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Alignment Meditation | for Beginners

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

Kundalini meditation is something I've had the joy of experiencing when I've done Kundalini yoga at Five Sisters her in Miami. There is this simple yet wonderful meditation we would do and it's with saying the mantra "Sat Nam" which means Truth is my name.”. It can be recited in a quiet space or accompanied with music.

There are a few ways to do this, let's first begin with where do we want to go?

We must find ourselves either in a comfortable seated position palms up or Shavasana aka laying down! Find a space in the room that you wont be disturbed for 10-15 minutes. Seems short but those minutes feel extremely long when you are just learning to calm the mind. You can do this in this meditation without music and even hold your wrist by placing your finger tips on your pulse with your thumb on the underside of your wrist. You can recite "Sat... Nam." at the speed of your pulse. Don't forget to close your eyes when you begin the mantra. I personally love to have some form of enlightened music and incense to fill the space. Why not capture a section of your home to be your own personal altar of peace? If you haven't done so. Time to designated it, light some sage, add some crystals and voila your sacred space. Need help figuring out what crystals that is? just ask one of our gals from OAK apparel and home, they answer DM's on their instagram and take online orders.

If you like ambient music I really love this clip and it's 3 hours long which is the perfect incase you want to leave it playing as you go about your house duties. Or just set your clock for 10-15 minutes.

"The intuitive eye, amethyst connects to the crown chakra for heightened intuition. It's also a natural stress reliever, promoting calmness within the body. We love having these by our nightstand for creating a calming enviroment before bed."

- OAK Apparel & Home [BUY HERE]

The point is to be aligned with our true self and we can just focus on saying our mantra as our body relaxes and soul floats. If we want extra guidance we recommend that you have some sort of affirmation deck. You've seen us post our cards from Gabby Bernstein, there are loads of different types out there but if you need a recommendation check out Gabby's HERE. This gives you an affirmation to focus on from your spirit guide, also known as guardian angels, The Universe , GOD. Whatever you believe to be the higher being, that is who is guiding you.

For example "There is a stream of love supporting my dreams". For me to pull that, I associate it with the fact that I do have anxiety in my work due to the sudden halt we have all come to experience and the fears and danger of Covid-19, and rightfully so. There is a lot of uncertainty but I have to remind myself that I am resilient and my work will prevail and we (the industry that I'm in) as a community will overcome this.

That is how I would address my affirmation card and then as I recite "Sat... Nam. Sat...Nam." several times until I find myself in the most relaxed state. I also envision the words of my card. I envision what I see will come of love and support. At any point I feel I've run off course or gotten lost with thought, I recite once again " Sat... Nam. Sat...Nam". after 10 - 15 minutes you can begin to slowly come back off your spiritual travel, open your eyes and take in the room around you. Thank your Spirit Guide for reaching this enlightened moment and go about your day, a little lighter, aligned, with an open heart and at peace. Namaste'.

I hope those that have always wanted a way to get started in mediation but maybe haven't felt comfortable going to a class or workshop, finds this helpful. Maybe zoom with a friend, recite your " Sat Name" mantra in unison and a few Ohms here and there. It could be pretty magical.

All the best friends!


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