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Selah Skin Studio | Miami

Selah Skin Care, [se-luh]: to pause and reflect.

If you are an avid follower of us on Instagram, then you already know my obsession with Selah's face serums and masks. Since the opening of Oak apparel and home, I've slowly built a library of products and don't think I will be stopping anytime soon. The best part about this line is that it comes from our very own backyard in, Miami, Fl. Not only is it a skincare line, but they also have a studio for patrons to get customizable skincare treatments and facials...

I love the meaning of 'Selah': pause and reflect. Cristina, owner and creator, easily demonstrates that in all of her products. She's taken the time to understand what each natural material from Mother Earth can do to improve the quality of the largest organ of our body, our SKIN. Facials and other skin treatments have a stigma that they are a luxury, but really these treatments should considered as a health regimen be making way into our everyday habits much sooner than we think.

All of her organic products have materials that not only correct damage done to the skin, but also have preventative properties. For example, I had suffered from severe acne [READ HERE] and although my acne is under control, there were still signs of damage left over and of course damage happens everyday from free radicals [READ HERE] and from the SUN. Oak had many bottles on display and my first purchase was "RESTORE" face serum,

"Smooth out scars and diminish hyper-pigmentation with our Restore Beauty Serum. A special blend of Rose Hip Oil and Sea Buckthorn Pulp Extract together with Essential Oils well known to promote fresh collagen production and lighten sun damage. This light serum is ideal for acne recovery as well as those proactive against the signs of premature aging."

I was sold on the description above and switch out my night serum for this one. I soon noticed (within days really) the texture of my skin was noticeably smoother, brighter and over all, an even complexion. I was hooked. Next I got the "CARDAMOM ROSE" mask.

"Revitalize and wake up dull bored skin with this stimulating blend of Cardamom spice, Rose Petals and Oats. This mask will have a tightening and toning effect on the skin due to the astringent and antiseptic properties of the spice resulting in improved texture and younger feeling skin. The warm reviving aroma will stimulate and refresh your spirit."


WOW, it not only smells amazing, but there are no synthetic fragrances attached, ALL NATURAL. The coolest part about her mask's are that they are in powder form and then you just add a teaspoon or two of water, ultimate freshness in her products!

After seeing great results from her products, I finally found a day to make an appointment to have my skin examined and see what to stick with and what to add...

At first glance you see this quaint earthy boutique shop of all their goodies. The smell of eucalyptus, chamomile, and mint fill the air... you are already relaxed and haven't even begun. They then offer you some water/tea of your choice and you begin filling out a form of all your history of your skin, health and other important facts. Including your goal for today and for me I wanted to decongest any build up on my skin (blackheads, dead skin) and achieve a brighter and tighter complexion. Only takes a few minutes, but I'm glad they asked. At that point you have given them a guide of what products they may use. Soon you are escorted to your room for your facial. You get in to some comfy threads and soon you are off your feet!

Sabrina was my esthetician, lovely and sweet, also expecting! Right there told me that these products truly are natural and safe. For a pregnant women to be working in such an environment and feel safe says a lot. She began right away looking over my forms with my history and then proceeded to do a thorough examination of my skin. She noticed right away some sun damage on my cheeks, and bridge of my nose. I try my best to avoid the sun, but the hours I spend in the car driving in Miami, does not help! A few moment later is was time to start. After inhaling and exhaling deep breathes of eucalyptus oil the following happened...


Our 60 minute house facial starts with a detailed skin analysis where a personalized protocol is then put into place for short term, as well as long term care. Treatment includes consultation, deep exfoliation, detailed extractions, and a custom blended treatment mask.


Your skin is as individual as you are. In order to maintain its health and radiance, your skincare needs must be properly addressed. Our variety of peels provide serious solutions for your specific concerns. Perfect in between regularly scheduled treatments and excellent for hypersensitivity, dehydration, acne, lack of oxygenation and hyper pigmentation. The perfect skin therapy for the person on the go.


I honestly lost count of the amount of interchanging of cleansers, masks, and gentle exfoliates they did because I really got to relax. Time stood still in that room and I really needed that. The aromas were amazing (not over powering just the right amount), papaya, pumpkin, lavender, cocoa, matcha, patchouli, pineapple, coffee, cardamom, passion fruit (from the organic enzyme peel)... Sabrina , was very gentle with the extractions and is always making sure you are comfortable. In between all of this, there were massages on my face, decolletage and my favorite the lymphatic massage. A lymphatic drainage massage is very beneficial to eliminating toxins but also a great anti-inflammatory. Ever feel puffy in the face? Yeah, same, add this to your do to list!

Post service I was able to take my time getting ready, I was sad it was over but felt rejuvenated and ready to take on the rest of my day. My face was flushed, not the crazy red/pinched face blotchy skin I would see in other places I had been too. My skin was even smoother and over the course of the next fews day I saw it glowing more and more. I was fairly impressed by the enzyme peel. You often think organic products aren't strong enough, but Selah uses the purist, most concentrated raw materials you can imagine. I think everyone should try this "add on" to their treatment. I have normal to sensitive skin and I could feel the tingle happening, but never felt it harsh on my skin and the results were wonderful.

Selah Skin Studio is a place where sustainable materials are used in the smartest and purist form on your skin. It's a place where highly educated estheticians come and love working with these products and their clients. It's also a place that truly customizes a session for YOU! Everyone is unique and has unique skin circumstances. No one gets the same mix of masks, cleansers, exfoliants, it's based on what your body needs and Selah has all the materials to help improve and prevent impurities for your skin.

Pictured: Cristina, Sabrina & Lia

A wonderful, beautiful but most importantly genuine establishment in an industry that tends to lead the other way...

Selah, "Pause and Reflection" the message that resonates in her products, staff, and how Cristina and her staff treat every individual that walks in the door.

Thank you, Ladies, see you soon!



  • Selah Skin Studio

  • 16415 NW 67th Ave., Miami Lakes, FL 33014

  • (786) 391-2364



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