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BEAUTY | Latest Skincare Regimen

Skin, skin, skin. The largest organ of our body and the quickest to show our current state of health. Stress, gut health, hormones, and on and on.

I continue to simplifying by skincare routine by finding effective products that work for my skin type. As cute ‘n fun and mesmerizing those videos with the 12 steps of skin care are- THERE IS NO WAY that’s sustainable. So here I am with my current favs. Keeping my skin glowing, even, supple and doing it’s best to control my skin on days when Aunt Flow visits

You can watch the full product haul reel HERE.


Morning routing as follows:

•Gentle cleanser

•Vitamin C Serum

•Moisturizing Oil Serum

If I’m going to be out and about then I add my tinted spf.

Night routine:

•Gentle Cleanser


•Moisturizing Oil Serum

Once or every two weeks I’ll do a face mask, especially when I get closer to my time of the month to calm down potential breakouts. Usually it’s caused by my hormonal craving of all things fried or sweets . If I don’t over do it, a lot of this can be controlled by eating cleaner around my period. Regardless a clay face mask is always my fav as I see it clears out my skin the fastest.🧖

Product purchased @skinlocal and can be purchased in store or online :

Cleanser by @skinlocal

Vitamin C Glow Serum by @skinlocal

Vitamin C Serum by @skinceuticals

Alpha Ret Overnight Cream by @skinbetter

Tinted SPF by @alastinskincare

Products purchased at @oak__miami and can be purchased in store or online :

Beauty Oil by @frommollywithlove

Moisturizing Face Serum by @almaaromatherapy

Healing Clay Mask by @almaaromatherapy

All of these items can be purchased on their sites or at their store, if you are a Miami local, be sure to check out these spots. They will soon become your favs.

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