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Updated: Aug 29, 2023

So clearly I have an obsession with UNICORNS and if you've been with us a while, then you know that I've been a unicorn for Halloween twice. I actually did the unicorn costumes back to back. Why? Because why the hell not!?!

Midnight Unicorn click here The good thing about this is that my costume was the complete color opposite of my .The sad part was that I actually didn't finish it, I forgot to do my tail, and didn't do the make-up like I wanted because I just wanted to party at that point! Between work & doing 9 make-ups that evening for my family's Halloween party, I think there was a forgiveness policy for forgetting my tail, but here I will show you how I would have preferred my make-up and how I would have done an easy fluffy tail for the party.

So why gold, the previous year I was this dark purple, black glittered unicorn and personally I was going through a change and the following year I basically "found my LIGHT". You can say it had something to with my then boyfriend now fiance... There's also this myth I heard in Salem (no really, I went there and I was told this), that whatever you are on Halloween, certain characteristics will be manifested. You already know I'm all about that. The dark unicorn was a mythical warrior in my eyes overcoming obstacles, the LIGHT gold unicorn was this already empowered creature that got her strength from grace and gratitude... I know I know, I'm a bit extra, but Halloween is a real holiday in my eyes and it's all in the details for me!!!

I will say this costume is EASY- it's really just putting everything together! THAT'S IT!

Let's refocus, and let's get to it...



  • BODY SUIT - My pearlized holographic catsuit is from CoquetryClothing, this is also where my sis got her mermaid pants that same year! [BUY HERE].

  • UNICORN HORN - This was my recycled horn from the previous costume, I spray painted it gold (which is optional) [BUY HERE]

  • WINGS - I have worn very large wings for parties and I don't recommend it if you are going out. That's why I chose small wings so I was comfortable but still had fun with accessories... and yes I spray painted them on the bottom half. [BUY HERE]

  • WHITE WIG - Mine is from WIG IS FASHION [BUY HERE], but they take a while to ship, so I found a similar one here [VIEW HERE].

  • GOLD METALLIC SPRAY PAINT - It's got to have a metallic finish [ BUY HERE ]

  • CRYSTAL BEADS - I got mine at Michaels Craft store in gold and pearlized [VIEW HERE]

  • GOLD WIRE - To feed the beads through [BUY HERE] and this thick gauge wire to create the crown base and hold your horn up [BUY HERE]

  • HOT GLUE GUN - This is to secure the beads so they don't wobble around (I'll explain on my ig story which will be in the Halloween highlights) [BUY HERE]

  • FLUFFY YARN - Combined with a piece of felt and a safety pin and you've got a tail. [BUY HERE]

  • SPARKLY SHOES (OPTIONAL) - Mine are from Steven Madden [BUY HERE] and the other option are an old pair from Aldo that I spray painted gold, but you can find costume boots at various costume shops.


Ok first let's talk head pieces. The horn, spray paint it gold and when it's dry get your wire out! The 12 gauge wire is great because it's light weight but sturdy. Uncoil and measure across you head at headband the length, have some slack to provide a s simple hook and keep in mind the thicker your wig, the more slack you make need! I recommend wire cutters versus scissors (if you're an animal and don't have scissors just bend the wire back and forth till it snaps off!). For the horn you may need a drill or a very sharp knife or nail to poke a whole through. Please do this with caution, you will need your hands to continue on. Next feed the wire through the horn till you are at the center and boom, make little hooks by bending the ends and you are done with the horn!

Next the crystal crown. Using the same method of measurement with the wire go ahead and get that set. With the thinner wire gauge, start feeding in the crystals, I pre set them in a way where the longest bead crystals are in the center and then ascending to a smaller length on the ends. Then after that is done fasten the cry staled piece to the thicker gauge wire with by picking a few points to attach using the smaller gauge wire. The reason for the hot glue gun is to prevent the crystals from flopping down when you wear them. You will see what I mean in our IG story Halloween highlight section. At this point there will be some weight, but totally worth it because that very weight helps anchor the crown in a way when you fasten it!

Third, the tail. Whatever length you prefer cut a bunch strands and create desired thickness. The previous year I used tulle, for the golden white theme I think fluffy yarn works great! Plus gives your costume some movement. The idea is the same idea as the infamous PlayBoy bunny tail, where you just pin it on. To make pinning strands easy, get fabric or felt and cut a little circle. With your hot glue gun fasten the strands to one side of the fabric/felt and the other use safety pin(s) depending on the weight of your tail!

Lastly bringing back the spray paint, you can add the accent gold to the bottom parts or any part you wish to the wings, the tail, and a pair of old shoes you wish to wear. the options are endless and easy. Have fun with the details.


So this is the general idea of putting together the Gold Unicorn, which was dubbed on Friday as UniQueen.

I hope this was enlightening for you in the sense that costumes don't need to be hard to make, it's all about finding the right pieces to put together and giving them a little unity, like adding gold accents to everything!

I hope you will enjoy the Inso pic below of the night, also featuring Sylvia's mermaid costume! Similar concept of putting things together (her mermaid pants are from the same maker!).

Happy Costuming everyone! If you recreate this look, please give us a shout out or hashtag using #frightfemmes so we can feature it!



P.S. For my Midnight Unicorn Costume Inspo CLICK HERE- Same concept just added an element of light!!!


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