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#FRIGHTFEMMES 2023 | Vol. I Sirens

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links. If you make a purchase through any link, I may receive a potential commission at no extra cost to you.

"You are stronger than the tide..." -Uknown

Happy #FriGHTFREMMES friends! The first official MUA looks of the season. We hope you enjoyed the intro and teasers of Practical Magic and slowly pulled you in for more. We have been patiently waiting to enjoy the best time of the year and today has finally come...we are beginning with Sirens of the Sea. Three Sirens, three completely different vibes to choose from but all three harmoniously bringing the glam and mystery.


If you are just joining us get familiar with this collab and see ALL THINGS make-up and cosplay (80 plus makeup looks, Halloween costumes, props & more) plus Halloween and fall DIY to create for your home via #frightfemmes of years passed CLICK HERE.

My favorite part, allow me to introduce you to the my beautiful friends and collaboration partners of #frightfemmes ...




Ruthmarie aka @the.vintage.raven | Vintage Enthusiast - Sewist - Vlogger- Capricorn

Ruthmarie has once again shown her skills beautiful in make-up, this mermaid was scorched and gilded by the sun. but theres's another story at hand with her sewing of her corset top too. It's inspired by the fins of the Japanese Beta fish and the color gradient is chef's kiss. You can see her costume and makeup breakdown via her blog HERE.

| Follow Ruthmarie's magic via her instagram: @the.vintage.raven , blog: The Vintage Raven, youtube: The Vintage Raven , shoppes: @preciselyplanners + RM Sewing Emporium , Spotify Halloween Playlist |

Midnight Moon Siren

Laura at @LauraJadePrado |Illustration Artist - Designer - Blogger - Sagittarius

Did you know that the Full Moon's shining silver light is lucky? The bathe in is a wonderful way to absorb it magical properties and today Laura's Siren is oozing with opulence and luck. The silver and crystal touches throughout her look give it an editorial approach to Sirens and one worth exploring. Learn about her entire makeup and costumes process via her blog HERE.

| Follow Laura's magic via her instagram: @theweekendgypsy , blog: , shoppes: @TWG Designs + TWG Designs Site + The Weekend Gems , youtube: LauraJadePrado |


& myself, Caro aka @caropozo @blonde2brunette | Actor - Blogger - Creative - Virgo

| you can follow my trail of magic via instagram: @caropozo , lifestyle blog: @blonde2brunette + blonde2brunette , shoppe: @thesugarcottage_ + The Sugar Cottage , and youtube: blonde2brunette |


When it comes to mermaids, sirens and creatures of the sea I'm mesmerized by their iridescent shades and how deeply saturated the tones can be. I always am attracted by the purples, coppers and greens. The way they shine in the water and reflect light, I was feeling the waters of the marsh however. Half water, half saltwater. The way the clay dirt would run like blood. Then when the look was finished it gave this bronzed copper red tone and the girls and I married the elements of their sun and moon and created an Eclipsed Siren...


For all your seasonal project organization needs, I have fun with my "Living Life Planner" created by Laura from her TWG Designs shoppe, CLICK HERE. For figuring out how to plan your makeup layout or cosplay from scratch, I use RMSewing Emporium planner sheets designed by Ruthmarie, CLICK HERE.


Find All the Materials in our #frightfemmes section of our AMAZON SHOP CLICK HERE

  • Classic Face of Contour Base but then Bronzer heavy on contours and hairline.

  • Metallic shades of Coral, Copper, Purple, Gold, Green, Berry find my favs HERE.

  • Green Body paint, but recommend adding brown body paint to stipple in and dull down the potential whimsy vibes. Find all my favorite body paints HERE.

  • Lashes, I always cut in half when I have heavy make-up on so you can see the glitter on the center lid.

  • Copper Wig or if you're hair is Red (like me) then play with that find more HERE.

  • Silicone Modeling Compound Kit BUY HERE

  • Crystal Crown, you can either make on like I did HERE or buy a similar one HERE.

The silicone medium was new for me as I've been wanting to try it for some time, instead of reverting to cotton and liquid latex for 3D moments in looks. I find the silicone really great to use for glam looks or opting for seamless finishes. I'm still needing to practice in order to have more finesse, but for todays look I was happy with. I will have to bust out my old fondant cake molds and see if I can make pieces with the compound mixture. It also was really soft on my skin and didn't cause and abrasiveness like other mediums can.

You'll also notice I brought back my gold crystal crown, and to be honest, it's because I was not able to make something new HOWEVER I randomly thought of Moana and that evil hermit crab character. You know the one who adorns all the shiny objects. So I grabbed a bunch of my gold necklaces and started to hang and thread them in. Easy sustainably upcycled crown. LMFAO If i was taking this look out, I would probably add more necklaces and wear a bunch of layered necklaces as well.

I hope you enjoyed our first round of looks on #FRIGHTFEMMES FRIDAYS. Stay tuned for more and for all things spooky and also cozy Halloween vibes, be sure to follow the official #frightfemmes instagram account HERE.

Happy Hauntings,

Don't forget to pin this for later as you this year's Halloween costume! #frightfemmes #frightfemmes21 #halloweenmua #halloweenmakeup #diyhalloweencostume

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