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links. If you make a purchase through any link, I may receive a potential commission at no extra cost to you. I only share items that I genuinely value and have used.

Hello June, hello school break, summer break and peak travel season!

Yes I'm excited, I'm so ready to get out of dodge! My last vacation was in June aside from a wedding I traveled to in September, but truly it's been a solid year since our 3 week vacay! So naturally m Virgo side is kicking in full gear because now that will be traveling with an infant, I need to make sure I am simplifying my life and organized to the max! So there's a handful of items that I must travel with in order to keep sane and organized and on and on. These items create smooth easy systems for oneself and for the whole family should you get everyone a few of the items on the list! I'll be doing a "Infant Travel Essentials" post at some point, but I want to test it out on the first vacay we have and see if I adjust for the second one the following month. Plus helpful tips in terms of possible shipping to certain areas. As one will be a location we will be flying to while the other will be by car! Which I think will be beneficial to also noting a flight trip versus road trip with an infant (pray for me, lol). So in the meantime here are five items that keep things simple and organized for travel... ( you can find a full list of travel essentials HERE)


1 | BAGAIL 8 PACKING CUBE SYSTEM | This organizer for your suitcase is wonderful because of the many variations of bagging it offers. There are three for clothing, undergarments, shoe bag, laundry, and cosmetic bag. Even though I have a toiletry bag that fits in my weekender, I could use this as a medicine/miscellaneous bag. It comes in a variety of colors, water resistant and I find it made of durable quality material. Lastly, aside from items that need to hang, I can easily keep everything in it's cube and just place inside drawers or the hotel closets. Meaning very little re-packing when it comes time to leave. BUY HERE

2 | CUBETASTIC TOILETRY BAG | Let's start off with the fact that this guy hangs, meaning more surface area in your bathroom, should you need it. My toiletry items would not require to fill up this entire travel bag, however I like to be able to also include tech items as well. Fortunately there is plenty of sections for me to do so. From face to body to hair products, to medicine, tech and emergency nail press-ons kit. There is a total of four sections with different container & pockets plus one outside pocket via zipper (big enough to fin an ipad mini) . Again comes in a few colors and patterns and is easy and clever in design. BUY HERE

3| MINI JEWELRY TRAVEL CASE |I'm so tired of my necklaces getting tangled and my previous travel case didn't provide a taught packing option for that. Which resulted me in tying necklaces at certain points to avoid tangles. Also, I noticed the bigger the travel case, the more I was inclined to pack more jewelry and I just need to stop, because I'd only wear a third of it anyway. So this case is compact, but practical and allows you to pack a few necklaces in a way that prevents tangles. This item also comes in a variation of colors and easily fits in my weekender or any medium and up sized purse. BUY HERE

4 | SILICONE MAKEUP BRUSH HOLDER | So these pouches have a magnetic latch, are flexible and easily used for travel or everyday. I like these for ever day makeup brushes, but I also like these for cords for my travel tech items, travel perfume, pens and yes makeup brushes, mascara or eye/lip liners. Obviously I mentioned a toiletry bag above where my brushes could live, but these pouches provide on the go option as well. Just many different functions and a home to keep everything in it's place. There are a few color and size options to choose from. BUY HERE

5| LEAK PROOFING TOILETRY SKINS | These little sleeves may prevent a disaster in your toiletry bag or carry-on. You never know if the cabin pressure has popped something off. I can't tell you how many times my foundation, oil serum or dry shampoo have cause a ruckus in my bag. Although this isn't an organized item, it provides order in my mind. Just a helpful hack to share with anyone. BUY HERE


These five things are lifesavers and provide a lot of peace of mind. Hope these items also give you peace and order during the chaos that comes prior to vacation mode! Hope everyone has a great start to the SUMMER SEASON! You can visit our entire list of TRAVEL ESSENTIALS HERE. Let us know in the comments, Insta DM's or email if there is an organized system you swear by, we always love to learn about more ways to stay organized!

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