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#FRIGHTFEMMES 2023 Intro | Halloween Make-Up, Cosplay & DIY for Everyone

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"There's A Little Witch In All Of Us" - Aunt Jet, Practical Magic

" 'Tis TIME" as Winifred would say, October is only a week away! If you're just joining us for the first time, welcome. This is a collab full of imagination, freedom and sisterhood. Frightfemmes inception began in 2015, where two friends (Laura & I) realized their mutual love for cosplay and Halloween were meant to be shared. As the year's have past we have been able to add a third, Ruthmarie, and our coven was complete! To celebrate our third year as a trio and a continuation of the witch theme (my personal favorite), we are bringing Practical Magic into our homes and everyday way of life this season. The film's essence is that of warmth, sisterhood and magic. Why not cultivate that in our everyday life? It's in this collaboration that we feel the freedom and excitement to create characters and handmade pieces, and that brings us great joy. Which is why we are back here again! This year, It's all about the Owen's women and their romantic cottage core aura. In the way they dress, decorate their homes and the genuine bond among the women. It's easy to admire these characters and the magical story Allice Hoffman created...

So what is new this year? Aside from bringing you new Halloween Make-up and Costume Ideas, we'll also be incorporating DIY crafts in all mediums: decor props, recipes and quick DIY's. We know that not everyone who joins along is an avid "face painter" but is crafty in other ways and we really wanted an extra push to create some decor of our own. Honestly, I think I can speak for our group and say, find yourself a craft crew to push you to ACTUALLY commit to some DIY you've been wanting to do! It's been a wonderful push to getting things done...

"My darling girl, when are you going to realize that being normal is not necessarily a virtue? It rather denotes a lack of courage."

- Aunt Francis, Practical Magic

Last year we went hard with coming up with an intro theme and this year was no exception(click here to see our take on The Sanderson Sisters). With our love of witches, we spent the day (over the summer) playing director, actor, DP and prop mistress. Laura's kitchen made the most epic "Midnight Margaritas" scene and she did a beautiful job combining thrifted books, plants, prints, cups etc. to give the essence of a cottage core aesthetic. *you can see how she pulled inspo from her collage above

"Eye of newt and toe of frog. Wool of bat and tongue of dog. Adder’s fork and blindworm’s sting. Barbados lime is just the thing. Cragged salt like a sailor’s stubble. Flip the switch and let the cauldron bubble." -THE AUNTS

The official Frightfemmes version of

Midnight Margarita Recipe

  • 6 oz tequila

  • 2 oz triple sec

  • 4 oz lime juice

  • pinch of salt

-Serve over ice with a lime wedge and sprig of lavender for luck.

We then took to the Apothecary Shop set up with the use of Laura's bar. I brought over my dried herbs, homemade tinctures and sage gift items (that I actually do sell) to continue on the New England vibes.

the scenes ensued as Laura and Ruthmarie cosplayed the Aunts and I jammed in my corner of the pool as Gillie...

As the scenes continued, so did our reels...

We've been sending out teasers all month long and happy to have closed - yet begun- with the Practical Magic Compilation of all the scenes and detail captured during a hot and humid but above all, a magical midsummer's day!


But wait... before we close out today's intro, we have yet to introduce you the ladies of the hour,



To see ALL THINGS the make-up and cosplay (80 plus makeup looks, Halloween Costumes, Props & more) of the #frightfemmes years passed CLICK HERE.

Allow me to introduce you to the my beautiful friends and collaboration partners of #frightfemmes ...

Please welcome...

Ruthmarie aka @the.vintage.raven | Vintage Enthusiast - Sewist - Vlogger- Capricorn

| Follow Ruthmarie's magic via her instagram: @the.vintage.raven , blog: The Vintage Raven, youtube: The Vintage Raven , shoppes: @preciselyplanners + RM Sewing Emporium , Spotify Halloween Playlist |

Laura at @LauraJadePrado |Illustration Artist - Designer - Blogger - Sagittarius

| Follow Laura's magic via her instagram: @theweekendgypsy , blog: , shoppes: @TWG Designs + TWG Designs Site + The Weekend Gems , youtube: LauraJadePrado |

& myself, Caro aka @caropozo @blonde2brunette | Actor - Blogger - Creative - Virgo

| you can follow my trail of magic via instagram: @caropozo , lifestyle blog: @blonde2brunette + blonde2brunette , shoppe: @thesugarcottage_ + The Sugar Cottage , and youtube: blonde2brunette |


We hope you'll play along and tag us with your own looks and DIY's using the hashtag #frightfemmes . It really is a spooktacular time during FRIGHTFEMMES and you can catch us here every "FrightFemme Friday" 'til Halloween! It's also the perfect excuse to get your favorite ghouls together and get crafting...

Many thanks and love to my ladies Laura & Ruthmarie, thanks for always keeping it weird with me!

Happy Hauntings,

Don't forget to pin this for later as you this year's Halloween costume! #frightfemmes #frightfemmes21 #halloweenmua #halloweenmakeup #diyhalloweencostume


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