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TOP 5 | Jan

How is everyone's first month going? I'm already playing catchup, but hey, SURVIVING. Here are this month's top 5, though I have on the gram been posting other goodies. Be sure to follow us on IG (@blonde2brunette) for daily obsessions...




1| Selah Organics BEER Soap | This soap SMELLS AMAZING. You be shocked how clean and soft your skin feels after that shower. I also have the MILK & HONEY bar as well. You can purchase her soap and other products at Oak Apparel & Home. Check in store for more soap [MORE SELAH PRODUCTS HERE]

2| Star Cluster Gold Earrings | Yes, another product from Oak. My favorite thing about these pair of earrings is how lite they feel. I forget that I'm wearing them half the time. Easy to dress up or down with and outfit. [BUY HERE]

3| Metallic Luggage Labels | These adorable tags are the perfect way to dress up your luggage and spot them in baggage claim. I of course am obsessed with anything gold and the dream of traveling this year is gonna happen for sure now that these babies are here! These tags are no longer listed online but they are from Target, check out [OTHER STYLES HERE].

4| Soap Cherie Massage Oil Candle | If you are ever in the Brooklyn on Bedford Ave, do visit Soap Cherie! Not only do they have wonderful smelling products, they are ultra moisturizing too. It makes perfect sense since NYC has some brutal dry cold weather. They also have amazing soaps that look good enough to eat! [BUY HERE]

5| Prism Eye Shadow by Anastasia Beverly Hills | Beyond impressed by these shadows. Here's the thing they are really saturated, but go soft and smoothly without that chalky mess I notice from other MUA products. It's quickly becoming an everyday palette I take with me, so i can easily transition from day to night on the go! [BUY HERE]


Hope you enjoyed this month's TOP 5!!!


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